List of 10+ New Bengali web series online watch in 2023

Best Bengali web series to watch online

Bengali web series have the best combination of new content and their culture. The cinematography is over the top. Their stories, cast, and dialogues are phenomenal. So, We decided to make this article on the best Bengali web series name List, how to do Bengali web series watch online, and How to do Bengali web series free download. 

Here is the Latest Bengali web series Name list

These Bengali web series are on amazon prime, Hotstar, Zee5, Netflix, Hoichoi and so many OTT platforms. All are available in the Hindi and Bengali language.

Rabindranath Ekhane Kokhono Khete Asenni

Rabindranath Ekhane Kokhono Khete Asenni New Bengali web series

Rabindranath Ekhane Kawkhono Khete Ashenni’ is the Bengali web series dependent on the thrill ride novel of a similar name composed by Bangladeshi author Mohammad Nazim Uddin.

The puzzling Mushkan Zuberi is known for making a truckload of fantastic food. Be that as it may, as the insider facts stack up, another person increases pressure on her. Watch the insider facts disentangle just on Hoichoi.

  • Genre – Based on a Book, Thriller
  • Available – Hoichoi

Murder In The Hills

Murder In The Hills New Bengali web series

The regular demise of an unbelievable celebrity in Darjeeling takes steps to uncover a dull past of the peaceful slope station. Murder in the Hills has an Agatha Christie-Esque title and reason. What’s more, the association closes there.

The content is too rough to even think about being contrasted with any formation of the Queen of Mystery. The content is frail with regards to the central part of a whodunit — the development.

  • Genre – Thriller
  • Available – Hoichoi

Ladies And Gentlemen

Ladies And Gentlemen New Bengali web series

Follow the passionate excursion of Sabila, a standard young lady who turns into the voice of each functioning lady in Bangladesh and then some. The show features the intricacy of male-female elements and progressive double dealings and sexism.

Lovely people is a Bengali web series featuring Tasnia Farin, Afzal Hossain, Maria Nur, and Hasan Masood. Mostofa Sarwar Farooki makes it. Beautiful people are, as of now, spilling at ZEE5.

  • Genre – Crime, Drama, Non-Indian Desi
  • Available – Zee5


Dujone New Bengali web series

Ahana and Amar have been cheerfully hitched for a very long time. In any case, Amar hasn’t been himself recently. Has Amar changed because of his horrible mishap, or is something evil fermenting under the surface?

Dujone starts with Amar Basu Thakur (Chakraborty), the current proprietor of a jute plant, meeting with a mishap. Quick forward, two months after the fact, Amar’s abnormal conduct starts to puzzle his food-pundit spouse Ahana (Chatterjee).

While the remainder of Amar’s family appears to see no distinction in him, Ahana develops fretful when Amar fails to remember his birthday and even won’t have intercourse with her.

  • Genre – Thriller
  • Available – Hoichoi


new bengali web series
  • Series Name – (Manbhanjan)
  • Series Director – (Abhijit Chowdhury)
  • Genre – (Drama)
  • language – (Bengali)
  • Episodes – (Two)
  • Available – (Hoichoi)

Manbhanjan Star Cast

  • Anirban Bhattacharya
  • Amrita Chattopadhyay
  • Sohini Sarkar

Manbhanjan Web Series is based on Tagore’s book Mahajan. This web series is set in Calcutta. The story begins with the wife of a zamindar who sets out to create their own identity. Giribala feels suffocated in her marriage with Gopinath, and he falls in love with her. Gopinath is an alcoholic.

When Giribal got the news that Gopinath had an affair with an actress Lavanya, she broke the marriage and ran away from the marriage house to find her real Love and make her identity.

Manbhanjan is the best Bangla web series in hoichoi. It has fantastic execution of the story and outstanding performances by Giribala and by other actors. If you want to know Tagore, then this series will tell you about the life of Tagore Ji.

