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Asur web series, asur web series cast, asur web series download, asur web series episodes, asur web series watch online free, asur web series story. Hello Guys, Nowadays, the Indian web series has taken all the viewers’ attention in terms of content and the actors’ precision in the series.

Asur is one of the series that brings the storm in the field of an authentic plot. Asur has been portrayed as a serial killer in a suspense thriller way and shows a police spree to catch those criminals as soon as possible.

Let’s have a look at the Index of the Asur Hindi Series that makes you think about the “Chor-Police” story in a more storming way as people can binge-watch Asur on voot.

Series Name ASUR
Series Director Oni Sen
GenreDrama, Crime, Thriller
Available On VOOT
Seasons One 
IMDB Rating 8.4/10

Asur Web Series All Episodes

Asur web series story of a criminal who is on killing the mission innocent. CBI appoints officers who will take charge of this case, and the story moves further to see how those officers get their hands on the criminal. This crime thriller brings goosebumps to the viewers while also approaching for the information.

Let’s check out the Asur Web series Episodes on, where you can explore the episode-wise storyline. This web string has a total of eight episodes, and below, you can grab the information regarding the Asur web series full episodes:

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Episode 1 (The Dead Can Talk)

Crossing back through time, as this scene goes for a stroll down the world of fond memories. We’re looking at an episode that occurred longer than ten years prior. A little youngster name Shubh is seen performing puja with his dad and an unidentified person.

Things take a significant turn when the scene continues to occur where the dad suffocates and kicks the bucket while returning in a boat with his youngster.

Whereas Shubh is portrayed as a cold-hearted boy who could resist his dad’s survival. Things take a more significant turn when viewers get to see the mystery killing, and the killer is roaming around at the end of the episode. Now it would be thrilling to see how CBI could reach the killer in further episodes.

Episode 2 (Rabbit Hole)

The scene begins with a story set 18 years back where a youthful Shubh has appeared as a chilly, ruthless, and remorseless person. His dad calls him an Asur, which is also called Demon. In the current course of events, Nikhil returns to work with the CBI. In the end, the DJ gets an envelope containing a video where the body considered to be his wife, Sandhya.

Nikhil assumes control over the case as DJ can not take charge of this interpersonal case. Dhananjay is arrested as Nikhil thought that he is the culprit of his wife’s death. Now let’s see how Dhananjay is getting his way out from Nikhil’s abrupt thoughts.

Episode 3 (Peek –A – Boo)

The scene proceeds with another brief look at the story set 18 years back, where it is uncovered that Shubh shows indications of mental imbalance and is profoundly not well influenced by his dad’s painful conduct towards him. After Dhananjay’s arrest for his wife’s death, Nikhil thought he had solved the case. But the issue continues as the three new cases of random deaths and assault came in front of Nikhil.  

Episode 4 (Ashes From The Past)

The scene proceeds with the 11 years prior, as it is indicated that the DJ was the individual who was doing the puja customs. While doing the puja, DJ discovers something fishy about Shubh. A computerized sedative assault brings about the executioner effectively catching Nikhil alive in a distant area with no entrance, and Dhananjay is in jail. Then, Dhananjay attempts to sort out how it’s completely associated. Now Dhananjay gets ready to know more about the case and know who the real culprit is.  

Episode 5 (The Devil Has A Face)

Dhananjay is entrusted by the CBI to take a shot at the case while in jail. To take a shot at the case, he meets asur web series protagonist Gaurav Arora aka Kesar Bhardwaj, a motivational spiritual speaker. Naina shows up searching for Nikhil with their girl Ria; however, Nushrat can’t quiet her down when Dhananjay’s group inadvertently uncovers that Nikhil has disappeared.

Dhananjay’s associate, Lolark, is sent by Dhananjay to Banaras and keeps on diving into Shubh’s experience when Kesar sorts out that Dhananjay’s past may have something to do with it. Now fans can suspect who the criminal is and enrage the whole episode with a certain curiosity.  

