Top 10+ Best Web Series on Hotstar in 2021

Best Web Series on Hotstar

Most Popular Best web series on Hotstar Watch Right Now

Over the last year, Hotstar has released several web series, and these best web series on Hotstar are full of suspense and thriller. In this post, we will discuss some top 10 web series on Hotstar, and these web series are in Hindi. These all best web series in Hotstar are top-rated by IMDB because of their storyline and cast. Some of these originals web series on Hotstar is free, and you can easily watch them on the Hotstar platform. But some are available only when you have a subscription.

Top Rated Web Series on Hotstar ( Hotstar Original)

So. If you want to see these top 10 web series on Hotstar in 2021, go and get the Hotstar subscription. We can surely say that while watching these best web series in Hotstar, you will never feel bored.

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01. Aarya

Aarya Best Web Series on Hotstar

Aarya is an Indian crime thriller web series on hotstar. The story starts with Aarya Sareen. She loves their child very much, and she has a son, and a daughter. Her husband, Tej, works for the mafia men.

One day Aarya hears that the mafia kills her husband, Tej. Then Aarya decides to take revenge from that murderer who kills Tej. Will Aarya be able to take revenge from her husband’s murderer? This web series has nine episodes. 

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02. City Of Dreams

City Of Dreams top web series on hotstar in 2021

City Of Dreams is a political drama series. The plot revolves around Poornima and Ashish. Both are siblings, and both want to be the leader of their political party, GFG.

Then their grandfather, Jiten kaka, who is the leader of GFG, said that they have to prove that they are able to get the leadership. Who will get the leadership of the GFG party? Watch this most-watch series to know about this. 

03. Hostages

Hostages Most Popular Best Web Series To Watch On Hotstar

Hostages series have very thrilling moments that this series to watch. Hostages the starts with Prithvi. His wife has cancer, and her health is becoming more critical. The cancer doctor refuses to do the operation because the doctor said that Prithvi has to kidnap, and after four hours, he has to kill CM Handa.

Then he will operate on his wife. Will Prithvi accept this for his wife, or Will he lose his wife? This season is full with many famous Bollywood stars like Ronit Roy, Tisca Chopra, and Mohan Kapur. 

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04. Out Of Love

Out Of Love originals web series on hotstar

Out Of Love is the story of Meera and Akarsh. One day Meera finds his hair. She thinks that Akarsh has an extramarital affair. She decides to investigate this. One day Meera decides to ask him. This misunderstanding becomes the turning point of their loving life.

The Out Of Love series explores how misunderstanding can break a couple’s love. Out of Love is a five episodes web series and This original web series on Hotstar is quite famous among the newlywed couples. 

05. Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Best Web Series on Hotstar

The criminal Justice series is based on the novel Criminal Justice by Peter Moffat. The series starts with Aditya, who is a cab driver, and at night he has a plan to romance with his girlfriend, Sanaya. In the morning, Aditya finds that Sanaya is dead.

Then Madhav, who is a police inspector, came there to investigate this murder case, and he arrests Aditiya. Will Aditya be able to prove himself innocent and who killed Sanaya? Criminal Justice is the most-watched thriller web series on Hotstar.

06. Special Ops

Special Ops Best Web Series on Hotstar

Special Ops is an Indian fiction thriller series that revolves around a researcher Himmat Singh. He is a senior analyst in a special task force. His agents give him news that Hafiz Ali plans to do a bomb blast and complete their mission.

Several people died in that blast. Then Himmat Singh made a team of five decorated officers catches Hafiz Ali. How will they catch Hafiz Ali? You can binge-watch this thriller special ops series episodes on Hotstar. 

07. Hundred

Hundred top web series on hotstar in 2021

Hundred is an Indian comedy-drama web series that revolves around Rinku, a young girl who has lots of team members but doesn’t have that much money to fulfil, and she has only a hundred days to live.

One day Rinku meets ACP Saumya, and Rinku becomes an undercover agent. Both are trying to fulfil their desires within a hundred days. Hundred is a very interesting web series which shows girl power. 

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 08. The Office

The Office Most Popular Best Web Series To Watch On Hotstar

The office series is also an Indian comedy-drama series. The plot revolves around Jagdeep Chadda, who works in BBC Company. BBC is a Reputed Marketing Company. Jagdeep is the boss of that boss, but he doesn’t show that he is the boss.

Jagdeep treats employees that he is their friend. But then Anjali entered his company, and Jagdeep’s behaviour completely changed. Who is Anjali? And How Anjali changed Jagdeep’s behaviour? Its very entertaining comedy best web series on Hotstar.

09. Kanpuriye

Kanpuriye originals web series on hotstar

Kanpuriye is comedy-drama series that revolves around three Kanpur local boys Jatin, Jagnu, and Vijay. They are trying to get something in their life. Jatin is working in a leather factory company, and he has one desire to get married to Bulbul. Jagnu and Vijay have dreams to fulfil their father’s wishes. Will Jatin, Jagnu and Vijay be able to complete all their desires? 

10. Chappad Phaad ke

Chappad Phaad ke Best Web Series on Hotstar

What happens when a middle-class family one day gets five crore rupees? Chappad Phaad ke series revolves around a middle-class family Gupchups. The head of that family is Sarat Atmaram Gupchup. One day he finds a big bag that consists of five crore rupees. Do the family desires come in the way or not? Chappad Phaad ke is one of the top web series on hotstar in comedy genre.

11. Roar Of The Lion

Roar Of The Lion Best Web Series on Hotstar

Roar Of The Lion is a documentary drama series that revolves around the Chennai Super king franchise’s comeback after getting banned for two years. This series shows the emotional experience of CSK.

They are banned because of a fake allegation. What are those allegations? To know this, watch Roar Of The Lion. You will see Mahendra Dhoni, Shane Watson, Suresh Raina, and Ravindra Jadeja telling their franchise stories. 

12. Tanhaiyan

Tanhaiyan top web series on hotstar in 2021

The Tanhaiyan series revolves around two lonely people Haider, and Meera. A few days ago, his best friend Karan committed suicide, and Haider thinks that because of him, Karan commits suicide.

A few days ago, Meera lost her parents in a brutal car accident, and she thinks, why is she alive? How will these two lonely people fall in love? To know about this, watch this love story Tanhahiyan. 

13. On Air With AIB

On Air With AIB Most Popular Best Web Series To Watch On Hotstar

On Air with AIB series purpose to give relief to the Indian soldiers. Many comedians like Siddharth Dudeja, Arun Das, Tanmay Bhatt, and many more famous comedians are performing in this comedy series. This series is not a web series; it is a tribute to the Indian soldier. 

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