List of 20+ Best Marathi Web Series: Marathi Latest web series in 2023

Best Marathi Web Series on Amazon Prime, Zee5 & Netflix

Best Marathi web series, Best Marathi web series list, Marathi web series on YouTube, Netflix, Zee5 Etc. The people of Maharashtra are one of the proudest people in India because of their sense of behavior. They love their culture and their language, which is Marathi. Mumbai has become the center of the movie industry. This is the reason why the Marathi web series and movies are widespread across the nation.

Latest Best Marathi Web Series List To Watch Online

In this post, we will discuss the Best Marathi Web Series, List. We hope you will like this post. If you have any questions related to the most popular Marathi web series, you can write in the comment box.

Shanti Kranti

Shanti Kranti marathi latest web series

Shanti Kranti is a diverting story about the growing up of three young men in their late 20s who choose to go on an outing to Goa to look for answers for their existential issues and instead end up in a reflection retreat in Lonavala.

Lager, seashores, and Goa call. In any case, Shreyas, who is procuring a frantic flicker in his eye, drives instead to Shantivan, a reflection retreat in Lonavala.

In the middle of profound breathing meetings and back-to-nature works out, the threesome figures out how to acknowledge that young men can’t remain young men until the end of time. You can this Marathi latest web series on Sony Liv

  • Series Director – Paula McGlynn, Sarang Sathaye
  • Genre – Comedy, Coming of Age, Dramedy, Friends, Travel
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Available- Sony Liv

Aani Kay Hava Season 3

Aani Kay Hava Season 3 latest marathi web series |

In season 3 of Aani Kay Hava, we see this not youthful marriage of Jui and Saket hit the 5-year point. With trust, love, and a little franticness at its center, watch them explore through a cross-country lockdown in this release.

From managing business-related entanglements, to abruptly feeling like there is the same old thing to discuss and rejuvenating the tiny and enormous day-by-day nok jhoks – this couple draws out the everyday existences of the multitude of couples out there.

  • Series Director – Varun Narvekar
  • Genre – Comedy, Dramedy, Romance
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seasons – Three
  • Available- MX Player


Jhoom marathi latest web series

Jhoom is BhaDiPa’s latest Marathi web series that takes you on a turned excursion of youth, destiny, family, companions, and disarray.

Join along for this incredible ride as we discharge a New Episode each Sunday. Buy into #Bhadipa​ to get every one of the cautions.

  • Series Director – Abhay Raut, Omkar Jadhav
  • Genre – Comedy, Family, Friends
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seasons – One 
  • Available- YouTube

Samantar Season 2

Samantar Season 2 marathi latest web series

Since Kumar has discovered Chakrapani – his tempestuous inquiry has at long last finished. With the state of turning each page of Chakrapani’s journal in turn to know his destiny – his life quickly is by all accounts improving,

In any case, an abrupt development prompts Kumar’s life to go downhill and by. Is destiny unavoidable, or can Kumar make something happen for himself by swindling his fate? The more extensive inquiry is, who is this secret lady that is intended to enter his life?

  • Series Director – Satish Rajwade
  • Genre –Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seasons – Two 
  • Available- MX Player

Gud Boy

Gud Boy marathi latest web series

Pranav Kulkarni, a youthful, attractive dance educator living in Mumbai, is an all-out young lady chaser who likes to rest around with hot young ladies has a remarkable equation,

The Good Boy Formula – detects the young lady in the dance class who just had a separation or is going through a messy relationship, calls her home to talk over beverages and afterward gets laid.

When he succumbs to Shivani Joshi, his school pulverizes who has come to arrange her wedding sangeet from Pranav.

Good Boy is a Marathi show, satire web series featuring Rishi Saxena, Khushboo Tawde, Vinay Yedekar, and Reena Aggarwal. Badrish Patil makes it. Good Boy is right now gushing at MX Player.

  • Series Director – Badrish Patil
  • Genre –Adult, College, Comedy, Dance, Drama, Romance
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seasons – One 
  • Available- Hungama 

Kaale Dhande

KAALE DHANDE Most Popular Marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Kaale Dhande)
  • Series Director – (Ramchandra Gaonkar)
  • Genre – (Comedy)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Episodes – (Eight)
  • Available – (ZEE5)

Star Cast

  • Nikhil Ratnaparkahi
  • Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Onkar Raut
  • Sunil Tawade
  • Sanskruti Balgude

About Kaale Dhande Marathi Web Series

The plot revolves around a young chiliastic boy VICKY, a photographer whose life is full of unforeseen situations. He spends most of his time with his friends Sam and Sudharsan. One day he met a girl. He asks her to go on a date with him.

