Upcoming Amazon Prime Web Series List Hindi 2023

Amazon Prime Web Series List Hindi 2023

Amazon Prime Video is the biggest online platform. Thousands of web series have been published in Amazon Prime Video, and all web series has a great storyline and amazing star cast. A director needs these two things to build a fantastic Amazon Prime Web Series.

Amazon Prime is the best and top-grossing O.T.T. Platform. We can surely see that Amazon Prime is always releasing a great and unique web series.

It isn’t very clear to choose the best web series on Amazon prime because all are different from each other, but their directors are outstanding. The all Web Series on Amazon Prime Is created on the fan base. By the stats, around 150+ Million people users are using Amazon Prime to see Amazon Prime originals.

So, in this post, we are going to talk about some Best Top 10 Amazon Prime Web Series List Hindi 2023. These all series are Hot Indian Web Series. All these are the best and have a great storyline. 

Here is The Best Amazon Prime Web Series List Hindi 2023

This Amazon Prime Web Series List Hindi is created for you. These amazon prime web series are top-rated web series by IMBD. So, Let’s start will talk one by one.

  • Dilli
  • Pataal Lok
  • Mirzapur season 2
  • Inside Edge season 2
  • Comicstaan season 3
  • Breathe Into The Shadows
  • The Family man
  • Made In Heaven
  • Shakuntla Devi
  • Bandish Bandits

10. Breathe Into The Shadows

Breathe Into The Shadows is the web series on amazon prime
SeriesBreathe Into The Shadows
GenreCrime, Drama, Thriller
Directed byMayank Sharma
Available onPrime Video

Breathe Into The Shadows web series explores the struggle of a father who desperately wants to get her daughter, who is kidnapped by a man. The story starts with Dr. Avinash Sabharwal, who is a doctor in a reputed hospital, and he is also a very loving, and caring father.

One day he heard from his servant that a masked man kidnapped his daughter Siya and that the masked man was Avinash’s best friend, Kabir. Avinash doesn’t know the reality of Kabir. Breathe Into The Shadows is the best amazon prime web series that shows the bond of a father and his daughter.

09. The Family man

The Family Man is the best web series on amazon prime
SeriesThe Family man
GenreAction, Thriller
Directed byRaj & D.K.
Available onprime Video

The Family Man Web Series revolves around Srikant Tiwari, who is an intelligence officer in T.A.S.C., and his family doesn’t know that Srikant is an intelligence officer. One day he got a call from Virendra Sinha who is the head of T.A.S.C., and he said that a bomb blast will go to happen in Mumbai in the last 48 hours.

Will Srikant be able to stop this blast before 48 hours? The Family Man is the most-watched viewed best web series on amazon prime in India, and his second season storyline has yet to be revealed yet. 

08. Made In Heaven

we are providing you the best amazon prime web series list 2020
SeriesMade In Heaven
DirectedNitya Mehra, Zoya Akhtar, Prashant Nair, Alankrita Shrivastava
AvailableAmazon Prime

The story of Made In Heaven web series starts with the two best wedding planners of India, Karan, and Tara. Both have very different personalities, and both are running an agency named Made In Heaven. Tara is an innocent girl, and Karan is an ash boy. That’s why both hate each other.

One day a big and very rich man come there. He puts a proposal that they both have to act like they are a couple. Will, they both, accept to act like a couple, or will they decline this proposal? Made In Heaven is a romantic and comedy web series. The second season of this series will be released in January 2021, and its second season’s story is not out.

07. Comicstaan season 3

Comicstan is amazon prime hindi web series list
SeriesComicstaan season 3
GenreComedy, Drama
Directed byKhuzema Haveliwala
EpisodesSeventeen (17)
Available onAmazon Prime Video

Comicstaan is the first online comedy competition. This Indian web series on amazon prime has two seasons. One season was published on 13 July 218, and the second season was published on 12 July 2019. The makers of the Comicstaan web series have said that its third season will be published in March 2021.

Comicstaan is a competition where seven comedians come here to prove that they are the best comedians in India. Comicstaan is India’s most popular comedian web show.

