Amazon Prime Video subscription

What is Amazon Prime Video?

What is Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a Digital Platform from Amazon. The index of this streaming stage is unique and accessible. Amazon Prime Video titles incorporate different TV shows and films, series, documentaries, and s much more. It is precisely for entertainment, and even the big stars are on the digital platform as the Amazon Prime Video perfect start for them.  

Amazon Prime Video India Plans & Price

Amazon Prime Video India Plans

When your free trials are free, it will consequently charge for the following enrollment time frame. On the off chance that you join a month-to-month subscription, your participation charge is ₹129. For yearly participation, the charge is ₹999.

Does Amazon Prime Video India Offer Free Trial?

Amazon Prime Video india Free Trial

Yes, Amazon Prime Video has the option of free trials that the audience has applauded. It has 30 days of free trials in which people can judge whether they want the membership or not. Well, it is a fantastic platform for Hindi series and even Tamil comedy reality shows.

What Content Makes Amazon Prime Video India Offer?

Amazon Prime Video is a platform that has great content in terms of series, movies, and even animation. The content that Amazon prime offers are unique and anticipated various production house content on the application. Not only Hindi, but it has multilingual series such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. It also involves the production of the English language.

 1. Amazon Prime Video Movies

Amazon Prime Video Movies

Amazon Prime Video incorporates the enormous banners of movie productions. It not just only working out with the Hindi language but also the English languages. It works with Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and so much more language to not sacrifice their entertainment. Amazon Prime Video is the best platform for epic dramas and actions.

2. Amazon Prime Video TV Shows

Amazon Prime Video TV Shows

Amazon Prime Video has an extensive library of series that is loved by the audience. After other production houses, Amazon Prime has its original series that is even applauded by the audience. From the Hindi series Mirzapur to English series legacies, Amazon is doing it altogether.

3. Amazon Prime Video Originals

Amazon Prime Video Originals

After opting from various production houses, now it has started to have its series. The Amazon Prime Video Originals come with a bang, and now it is on top by having the fantastic series Supernatural, The Suits, etc.

What’s good and bad In Amazon Prime Video?

Every application has its advantages and drawbacks, and it is up to people how they manage it. Let’s explore some of the good and bad aspects of Amazon Prime Video:

The Good

  • Amazon Prime Video has the essential feature of taking care of Tamil cinema. It has vintage series that are already applauded by the audience in the application.
  • The preface is easy to understand.
  • Plenty of shows with different languages is applauded by the people.

The Bad

  • Sometimes the video quality differs and not suitable for to audience.

Which Devices Support Amazon Prime Video?

Plenty of devices supported Amazon Prime Video. Here is the list of devices:

  • Desktops
  • Android/ iOS-powered devices
  • Android/ webOS TVs
  • Fire TV Stick

How to create an account on Amazon Prime Video

  1. Download the Amazon Prime Video application from Play Store on your device.
  2. Presently open the Amazon Prime Video application and Sign In here.
  3. Enter your number or Email and tap on proceed.
  4. Press OTP and click on Sign In for further proceedings.
  5. Presently, you have effectively enlisted on Amazon Prime Video.
  6. At that point, you can choose your membership plan accordingly.
  7. Continue to pay to utilize any method of decision.

How to share an Amazon Prime Video account with a friend

  1. After log in to the account, decide the plan you wanted to take for the entertainment.
  2. Open the application by using a username and password.
  3. Presently enter the correct username and password.
  4. At that point, select your yearly membership plan as you can share your Amazon Prime Video subscription with your friends.
  5. At long last, settle on installment utilizing any method of decision

How to deactivate an account on Amazon Prime Video

In case you don’t like the application, then you decide to deactivate the Amazon Prime Video. Follow the steps for further assistance:

  1. Go to the account and log in to your username and password.
  2. Click on the three-layer option and move on for further proceeding.
  3. Now scroll down to search for the cancel membership.
  4. You are now canceling the membership of Amazon Prime Video.

How do I permanently delete my Amazon Prime Video account?

The procedure is almost the same for the deletion of your account. Enter the username and password just to log in to the application.

  • After login, go to the settings or manage option. Please scroll down below for the option of My Account.
  • Click on the Delete My Account. Press OK to proceed.

How do I remove my credit card info from Amazon Prime Video?

  • After you cancel the subscription and delete your account, it is most likely to happen that your credit card details are also deleted.
  • If you need to check on the details of your credit card, then login to your Amazon Prime Video account and search for the manage option.
  • Click on the cancel membership option, and you are now good to go for removing your credit card.
  • After that, click on Yes for canceling your subscription. It will ultimately delete your Amazon Prime Video account as well as Credit card details.  

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