Montu Pilot

bengali web series
  • Series Name – (Montu Pilot)
  • Genre – (Drama/ Romance)
  • language – (Bengali)
  • Session – (One)
  • Episodes – (Nine)
  • Available – (Hoichoi)

Montu Pilot Star Cast

  • Saurav Das
  • Subrat Dutta
  • Chandrayee Ghosh

The scenario of Montu Pilot revolves around a broken young boy Montu, who is raised by his big brother after the death of his mother, and his mother was a sex worker. Montu has the responsibility to recruit girls into the business who come across Burma. One Day he meets a girl who is sold by his brother.

A few days later, they both fell in deep love. But it has been difficult to escape from this quicksand. Hoichoi Montu Pilot web series brings a new story and concept. The background music of this series is mind-blowing. I assure you you will love this series after watching it.


bengali web series download
  • Series Name – (Byomkesh)
  • Series Director – (Soumik Halder)
  • Genre – (Thriller)
  • language – (Bengali)
  • Session – (Five)
  • Episodes – (Nine)
  • Available – (Hoichoi & SVF)

Byomkesh web series Cast

  • Anirban Bhattacharya
  • Suprobhat Das
  • Ridhima Ghosh

The Byomkesh web series is based on an honest detective Byomkesh Bakshi who is created by Sharadindu Bandhopadhyay. This series was set in 1930. The series shows the adventure of Byomkesh Bakshi and his biographer friend Ajit who accompanies Bakshi on investigations.

The story begins with Byomkesh, and he is solving a case of Satyakam’s murder. The Byomkesh web series is online available on the Hoichoi Platform. This series will remind you of some famous stories like Raktamukhi Leela and Shajarur Kanta. 

Tansener Tanpura

Bengali Web Series
  • Series Name – (Tansener Tanpura)
  • Genre – (Drama)
  • language – (Bengali)
  • Session – (One)
  • Episodes – (Ten)
  • Available – (Hoichoi/ MX Player)

Tansener Tanpura Star Cast

  • Vikram Chatterjee
  • Rupsa Chatterjee
  • Jayati Bhatia

Tansener Tanpura is a musical thriller web show. This new Bengali web series is all about two young musicians. The story begins with two young musicians, Alap and Shruti, who solve riddles to get an ancient musician Tansen’s Tanpura, which is gifted by a king to Shruti’s grandfather.

While solving the puzzles, they reach Shruti’s grandfather’s place. The soundtrack of this series is most famous among classical musicians. The soundtrack of this series is more appreciable with classical music. This series will give relaxation to your soul. 


bengali web series online watch
  • Series Name – (Cartoon)
  • Series Director – (Sourav Chakraborty)
  • Genre – (Thriller, Horror)
  • language – (Bengali)
  • Session – (One)
  • Episodes – (Seven)
  • Available – (SVF & MX Player)

Cartoon Star Cast

  • Paayel Sarkar
  • Mainak Banerjee

The Cartoon web series is a psychological horror series. This series’s story is based on the life of graphic artist Aritra and his betrothed Jiniya. The information with Aritra and his betrothed Jiniya.

They are shifting to a new apartment. When they start living in their new apartment, strange occurrences continue to happen to them Aritra draws a cartoon for Jiniya, But the cartoon pages start erasing mysteriously.

The couple hires a spectral expert. He suggests they live in this apartment because a supernatural spirit is inside. This is the best Bengali Web Series in MX player and has some great animated moments that look real. 

Chupkotha 2

Bengali Web Series
  • Series Name – (Chupkotha 2)
  • Genre – (Horror)
  • language – (Bengali)
  • Session – (Two)
  • Episodes – (Six)
  • Available – (Hoichoi)

Chupkotha 2 Star Cast

  • Parno Mittra
  • Mahi Singh
  • Sudip Mukherjee

Chupkotha 2 is a psychological horror drama web series, and it is the sequel of the Chupkotha web series. The scenario of this series goes around a woman journalist Archana who is investigating a murder case. But during the investigation, she falls into a deadline marsh.

