Top 10 Best Tamil Web Series Watch Online in 2021 For Free (Updated)

Best Tamil Web Series

Tamil Web Series list 2021, Tamil web series watch online free. Most Indians love to watch the best Tamil web series and movies because they are representing their South Indian tradition in their series and films. Tamil Industry has been rising due to some movies like 2.0, Kabali, Vigil, etc. Their earnings are more than the high rated and big-budget movies. 

Top 10 Tamil Web Series Binge Watch in 2021

Today in this post, we will talk about some best Tamil web series in 2021 available, only the Tamil language. You can watch these Tamil web series on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube, and many other OTT Platforms. 

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best tamil web series
  • Series Name – (Fingertip)
  • Genre -(Crime, Drama, Thriller)
  • Released -(2019)
  • Available on -(ZEE5)
  • Seasons -(One)
  • Episodes -(Five)
  • Language- (Tamil)

Fingertip Star Cast

  • Madhusudhan
  • Sunaina
  • Gayathrie

We all are living in a world that is surrounded by technology. We are becoming more dependent on technology. The FINGERTIP Tamil web series the dark side of technology. This FINGERTIP has a total of five episodes, and each has different stories. And with mixed emotions.

This web series shows how social media apps like Telegram, Facebook, Twitter can destroy a life. This web series also indicates that What happens when technology starts to ruin our lives. The performance of the lead actors is one of the best things in this series. This series will remind you of the famous series Black Mirror. FINGERTIP is the best zee5 Tamil web series.


top tamil web series
  • Series Name – (Memories)
  • Director – (Suhail Tatari)
  • Genre – (Suspense, Thriller)
  • Released – (2018)
  • Available on – (VIU)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Thirteen)
  • Language – (Tamil, Hindi)

Memories Star Cast

  • Rohit Roy
  • Harsh Singh
  • Madan Joshi
  • Priyal Gor
  • Surleen Kaur

MEMORIES is a thriller physiological web series. The storyline of the Memorial series revolves around a TV, Anchor Siddharth, who has a superpower. He can read a dead person’s mind by touching his hand. He decides to use this power to solve the cases and helps the police.

His life comes under a threat when he gets involved in a matter of a girl who is in a coma. It is a good tamil best web series for watching it. If you are thinking of watching a new concept, then watch this series on VIU.


auto shankar tamil web series download
  • Series Name – (Auto Shankar)
  • Genre – (Thriller)
  • Released – (2019)
  • Available on – (ZEE5)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Ten)
  • Language – (Tamil)

Auto Shankar Star Cast

  • Vasudha
  • Saranya Ravi
  • Selvapandian

AUTO SHANKAR is a Tamil thriller web series which is based on the real-life of a serial killer Shankar in the Madras in time of the ’80s. It is the biography of the killer Shankar.

This series shows the time of his childhood, his links to politicians, and his sociopathic.  All the secrets of his and why he became a serial killer? The cinematography and the art direction of this series made this series an ultimate thriller series.

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tamil web series in hotstar
  • Series Name – (NILA NILA ODI VAA)
  • Genre – (Comedy)
  • Released – (2018)
  • Available on – (VIU)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Thirteen)
  • Language – (Tamil)


  • Ashwin Kakamanu
  • Aswath Chandrasekar
  • Srikrishna Dayal
  • Abhishek Vinod

NILA NILA ODI VAA web series’s plot revolves around a young man OM, and he is in love with a vampire called Nila. OM has decided to do anything to make her a human. Bit the things are easy. Other vampires don’t like this relation, and they are trying to break this relation.

Some others are known as The Slayers. Their work is to hunt the vampire, and they are targeting Nila. This show is the best romantic series for us. We recommend you to watch this outstanding romantic best Tamil web series.


Postman tamil web series
  • Series Name – (Postman)
  • Genre – (Comedy)
  • Released – (2019)
  • Available on – (VIU)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Ten)
  • Language – (Tamil)

Postman Star Cast

  • Keerthi Pandian
  • Munishanth

POSTMAN is a comedy-drama web series. The scenario of this series goes around a postman called Raja. Because of a terrible accident, he is in a coma for the last 23 years. When he came out of the coma, he decided to deliver 23 years back letters. Raja and his daughter Rajni choose to have those letters.

