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Aashram Season 2

Today we are going to discuss Ashram Season 2. You will get the news of Aashram season 2 watch online Free, Aashram season 2 download, Aashram season 2 total episodes, and Aashram season 2 plot. After the great success of Aashram Season 1, its director Prakash Jha is now ready to launch its second season of Aashram.

We all know that Prakash Jha is known for its Dharamguru movies and web series. Because of This Aashram web series, MX Player has given straight competition to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Fans of the Aashram Season 1 curiously want to know about its second season.

  • Previous Season – (Aashram)
  • Series Director – (Prakash Jha)
  • Season – (Two)
  • Episodes – (Eighteen)
  • Available On – (MX Player)
  • Released Date – (11 November 2020)
  • Language – (Hindi)

Aashram Season 2 Release Date

Aashram season 2 was released on 11 November 2020 on MX player. Its first season got great success. We are not sure, but in 3 months, Aashram web series season 1 got 500 Million views on MX Player. IMDB gives 8/10 Ratings to Aashram season 1, and according to maker season 2, is more thrilling.

Aashram Season 2 Plot

Aashram Season 2 Watch Online

Baba Nirala is back again with yet another exciting plot. After a successful season 1, Bobby Deol is also in the role of Baba Nirala in which he stays in a very designated place called Aashram, which is excellent from the outer side. Still, deep down, it has some malicious wrongdoings in the ashram.

Season 2 starts from where it has just been off as in this season and Baba Nirala need not put a mask on a favorable person, not at least in the durbar where people come and worship him. He has all the guts and confidence to confide with people regarding his other things like playing with the young women and having an eagle eye for the ministers who came for his help.

In this new season, Prasad ke Ladoos shows the penetrating way of having drugs and baba Nirala is all support for all those illegal aspects of politicians.

Aashram Season 2 Plot

In season one, we witnessed that Pammi is the wrestler and her brother Satti wanted her to be the wrestler whereas his sultry wife Babita has been in the Baba’s captive.

Baba Nirala starts adoring Pammi for her aggressive behavior, and Baba has very luscious actions for her. This is how Baba behaves with any young girl in Aashram.

Gorgeous specialist Natasha (Anupriya Goenka) is as yet skimming around, producing a connection between the two cops and the similarly gutsy videographer Akki (Rajeev Siddhartha), as they approach getting something, anything implication on the Baba.

Then the Baba, his devoted right-hand man (Chandan Roy Sanyal), and his thugs joyfully keep doing awful things to great individuals.

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The makers show the biased system in Aashram Season 2, Baba Nirala fully supported the caste and gender system in this show and broadened the mindset of the audience. Pammi gets to know Baba’s reality in the front. After being Baba’s true devotee, She is blindly trusted Baba as she is the savior of many people like her. The chain of helping needy people and in the last trying to take advantage of a young girl and fulfill his lust.

Pammi gets to know about Baba’s real motive in season 2, and it would be challenging for her to open up Baba’s real face to the society of blind trust and wrong spirituality. People trusted Baba as he is the helping hand, but after some time, Baba took advantage of his innocent and fulfilled his dilemma.

Aashram  season  2  download

Not just Pammi but also Babita tries to showcase the real faces of Baba to innocent people. Still, in the end, Babita and Satti both will have died as they supported a noble cause to save the innocent from Baba’s wrongdoings. Exposing Baba’s reality to society is the main task of Pammi and Babita.

At the end of season 1, you saw that Monty and Bhopa both successfully came out of the city, and now they had come to Delhi. Here they again build a new empire of Baba Nirala. Pammi and satti are also with the Baba. On the other side, Ujagar Singh had been suspended because he cannot arrest Baba and Bhopa. That’s why he became a drug addict.

As in Aashram Chapter 2, Babita and Satti died, now in Chapter 3, Baba will be collaborating with the rockstar aka Adhyana Suman as a motive to awaken the youth and draw their attention toward the spiritual side of the nation.

Aashram Season 2 Watch Online Free All Episodes List

Aashram season 2 total episodes are eighteen and here is the list of Aashram Chapter 2 all episodes. you can watch online for free on MX Player App.

Episode 1Triya – Charit
Episode 2Chhadma – Vesh
Episode 3Naag – Paash
Episode 4Mrig – Trishna
Episode 5Kaliya – Mardan
Episode 6Chhadma – Yudhha
Episode 7Moh – Bhang
Episode 8Koot – Neeti
Episode 9Chakra – Vaat


How Aashram Season 2 Watch Online for Free

Aashram Season 2 is directed by Prakash Jha, and you can watch this web series free on the MX Player app. 


1. First Download the MX Player app
2. Then search Ashram season 2 on the search bar
3. Click on Ashram Season 2 poster
4. And choose the episode which you want to see or download

How to Aashram season 2 download for Free 

If you want to Aashram Season 2 Download, or season 1 then follow these steps.

1. Firstly open your MX Player app.
2. Search Aashram web series. 
3. Click on the Aashram poster. 
4. Choose the episode, and click on it, which you would like to download. 
5. On the right side, you will have the download option. Click on that. 


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