The 20+ Best Korean Dramas of All Time in 2023

If you are a best Korean dramas fan and do not have enough time to look, Then check out what the latest Korean dramas are on the Internet. The audience always loves Korean television shows as it is usually shorter in time, like 30 minutes per episode and very entertaining. The charismatic characters and the lovely story could quickly grasp the whole mood of the viewers.

Here is the List of Top Korean Dramas

We have concluded the list of top Korean dramas in 2023 that you can binge-watch on various digital platforms. Let’s take a look at the best Korean dramas of all time :


The latest Korean drama in terms of mafia and action is Vincenzo. The story moves forward when Vincenzo’s main lead movies to Italy for his action and underworld issues. When his receptive dad kicks the bucket, his embraced sibling embarks to kill him, constraining Vincenzo to escape back to Seoul.

Law School

The Korean Web Drama “Law School” plot starts when one law educator is discovered dead and another, Professor Yang, is captured for the wrongdoing, compelling the understudies to collaborate to demonstrate Yang’s blamelessness.

100 Days My Prince

In 100 Days My Prince, Prince Lee Yul is compelled to escape the royal residence after finding a mysterious that puts his life in danger. After a mishap makes him lose his memory, he’s breastfed back to wellbeing by an ordinary person and advised he’s pledged to their little girl, Yeon Hong-shim. The story centers around their next 100 days together, with Lee Yul carrying on with life as an ordinary citizen and their romantic tale filling all the while.

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One of the Korean drama TV series, Navillera, is the sort of show that is best watched with a whole box of tissues next to you. The series centers around Shim Deok-Chul, a 70-year-old resigned postal carrier who fantasizes about being a ballet artist. As Deok-Chul seeks after his fantasy, he likewise fights to propel Alzheimer’s.

E.X.O. Next Door

Star Cast

  • Baekhyun
  • Sehun
  • Moon Ga-young
  • Chanyeol
  • D.O. (Do Kyung-soo)

E.X.O. Next Door is one of the best south Korean romantic comedy television series that shows what happens when you could catch up with your star crush. The story is about Moon Ga-young, who is the fangirl of the famous universal star that stays in her neighborhood.

She had this massive fangirl moment with him and is annoyed when he is by her side. The series is purely a comedy as well as a romantic genre that portrays a simple fangirl moment. The E.X.O. Next Door was released on April 9 on DramaFever.

7 First Kisses

Star Cast

  • Park Hae-jin
  • Ji Chang-Wook
  • Lee Cho-hee
  • Choi Ji-woo
  • Lee Joon-gi

The 7 First Kisses is all about an imaginative world and the dreamy thing that every girl expects to be in the world. The story revolves around a girl Min Soo-jin who works as a salesgirl in a mall. Suddenly a fairy kind of thing appears in front of her and asks her about first kisses.

She gave her seven men to which she needs to select whom she wants to have her first kiss. Every man is different from one another. One of them is a writers, a businessman, a traveler, and much more. You Can binge-watch this best Korean drama on Youtube as it is already released on December 5.

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After School – Lucky Or Not

after school lucky or not |

Star Cast

  • Myoung Gong
  • Tae-oh Kang
  • Seo Kang-Joon
  • Kim So-Eun

The story shows the school life of a timid and innocent girl named Kim So-Eun, who did not usually involve of them in school. Later on, she accidentally caught up with the flower boys of the school as they are charming.

They wanted Kim So-eun to join the school club Lucky or Not, in which she had to perform some activities that made her bolder and precisely open to her classmates. The After School – Lucky Or Not is already released on Netflix on September 2.


best Korean drama

Star Cast

  • Kim Dong-joon
  • Kim Min-suk & Kim Ri-ah
  • Sun Joo-ah
  • Kim Geun-hyung

The Aftermath shows a person who just met with a terrible accident. When he woke up from that accident, he saw that he gained the ability to smell anything from far away and even see other things.

This is not yet enough; he even saw if the person colored blue, it means that he will kill somebody, and if the person appears red, then the person is about to die. The Aftermath Korean drama is on Netflix, and it is released on September 27.

Love Playlist 4

best Korean Dramas

Star Cast

  • Lee YooJin
  • Park Jung-woo
  • Park ShiAhn
  • Kim HyungSuk
  • Kim SaeRon
  • Bae HyunSung

As we know nowadays, college romance is familiar and relatable too. Love Playlist 4, is all about a group of young boys and girls who met each other in college. They fall in love and later realize that they are not suitable for each other and face heartbreak, torture, anxiety, and much more. This romantic Korean drama talks about youngsters’ lives, and some of the romances everybody has in college time.

Twenty Twenty

Star Cast

  • Kim WooSeok
  • Han SungMin
  • Jin HoEun
  • Chae WonBin
  • Chan
  • Park SangNam

Have you realized that every person changes in adulthood, so this web drama is all about two people who just crossed their twenties and need to control their feelings altogether? The story revolves around Lee HyunJin and Chae DaHee, who meet each other and share that they enter their twenties.

Some of the changes that they need to adapt to at this age and mature themselves for the better version. The Twenty Twenty is already on NaverTV on August 15.

One Fine Week

Star Cast

  • JiSoo
  • Shin JunSeob
  • Park GeonIl

One Fine Week is a funny or romantic story of two girls, DaEun, a part-time worker, and her look-alike Kim Byul a talented actress. They get come across each other and decide that they can live each other’s life. While everything is going on, they get to come across each other’s love interests.

The romantic life is going well, but they loved the opposite. The series is romantic in terms of how they handle their look-alike lovers’ feelings, and the whole drama continues. The series is already on vLive on October 8.

Secret Message

Star Cast

  • T.O.P
  • Lee Jae-Yoon
  • Shin Won-Ho
  • Juri Ueno
  • Kim Gang-Hyun
  • Yoo In-Na

Secret Message is a short and straightforward story of a couple Haruka, a Japanese woman, and Woo Hyun, a Korean man. They started to have a slow love story as both of them have bad experiences in their past relationship.

They want to make sure that this time will have to be different as they have feelings. The story was so slow and romantic that it made the audience watch them grow their love. The Secret Message Korean drama is already on Youtube, and it is released on November 2.

The Cravings

the cravings koren drama |

Star Cast

  • Park Hee Bon
  • Baek Soo Jang
  • Lee Jung Eun
  • Lee Woo Jung
  • Yang Hyun Min

The story revolves around an almost thirty-year-old woman Je Gal Jae-Yeong who lived her everyday life with friends and family. She has no one to date and no one to go out with, so she decides to have a proper meal daily as she loves food.

The cravings Korean drama craves the viewers too as they get to see any new dishes in the series. Je Gal Jae-Yeong always admired her cooking and tasting new cuisine, and this web drama is all about admiring your desire in case the desire is cooking. The Cravings drama is already on Netflix on November 17.

Dramaworld Season 1 to 2

Star Cast

  • Bae Noo-ri
  • Woo Do-hwan
  • Liv Hewson
  • Sean Dulake

The Dramaworld revolves around Claire Duncan, a young girl, but most of the time is spent watching her favorite star, Joon Park. She had a crush on him, and she was always on her phone watching glimpses of Joon Park’s shoe Tale of love.

The story moves forward when she is stuck on the phone and has to live her life in this high-tech world of smartphones. This sounds crazy, but it will surely lighten up your mood.

Final Words

The Best Korean Dramas are lovely as they have a unique concept of technology and bring the Sci-fi thing to another level. Good Korean dramas are full of humor, and you can experience creativity in the screenplay and much more.


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