Top 10 New and Upcoming Alt Balaji Web Series List 18+ ( It’s Hot)

Alt Balaji Web Series List 18+

ALT Balaji has become the best way to find new and innovative concepts. It has become one of the most leading OTT Platforms. ALT Balaji is a part of Balaji productions which is owned by Ekta Kapoor. IN 2019 and 2020, ALT Balaji becomes the most subscribed online Platform in India. This OTT Platform has the most innovative and unique stories for all genres. ALT Balaji is very famous for its adult series. Today we are to talk about some best, New Alt Balaji Web Series List 18+. This series is full of bold and hot scenes. These web series are top-rated and the best alt Balaji adult series. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Top Rated 10 Alt Balaji Web Series List 18+ Online Watch

Here is the list of the top-rated alt Balaji web series list 18+ These web series are new, and these alt Balaji adult series releases in 2020-2021

01. Gandi Baat Season 5

The story of Gandi Baat season 5 revolves around companionship, sexuality, and social shame, and this is the best idea to connect with the viewers. This alt balaji adult web series starts with a girl Swati who loves to do sex with a strange person. One Day Swati meets a boy Danish, a very innocent boy, and Swati wants to do sex with her. But Danish doesn’t want to do sex because he is not a boy. He is gay.

One Day when Danish is taking a bath, and Swati catches the reality of Danish. So, Swati still wants to sex with Danish, or Swati will expose this reality of Danish? TheGandi Season 5 has very engaging and the story of a young girl. This season has excellent and unique stars like Alka Singh, Shivanagi Roy, and Aditiya Shukla.

02. Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala

Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala begins with Nitiya who is a senior chef in a reputed restaurant. But she is feeling bored with her life because Nitiya doesn’t have any boy in her life. But Nitiya’s life becomes interesting when Rajiv who is an International chef comes in her life. He becomes the new owner of that restaurant where Nitiya works. Few days later they fall in love with each other.

Their life’s take a huge turn when Rajiv gets attracted to a woman Sakshi who is a prostitute and very hot beautiful girl, and he decides to leave Nitiya and get married to Sakshi.  Cold Lassi Aur chicken Masala web series is very good and only for adults. This series has various erotic and bold scenes. So, watch this series alone.This alt balaji adult web series released on 24 august 2020, and its next episodes will release on 2nd November 2020.

03. Mum Bhai

Mum Bhai is story which revolves around mafia men who loves to do sex. The story starts a guy Bhaskar who in lives in that community where everyone loves to do sex with any girl. But Bhaskar does not want to be like them. That’s why one night he ran away from his house, and he came to Bombay to become a respected and rich man.

Few years later he became a top encounter cop. One day he got a case of Veeru ruthless don. Mum Bhai web series is an action-packed adult web series. This 18 plus web series also shows the struggle of an ambitious boy. Mum Bhai is an upcoming adult web series which will release on 6th November 2020.

04. Virgin Bhaskar Season 2

Virgin Bhaskar season 2 start with Rahul, the best friend of Bhaskar, and he comes to scripture to know about the Virginity of Bhaskar. The scripture said Bhaskar’s right time had gone, and his bad time had come. Pakhi, who is a guide, comes to live in the Bhaskar’s house.

Pakhi is a bad girl, and she is very naughtier than him. So, will Bhaskar leave Vidhi, and he will move on to Pakhi or not? And Will Bhaskar be able to have his Virginity? Virgin Bhaskar season 2 is more erotic and full of hot scenes. you can watch this erotic series on ZEE5 & Alt Balaji app.

05. Broken But Beautiful

Broken But Beautiful is a cute romantic web series with some erotic scenes. This 18 plus web series explores that a broken person can fall in love. The series starts with Veer. He recently lost his wife in a car accident, and he starts drinking alcohol in the memory of his wife. Sameera, her boyfriend, recently left her because of another girl.

One Day they meet each other in a coffee shop, and an attraction becomes between them. After spending a few days, Sameera falls in love with Veer. But Rajiv, who is Sameera’s ex-boyfriend, came back to apologize for his mistake and get married to Sameera. Will Sameera tell this to Veer or not? Broken But Beautiful is a very must-watch series. We recommend you to watch this hot alt balaji web series.

06. XXX Uncensored Season 2

The story of XXX Uncensored seasons 2 revolves around sex, love, and revenge. The series starts with Priya, who recently gets married to a wealthy man Thakur Virender Singh. Both are a very loving couple, and Priya’s brother Raju also lives in the house of Virendra Sing but as a servant.

Their sweet and happy life takes a turn when Malena, who is a beautiful & hot prostitute, comes to live in that district, and Virendra gets attracted to her. Virendra decides to leave Priya, and he gets married to Malena. So, now what will Priya do? XXX Uncensored seasons 2 is one of the best adult alt balaji web series.

07. Fittrat

Fittrat web series story begins with Tarini, who only desire to marry a rich boy. That’s why she comes to Delhi, and she meets Veer, who is the fiance of her best friend, Amy. Veer is the son of a very famous and wealthy diamond merchant Aditya. Then Tarini decided she will do marriage to Veer, and Tarini can do anything to do a wedding with Veer.

After the meeting with Tarini added a drug in Veer’s drinks, he completely loses his mind, and Veer starting doing sex with Tarini. Tarini made their sex video. Next, she shows this video to Veer, Tarini starts blackmailing him into doing marriage with her. Fittrat web series explores how a girl is mad to fulfill her desires. This alt balaji web series is built with a very different idea, and because of the characters, this series will easily connect with you.

08. The Verdict State VS Nanavati

The Verdict State VS Nanavati is on Nanavati’s real case, and the story is on the Rustom movie. The story starts with a girl Sylvia Nanavati whose husband Kawas Nanavati is a navy officer. One day Nanavti’s husband goes into a fight. Nanavati accidentally made a relationship with her husband, friend Vikram.

Then Vikram says that he wants to sleep with Slyvia because he wants to take revenge on Kawas, and When Kawas knows about this, kawas goes to Vikram’s house to talk with Vikram, and he finds that Vikram is dead, and the police arrest him. Will Kawas be able to prove himself innocent or not? The Verdict State VS Nanavati has many erotic and bold scenes, and it is one of the best alt balaji adult web series based on an actual event. This web series is set in the age of 1959.

09. Fixerr

Fixerr web series is a complete action thriller web series with many erotic scenes. The series starts with Malik. He is an honest policeman. But Malik becomes corrupt policemen when he accidentally kills an innocent lady who was a gangster’s wife. Because of this, Malik had become suspended.

After being suspended, he is still killing gangsters but not as a police officer. This alt balaji adult series has many erotic scenes because the main villain, “Thakur Virendra Singh,” loves to do sex. That’s why many prostitutes are shown in his house. The character that Shabbir is playing in this series is perfect for him. The acting by all-stars is superb.

10. Bekaaboo

Bekaaboo the story of Shyam Shrivatsav, who falsely accused in a fraud murder case and gets three years of jail. When Shyam’s punishment is over, he receives a case of a missing girl by the request of her mother. The plot begins with a simple plaining to get extortion money. Will Shyam be able to get that girl Anusha?

The Bekaboo web series revolves around crime, thrillers. This series has many adult scenes because many prostitutes are used in this web series. This series is about the 70s era. It is an excellent web series to watch.

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