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Aashram Web Series, Aashram Web Series download, Aashram Web Series on MX Player, Aashram Web Series cast, storyline, aashram watch online free. Hey Guys, As we know, the Dharamguru and Dharma web series and movies have always gained popularity. This kind ever created lots of buzz due to its dark reality.

These Dharmguru movies and web series had disappeared for a long time. But Prakash Jha made the comeback of this genre web series as Ashram on MX Player. This web series is trending on MX Player. This post will talk about the Aashram Web Series, cast, character names, reviews, Aashram web series downloads, and how to watch online for free. So, here we go. 

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About Aashram Web Series

Prakash Jha and his team have directed Ashram. This web series was released on 28 August 2020 on the MX Player platform. This web series explores people’s superstition towards the fraud preacher who uses the fear of people to earn money, name, and power. This crime thriller web series now has 9 episodes and one season. The makers have clearly said that the Ashram season 2 will be published on 11 November 2020

Series Name Aashram
Series Director Prakash Jha
GenreDrama, Thriller, and Erotic
Available On MX Player
Seasons Two
IMDB Rating 7.9/10
Released S128-Aug-20

Aashram Web Series Cast, and Their Character Name

  • Bobby Deol As Baba Nirala (Monty)
  • Darshan Kumar as Ujagar Singh
  • Aaditi Pohankar as Pammi
  • Tridha Choudhury as Babita
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal as Bhopa
  • Rajeev Siddhartha as Akki
  • Adhyayan Suman as Tinka Singh
  • Sachin Shroff as Hukum Singh
  • Tushan Pandey as Satti
  • Vikram Kochhar as Sadhu

Aashram Web Series Trailer

Aashram Web Series Storyline

Ashram Web Series revolves around Baba Nirala who is a conman. He became a god for poor people. How will people know the reality of this con man? So, now getwebseries.com is going to tell you the complete storyline of Ashram with every episode. This web series has a total of nine episodes, and we will discuss them one by one.

Pran Pratishtha – Episode 1

Pammi, who is a Wrestling Champion, is suffering from the caste discrimination system. Pammi had given up all hope of becoming the Wrestling Champion. Just then, Pammi and her parents went to the Ashram of Baba Nirala. There she becomes a sadhvi. After some days, Baba Nirala became a god for her. In the forest land near the city on a construction site, a young lady’s skeleton was seen in the forest.

Grih Pravesh – Episode 2

Suddenly, repeated skeletons cause a lot of explosions in the city. The news spreads that Chief Minister Sunderlal is also involved in this. Senior Inspector Ujagar Singh got this case, and he faces a lot of pressure from his seniors. That’s why he got an assistant, Sadhu. Satti is shocked as he finds that Baba Nirala becomes god for Pammi.

Duh Swapna – Episode 3

Pammi showed Satti what Baba had done for the poor; no one had done this for us. After seeing that, Satti also wants to become a Sadhu, and he also joins the Ashram. Dr. Natasha and S.I Ujagar Singh decide to get some information about that skeleton. They find that Bhopa, who is a serial killer, had killed these all-girls.

Sewa Daar – Episode 4

Baba now allows Satti to join his Ashram but not as a Sadhu. Baba puts a test in front of satti to be a Sadhu. Ujagar and Sadhu continue their search to get a lead on finding Bhopa. Ujagar decides to take the help of a doctor Natasha, and a local news reporter Akki. C.M asks I.G Sharma to investigate the background of Baba Nirala.

Amrit Sudha – Episode 5

Hukum Singh attends a Marriage event organized by Nirala’s Ashram and the amount of deal for the upcoming elections. Satti meets his wife Babita, a few years ago, she was kidnapped, and now she becomes a prostitute. Ujagar gets the lead on Bhopa, and he hears that Bhopa is the right hand of Baba Nirala. 

Vish Haran – Episode 6

I.G Sharma falls into the trap laid by Baba and Bhopa, and they kill him. After that, Ujagar sends Natasha and Akki as Sadhu and Sadhvi to the Ashram of Baba Nirala to find evidence against Baba.  

Gati Rodh – Episode 7

Bhopa arranges a trap for S.I Haridas, but Haridas said that he would tell them that the murder case is a suicide case if they leave his life. Every day Ujagar receives pressure from the senior, and Akki, Natasha, does not get any evidence against Baba. 