Episode 6 (The Firewall)

Nikhil is appointed with another mission to murder Jalan, who is a businessman ready to give a generous amount for a noble cause. Dhananjay sorts out that every one of these killings ended up involved who had a place with a specific zodiac sign and finished up Jalan is straightaway.

Notwithstanding, he can’t spare him, even after rehashed endeavors. Let’s see more suspense and the thriller killing of innocent people in a consecutive zodiac sign.  

Episode 7 (Let There Be Darkness)

Dhananjay distressed at his inability to spare Jalan, looks for Kesar’s assistance once more and discovers that the victims were brought into the world under a specific star. Realizing that the killer could come after him, Dhananjay stakes himself and requests that Naina control the NIC information base to get the serial killer to design his homicide expeditiously.

Now the episode comes to an end with the tragic and mysterious way to get the killer’s hands and Dhananjay’s way to get through the killer’s main aim.  

Episode 8 (End is The Beginning)

Shubh gives Nikhil a decision between Ria and the prisoners, and Nikhil penances Ria who, at that point, passes on in the wake of having her food, which was deliberately harmed. Then again, the female columnist in the gathering of hostages shoots the Islamic minister dead, while Shubh executes Lolark by killing him.

At the end of Asur’s episode, Nikhil and DJ went on to a cold war as Niklhi put all the blame on DJ for the huge mistake done ten years before for his daughter’s life. 

Now in the show fans witness, Shubh staring at DJ and warns him about the unfinished business. Let’s wait for the second season of Asur only on Voot. Asur Season 2 will explore the upcoming fights and the suspense that has been created in the first installment. The show depicts the serial killing by an abnormal or ill-minded person and how CBI gets its hands on that culprit. 

Asur Web Series Cast With Their Characters Name

  • Anvita Sudarshan as Raina Singh
  • Archak Chhabra as Aditya Jalan
  • Anupriya Goenka as Naina Nair
  • Aditya Lal as Moksh
  • Barun Sobti as Nikhil Nair
  • Ridhi Dogra as Nusrat Saeed
  • Sharib Hashmi as Lolark Dubey
  • Vishesh Bansal as Shubh

How to Asur Web Series Download

  • As Asur is one of the first web series of Voot select and viewers need to download and install the Voot application on their device.
  • After installing, register yourself with your preferred account and fill in the particulars.
  • If you are a new Voot user, you need to fill in the signup specifics in the process.
  • If you already have the Voot account, sign in to your account, and rather than this, you need to sign in with the new account.
  • After signing in, you can download the whole series of Asur and enjoy the web series only on Voot select.

FAQ’s Related Asur Web Series

Who is the real Asur in the web series ‘Asur’

As we are moving forward in Asur’s story, it is evident that Shubhis the Asur in the series. Every other character in the series points out his name in the series as he is the only one who is doing all these things.

What is your review of the Voot series Asur?

Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti’s Voot Select spine chiller is a venturesome interpretation of how destructive religion can be. Asur is a feline and mouse spine-chiller where a group of CBI criminological specialists attempts to chase down a talented chronic executioner with a propensity for strict enthusiasm.

Where can I watch Asur (TV series) online?

Fans can binge-watch the ultimate thriller titled Asur only on Voot select. All you need is to be a subscribed member of the Voot select, and then you are good to see all the episodes of Asur.

Can I watch the Asur web series with a family?

No, you can’t watch it with your family for the following reasons:

1. Some abuse was discoursed.
2. There are murder scenes in which a character named Shubh, a mental case chronic executioner, slaughters individuals.
3. However, this is a standout amongst other web series on the wrongdoing savage type.

So it would help if you watched this yet not with your family.


Here we are summing up the whole season of Asur, and fans are eagerly waiting to binge-watching Asur’s upcoming season. With suspense and more curiosity of characters and the extreme generic plotline, create the buzz for the Asur web series. This fantastic web series would surely blow up your mind, and you can binge-watch it only on Voot, and you can create your account on Voot by following the above steps.

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