One Day she realized that the murder victim is close to her. Her personal and professional life links up in the form of a complex mystery from which she cannot escape. This web show has the element of Coulrophobia. The ending scene of this series has an unexpected turn. Watch chupkotha 2 Bengali web series on the Hoichoi platform.

Paanch Phoron

bengali web series download
  • Series Name – (Paanch Phoron)
  • Genre – (Romance)
  • language – (Bengali)
  • Session – (Two)
  • Episodes – (Ten)
  • Available – (Hoichoi)

Paanch Phoron Star Cast

  • Siam Ahmed
  • Jaya Ahsan
  • Krittika Chakraborty

Paanch Phoron is a light romantic web series. This series pack from Love. It has ten episodes, and each has a different story, but their themes are the same: Love, care, and understanding. The story starts with a shy schoolgirl in an urban love triangle, from childhood lovers to sacrificial lovers.

The anthology of this series will bring out a new side of Love and life. This series has five discrete stories that are connected. You will never feel bored with these five different stories.

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The Nightwatchman

best Bengali Web Series
  • Series Name – (The Nightwatchman)
  • Genre – (Crime)
  • language – (Bengali)
  • Session – (One)
  • Episodes – (Six)
  • Available – (Hoichoi)

The Nightwatchman Star Cast

  • Arjun Chakraborty
  • Kaushik Sen
  • Ayan Bhattacharjee

The story of The Nightwatchman revolves around a shy and loner man. The story begins with Nishant, a shy and loner man, and who is living a pedestrian life of bullying and insults. One Day he joins an association that works for dark business. He is doing this job because he wants to earn money more easily.

This is a psychological narrative series. This series will explore how a man can come out from a dark business that faces insults every second.  There are shocking elements in this Bengali web series watched on Hoichoi. This series has many turns and twists. I recommend you to watch this web series. 


best Bengali Web Series

Click here to watch the Hello web series all seasons

  • Series Name – (HELLO)
  • Series Director – (Anirban Mallik)
  • Genre – (Crime)
  • language – (Bengali)
  • Session – (One)
  • Episodes – (One)
  • Available – (Hoichoi)

HELLO Star Cast

  • Raima Sen
  • Joy Sengupta
  • Priyanka Sarkar

The storyline of the Hello web series is set about the personal dynamics between Nandita and her mistress Nina. The storyline begins with Nandita, daughter-in-law of a Zamindar family, who is an innocent and naive woman. One Day she receives a sex tape of Anuj and Nina.

After watching that sex tape, she finds herself in a whirlpool of consequences. Hello, the series has completely utilized the grandiose Durga puja. The makers will create all seasons of this series, and all actors and actresses played a significant role in this series. 

Dhanbad Blues

top bengali web series
  • Series Name – (Dhanbad Blues)
  • Series Director – (Sourav Chakraborty)
  • Genre – (Thriller)
  • language – (Bengali)
  • Session – (One)
  • Episodes – (Nine)
  • Available – (Hoichoi)

Dhanbad Blues Star Cast

  • Rajatava Dutta
  • Solanki Roy
  • Rupanjana Mitra
  • Sritama Dey
  • Aparajita Addhya

Dhanbad Blues series is based on the mafia fraternity. The story is based on a failed movie director’s life-changing experience, Mrinal Sen, who gets an opportunity to direct this series in Jharkhand’s regions. When he agrees to produce this series, he knows that his life is going to change forever.

Will he submit to being a victim of the system or not? Dhanbad Blues series has only one season and nine episodes. The storyline of Dhanbad Blues is unique and creative. If you love to see the mafia fraternity then, this Hoichoi web series is made for you.



What are some best Bengali online web series in India?

  • Hello
  • Montu Pilot
  • Cartoon
  • Dhanbad Blues
  • Byomkesh

It is the best online Bengali web show in India, and you can watch it right now. We have given the watch link already.

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