06. Dilli

Dilli is the best web series in amazon prime
GenreDrama, Thriller
Directed byAli Abbas Zafar
EpisodesComing Soon
Available onAmazon Prime Video

DILLI is a series of two Daughters who want the seat of leader after the death of their father. But their father has clearly said that whoever is capable of this will come here. Then both try to impress their father with their cheap political tricks.

So, who will get the seat of the leader of that party? To know about this watch Dilli. According to the makers, we will see Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Grover, and Neha Dhupia in this series. The release date of the Dilli series has yet to be confirmed

05. Mirzapur season 2

Mirzapur season 2 is one of the best Amazon Prime Web Series List Hindi 2020
GenreCrime, Thriller, Erotic, Action
Directed byKaran Anshuman
Available onAmazon Prime Video

Mirzapur is the most-watched crime thriller web series in India. Mirzapur Season 2 is the latest web series on amazon prime. The second season was published on 23 October 2020. The plot revolves around two mafia gangs, one is the Kalia gang, and the second is guddu gang. Both want to rule in Mirzapur city, but the opposite party also wants to rule.

That’s why they started killing each other. Because of its action scenes, it is very famous among young boys. Mirzapur season 2 has many famous Bollywood stars like Pankaj Tripathi, Devyandu Sharma, and Ali Fazal. 

04. Bandish Bandits

Top 10 amazon prime web series list hindi
SeriesBandish Bandits
GenreErotic, Drama, Musical
Directed byAnand Tiwari
Available onPrime Video

Bandish Bandits web series revolves around a classical boy Radhe and a pop sensation Tamanna. Both are from very different musical families. They both are in a relationship with each other.

But their relationship takes a turn when Tammana’s father puts a challenge in front of Radhe to win the “Sangeet Samrat” competition, which is a pop competition. But Radhe doesn’t know anything about pop music. Will Radhe be able to get his love by winning that reality show or will he lose Tamanna? 

03. Pataal Lok

pataal lok is the famous amazon prime hindi web series
SeriesPataal Lok
GenreCrime, Thriller, Erotic
Directed byAvinash Arun, Prosit Roy
Available onAmazon Prime Video

Pataal Lok web series is the Hindi version of the novel “The story of my assassins”. The story with a policeman Hathiram Chaudry who got a murder case and the murderer is Vishal Tyagi. Vishal Tyagi is a serial killer who has around 47 men Killed. But no policemen can catch Vishal Tyagi.

Will Hathiram be able to catch this serial killer Vishal? Hathiram and his team haven’t solved the case yet. That’s Hathiram’s son, and his wife doesn’t have any respect for him. 

02. Shakuntala Devi

Shakuntala Devi is famous and sensitive hindi web series on amazon prime
SeriesShakuntala Devi
GenreDrama, Biography
Directed byAnu Menon
Available onAmazon Prime Video

Shakuntala Devi web series is the biography of Padma Shri award winner Shakuntala Devi. She is famous as a Human-Computer. The story starts with a little girl “Shakuntala”. She is very good at maths. Shakuntala can solve any maths problem in a few seconds. When she grew up, Shakuntala becomes a very rich person in her mind.

Everyone wants to become like her, but her daughter doesn’t want to be like her. Why Shakuntala’s daughter doesn’t want to like her, and what is the reason behind it? The very famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan has been shown in this series as Shakuntala Devi. 

01. Inside Edge season 2

The Inside Edge Season 2 is the first Indian sports drama best hindi web series on amazon prime
SeriesInside Edge Season 2
GenreDrama, Action
Available onAmazon prime Video

Inside Edge Season 2 is the first Indian sports drama best Hindi web series on amazon prime. In this season of Inside edge, you will see that Vayu has become the captain of the Mumbai Mavericks, and Arvind Vashith becomes the captain of the Haryana Hurricanes. Both are the best players of PPL.

In this, you will see the mysterious and bad past of Arvind. Because of its storyline and sports concept Inside edge web series has gained lots of popularity. In the second you will see Vivek Oberoi as Vayu. The second season was published on 20 April 2020. The makers are thinking of creating the third season of this web series.

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