Best free blog destinations to consider in 2021 

Here are the best free writing for a blog locales you can use to begin your own blog today: 

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1. Wix ( 

Best free blog destinations: Wix 

👉 Best for… non-nerds who need some “ordinary site” usefulness alongside a blog.sponsored Wix is a free web designer that can be completely overseen from the front-end. The principle normal for this stage is that it accompanies intuitive alternatives, so you don’t need to deal with anything in the back-end. The plan is instinctive and present day, which can be utilized by the two fledglings and progressed. 

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The pleasant thing about Wix is that it has free facilitating included, so you simply need to mastermind the designs, pick a format, and you’re good to go. It gives a decent assortment of free and premium subjects and layouts for various purposes, including writing for a blog. 

To dispatch a Wix blog, simply join and settle on a decision: you can either let the Wix AI make a webpage for you dependent on a survey or construct your blog yourself – which incorporates choosing a format and orchestrating the designs through the WYSIWYG editorial manager. On the off chance that you go with the subsequent choice, you should simply to locate a delightful layout and begin redoing everything toward the front, in a live see mode. 

You can add different components to your pages, from sight and sound gadgets to foundations, menus, typography, structures, video boxes and so forth At the point when you think the website is prepared, click Publish and begin publishing content to a blog your accounts. Subsequent to distributing, you can return whenever to alter the substance blocks. 

👉 Read more about the contrasts among Wix and WordPress. 

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2. WordPress ( 

Best free blog locales: WordPress👉 Best for… individuals who need 100% control of their blog. Ideal for a genuine site that you intend to chip away at long haul. is the lord of free writing for a blog locales. It is a free stage, however you need to fabricate the site generally without anyone else a while later. You likewise need to have the product yourself. While you can locate some free WordPress facilitating, a superior long haul system is to pay a moderate sum for a strong WordPress have. 

This is the place where Bluehost becomes an integral factor. In addition to the fact that it is modest (just $2.95 each month on the Basic arrangement), however it additionally gives strong highlights, including a free area name, 50GB of plate space, unmetered data transmission, free SSL, and 100MB of email stockpiling per account. At the present time, Bluehost is the least expensive reasonable WordPress facilitating you can discover there. 

Since you’re facilitating the WordPress programming yourself, you have full power over how your site looks and capacities, just as how you bring in cash from your site. However, the other side is that the arrangement cycle is somewhat more active. 

This is what the WordPress interface seems as though while making another post: 

WordPress UI 

On the contrary side, there’s, which is the other essence of WordPress – a stage utilized generally for individual web journals since it’s not difficult to liberate up and (in case you’re alright not having a custom space name). Notwithstanding, you’re additionally very restricted in the manner in which you can tweak the site. 

Furthermore, particularly if you will probably adapt your blog in any capacity, the free variant will keep you from doing that. 

Thinking about this, we prescribe you to begin with Bluehost. There is a 30-day unconditional promise set up – on the off chance that you alter your perspective with the entire publishing content to a blog test, simply request a discount. 

👉 Read this for additional on the distinction among and 

Start with WordPress 

3. LinkedIn ( 

Best free blog destinations: LinkedIn👉 Best for… entrepreneurs and experts who need to contact a prior crowd. 

You presumably didn’t see this one coming. LinkedIn isn’t the vast majority’s best option while thinking about which of the free publishing content to a blog locales to pick. That being said, it truly merits some consideration! 

Two fundamental explanations behind this: simple to utilize devices, and previous crowd. 

About that subsequent thing – the crowd – what’s incredible about LinkedIn’s client base is that those are profoundly engaged clients, experts and entrepreneurs. Truth be told, it’s accounted for that in excess of 30 million organizations are dynamic on LinkedIn. Furthermore, they’re not only there for it. Other information demonstrates that 94% of B2B advertisers utilize the stage as one of their essential lead sources. 

So, LinkedIn simply fills in as a stage where you can get openness, and this makes it outstanding amongst other free writing for a blog locales of all. 

From a specialized perspective, distributing on LinkedIn is simple. Simply go to your LinkedIn feed and utilize the “Start a post” gadget at the highest point of the page. To change over your status into a full post, click on “Compose an article on LinkedIn” to open the full-screen altering window. 

This is the place where you can locate all the altering apparatuses that you’re utilized to – for text arranging, adding pictures, and the sky is the limit from there. 