POSTMAN web series shows how a postman’s unfinished duty can lead to some problems in life. This series has a unique blend of different emotions, and this tamil new web series has a unique and powerful story concept


tamil web series download
  • Series Name – (America Mappillai)
  • Genre – (Comedy)
  • Released – (2018)
  • Available on – (ZEE5)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Eight)
  • Language – (Tamil)

America Mappillai Star Cast

  • Sruthi Hariharan
  • Arjun Chidambaram
  • Raja Krishnamoorthy

The storyline of the American Mappillai web series revolves around a young boy Ganesh who is always nagged by his father and by his family to do marriage. But he still avoids this situation. One Day he got an idea by his childhood friend that he tells his family that he is gay.

After some days, he has didi it. He tells his father that he is gay. The story of American Mappillai looks very entertaining, and the soundtrack used in this series is an excellent thing. Several moments in this series don’t have music, but the silence looks brilliant. 

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best tamil web series in 2021
  • Series Name – (Vella Raja)
  • Genre – (Drama & Suspense)
  • Available on – (Amazon Prime Video)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Ten)
  • Language – (Tamil)

Vella Raja Star Cast

  • Bobby Simha
  • Gayathri
  • Kaali Venkat
  • Yuthan Balaji

VELLA RAJA is a story of a battle between A Cop and A drugs Lord, and they are trying to kill each other. It is an action, crime Tamil thriller web series. The story begins with Deva, a drug lord, and he has no fear of anyone. But things were changed with the entry of Thresa, who is a brave and honest policeman that especially comes here to handle this case.

The battle of these two leads to lots of action in this series. The story of VELLA RAJA is based on another web series, which is Scared Games. VELLA RAJA series will tell you the backstory of real-life gangster Deva. This amazon prime tamil web series has many action scenes, and this series has many twists and turns.


kallachirippu tamil web series download
  • Series Name – (Kallachirippu)
  • Genre – (Action & Thriller)
  • Available on – (ZEE5)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Eight)
  • Language – (Tamil)

Kallachirippu Star Cast

  • Vikas
  • Rohit
  • Amrutha Srinivasn

KALLACHIRIPPU is a thriller Tamil drama series. The story of this highlights an essential matter of forced marriages of girls by their parents. The KALLACHIRIPPU web series plot revolves around a young girl who is forcefully married by their parents.

The newly married Mahati was involved in an argument with her husband, and she killed him in self-defense. Then she calls her boyfriend to dump the body of her husband. Does this show you will think who has the fault? This is the storyline for a mature audience, and the end of this zee5 Tamil Web Series is the most exciting part.


tamil web series
  • Series Name – (As I’m Suffering From Kadhal)
  • Genre – (Comedy)
  • Available on – (Desney + Hotstar)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Ten)
  • Language – (Tamil)

As I’m Suffering From Kadhal Star Cast

  • Nakshathra Nagesh
  • Yuvina Parthavi

The story of this web show goes around four couples and their romantic lives. For some people, love brings happiness, and for some, it brings pain. The story starts with four teams, and they are trying to figure out the meanings of modern-day love. One pair is a divorced couple. The next couple is married, but they hate each other.

The third couple is in a loving relationship. And the last couple is thinking of getting married. The Hotstar Tamil web show shows the happy and sad side of various kinds of relations. This series will change your thinking about live-in relationships. This series is filled with such comedy and fun moments. 


tamil web series list
  • Series Name – (IRU Dhuruvam)
  • Genre – (Erotic & Crime)
  • Available on – (Sony Liv)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Nine)
  • Language – (Tamil)

IRU Dhuruvam Star Cast

  • Nandaa
  • Abdool
  • Sebastin Antony

IRU DHURUVAM Tamil series is based on serial killings in Chennai. This web series is full of investigation, Detection, and Suspense. It is the second series in the list of serial killings after AUTO SHANKAR. The story of this IRU DHURUVAM starts with two-man.

One is a psychopath killer who leaves a message after the crime on the victim’s mobile. And the second man is a dedicated police officer who has decided to catch the criminal. You will enjoy this thriller, the best Tamil web series 2021. All the show has a thrilling time buster. The story’s idea of this thriller is mind-blowing.


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