Shuddhi Karan – Episode 8

Ujagar and his team get the lead against Baba; he finds that Baba Nirala’s real name is Monty. A few years ago he had done a murder. He is a con man who uses people’s fear to earn money. On the other hand, Akki and Natasha get some strong shreds of evidence against Baba, and they ran away from that Ashram. 

Maha Prasad – Episode 9

In the last episode, Baba and Bhopa know that Ujagar and Sadhu got evidence against them. Then they decide to run away from that city. Will Monty and Bhopa be able to get out of the city, or will the police catch them?

How to Download Aashram Web Series For Free, and its Availability Offline

If you want to download the Ashram web series, then follow these steps.


  1. Open your MX Player app.
  2. Search Aashram web series on the search bar.
  3. Then click on the poster of the Ashram.
  4. After that, you will see all the episodes of Ashram.
  5. Click on the episode which you want to download.
  6. Then on the right side, a download option. Click on that option.
  7. After clicking on download, choose the quality of the picture. 


Five Reasons To Watch The Aashram Web Series

  • Great star cast -Aashram web series has the very finest and greatest star cast like Bobby Deol, Chandan Roy, and many more. Their acting in this series is fantastic. Their character is perfect in this web series. 
  • Great Direction by the director -Prakash Jha directs this Aashram web series, and he is the very finest director. He directed many great movies like Satyagraha, Apharan, and Rajneeti. While watching this series, you live the life of the characters, Thanks to the Direction.
  • Innovative storyline – This web series had a very great, innovative storyline. The narrator Tushar Pandey narrated the story very professionally. There is a lot of mystery, eroticism, and emotion attached to this series. 
  • Dark superstition – This series explores the darkness of superstition. There are many Baba like Baba Nirala. This series will tell you some things about how to get out of this kind of Baba trap. 
  • Free of cost – The last reason to watch is that this series is free of cost. You can watch this thriller series free on MX Player. 

About Aashram Season 2

In Season 1 of Ashram, you will see the dark world of Monty. In Aashram season 2, you will see that Ujagar Singh will risk his life to save his daily life, and Pammi will know about the bad past related to her family, and she will see the reality that Monty had killed her mother, father, and her bhabhi.

The Aashram season 2 will also be full of thrilling, erotic, and dynamic scenes. But this time, Monty has become dirtier and very ruthless. The maker Prakash Jha had said that Ashram season 2 would release on 11 November 2020

Aashram Web Series Review – Is this web series worth watching or not?

This is a very interesting web series that explores some people’s superstitions about a fraud preacher. The script of this web series is nicely narrated by the narrator Tushar Pandey. The best thing about this series is you will see nothing bad about Hinduism.

Supporting actors also played a great role. This web series has a thrilling, interesting plot, that’s why it is worth watching web series. The full cast of this web series has done their best role according to our perspective. 

FAQS Related to Aashram Web Series

What is the Aashram web series based on?

The Ashram is based on Baba Nirala. He had become a god for poor people. But he is a con man, and he has only the motive to use people’s fear to make money and his name. 

What happens at the end of Aashram?

In the end, you will see that a group of people has killed Baba because the crowd is very angry. But the Baba didn’t die, and he said that he will be back to take revenge on Ujagar and Sadhu.  

When Aashram season 2 will be released? and will Bobby be in season 2?  

On 11 November 2020, Ashram season 2 will be published, and Bobby Deol will be in the same character as Baba Nirala or Monty

Who is Satti in this Aashram web series? 

The role of Satti, a girl wrestler who became a sadhvi, and she thinks Baba Nirala is god for them. But her thinking takes a change when his reality comes in front of Pammi. 


If you like to see the dharma thriller web series, then Ashram is the latest web series, which you can add to your watch list because of the star cast, storyline, and dialogues. This web series is free on MX Player, and you can easily download this web series.

In the above post, we discussed its storyline, cast, reviews, and other Ashram series details. Season 2 of Aashram will be released on 11 November 2020. We will keep you updated about the season 2-star cast, storyline, and other information. Till then, stay connected on getwebseries.com

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