In the event that you need to become familiar with how writing for a blog on LinkedIn works, read this top to bottom guide. 

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4. Weebly ( 

Best free blog locales: Weebly 

👉 Best for… great option in contrast to Wix, in the event that you don’t care for something about the stage. 

Weebly is another web designer that you can utilize not exclusively to blog yet in addition to sell items or exhibit your portfolio. It is to some degree like Wix to the degree that it furnishes a WYSIWYG editorial manager with intuitive components. In the event that you need to add a specific catch, you can just drag it to the page and alter it. The equivalent occurs with photograph displays, slideshows, and some other interactive media component. 

Weebly gives sidebars, media boxes, structures, advertisement spaces, online media symbols, pamphlet membership, and some more. Also, the stage accompanies worked in investigation and allows you to utilize your own modified area (for which you need to pay). 

On the free arrangement, you get five custom pages, a Weebly subdomain, 500MB capacity, and promotion spaces. 

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5. Medium ( 

Best free blog locales: Medium👉 Best for… individuals who simply need to compose, are searching for an underlying crowd, and couldn’t care less about having their “own website.” 

Medium is a multipurpose stage handling assorted points, where anybody with a record can compose. Dissimilar to most other free publishing content to a blog destinations, the huge preferred position of Medium is that your articles will be presented to a wide crowd since the stage is visited by 60 million perusers (*) each month (and the number builds each year). 

It’s too easy to utilize – you practically join and begin composing. However, the drawback is that all your substance is on Medium. That is, you’re not actually assembling your own “space” like you would with WordPress. Peruse this post for additional on the contrasts among WordPress and Medium. 

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6. Apparition ( 

Ghost👉 Best for… individuals who need something with a cutting edge vibe. In any case, be cautious with the specialized arrangement. 

This is another WordPress-like publishing content to a blog stage. While the Ghost programming can be downloaded for nothing, you need paid facilitating for fuel. DigitalOcean is an extraordinary assistance that supports Ghost: it is modest and accompanies a lot of decent highlights to kick you off. 

The disadvantage is that introducing Ghost isn’t just about as direct as WordPress, and you may need to get your hands messy with some worker work – relying upon the host you decide for your blog. 

To make a post in Ghost is simple once you set up your site. The supervisor is straightforward and moderate, and it offers a live see of your content on the correct side of the screen. Toward the front, you get a Medium vibe, so it’s decent. Close to the editorial manager screen, there is a sidebar with settings, where you can pick your inclinations. 

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7. Blogger ( 

Blogger👉 Best for… individuals who need to compose and aren’t worried about possessing their own website. 

Blogger is one of the most established free blog destinations, however its prominence has dunked as of late. 

It’s a strong answer for individual online journals, however it’s not the best asset for proficient use. It works much the same as the other facilitated stages: you need to make a record first to utilize it. After you make it (which is basic), you need to pick one of the default subjects and you can begin recording your considerations. This stage has an interface like a Google+ profile and the supervisor seems as though a Word page. 

Blogger conveys a lot of subjects to browse, each giving various skins, progressed shading separating, and different moderate contraptions (otherwise known as gadgets). Yet, nothing too extravagant or any high level plan customization. All in all, Blogger has straightforward appearance alternatives, so the emphasis remains more on the composing part. A pleasant part about this site is that it accompanies promotion spaces that you can put inside your substance pieces. 

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8. Tumblr ( 

Tumblr👉 Best for… individuals who are into all the more short-structure, picture centered substance and needn’t bother with any “customary site” usefulness. 

Tumblr is one of the first free contributing to a blog destinations on the web. It’s slightly ‘milder’ than the others on the rundown. Dissimilar to the remainder of the stages that are generally made for distributing purposes, this one here is more arranged to sight and sound or web-based media-like substance. The interface of Tumblr is more energetic and is not difficult to begin with – you can just join and afterward you’re permitted to begin posting. 

Much the same as a customary contributing to a blog stage, it gives various post arrangements to various kinds of substance. The thing with Tumblr is that it is only for individual use and wouldn’t set up an incredible arrangement in the event that you have business-situated plans. It is shortsighted, offers fundamental customization choices and, similar to I said before, has even more a web-based media vibe. 

In spite of not being worked for business, it allows you to show advertisements on your page, use partner connects, and incorporate your blog with Google Analytics. 

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