They went to a coffee shop where Vicky’s uncle caught them and started blackmailing him. One day Vicky decided to take revenge on his uncle. After some days, he finds himself a big mess. β€œKaale Dhande” is the best Marathi web series on Zee5.


SAMANTAR Marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Samantar )
  • Genre – (Mystery)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Nine)
  • Avalaible – (MX Player)

Star Cast

  • Swwapnil Joshi
  • Tejaswini Pandit
  • Ganesh Revdekar
  • Nitish Bharadwaj

About Samantar Marathi Series

Samantar is the most popular Marathi series. The plot of this series revolves around a young man Kumar Mahajan. His life was going on the way, but one day he decides to go on a journey to find Sudarshan Chakrapani, a man who shares their future correctly.

And that journey completely changes his life. Present life of Kumar Chakrapani has already lived that life. What happened to Kumar that completely changed his life? you can watch this web show on MX Player.

High Time

HIGH TIME Marathi web series
  • Series Name – (High Time)
  • Genre – (Comedy)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Six)
  • Avalaible – (YouTube)

Star Cast

  • Siddharth Mahashabde
  • Kshitish Date
  • Sainath Ganuwad
  • Ashutosh Gokhale
  • Suved Kulkarni

About High Time Web Series

High Time is the latest Marathi web show. The plot of this series revolves around three youngsters Amaey, Bipin, and Devendra. They are studying in the same college. But they don’t like each other. One day they are trapped in an MMS with a girl named Tanya. And she started blackmailing them. One day the father of that girl finds the truth.

He tries to call the police, but his daughter smashes his head into a hard pole. So what goes next? Will the boys be able to get justice? It will very interesting to see that. you can watch this Best Marathi web series on YouTube.

Gondya Ala Re

GONDYA ALA RE Marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Gondya Ala Re)
  • Genre – (Biography/Action)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (One)
  • Avalaible – (ZEE5)

Star Cast

  • Sunil Barve
  • Kshitish Date
  • Anand Ingle
  • Shalva Kinjawadekar
  • Angad Mhaskar
  • Pallavi Patil
  • Bhushan Pradhan
  • Shivraj Waichal

About Gondya Ala Re Web Series

Gondya Ala Re series plot sets in 1897 in Pune. And based on the real story of the Chaphekar Brothers, freedom fighters.  The brothers fight with a group from British army.

The story begins with a woman Savitri Bai who recently became a mother and gave birth to a boy. This was her third child. Her sons don’t want to come under British rule after a few years they become The Chaphekar Brothers, and they started a revolution against British rule.

Moving Out

MOVING OUT Marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Moving Out)
  • Series Director – (Sanjay Jadhav)
  • Genre – (Drama/family comedy)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (Two)
  • Episodes – (Twenty)
  • Avalaible – (YouTube)

Star Cast

  • Sushrut Bhagwat
  • Abhidnya Bhave
  • Nikhil Rajeshirke
  • Girija Oak
  • Rishi Saxena

About Moving Out Web Series

The Moving Out web show revolves around a young urban girl. She breaks the traditional boundaries by leaving her home and wants to live alone with their own rules. They parents of her don’t support this. One day at night, she ran away from her home.

And went to the city of dreams Mumbai, where she meets a surgeon Saif, a Muslim boy, and she falls in love with him. After some months of their relationship, the girl asks him to live with her in a loving relationship. Will the boy accept this or not? you can watch this best Marathi web series on youtube.

Safe Journeys

SAFE JOURNEYS top marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Safe Journeys)
  • Genre – (Drama)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Eight)
  • Avalaible – (YouTube)

Star Cast

  • Mrinmayee Godbole
  • Alok Rajwade

About Safe Journeys Web Series

The safe Journeys series is very famous among youngsters. And attempted to encourage the dialogues of safe sex, pregnancy, and sexual abuse. The story begins with a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl who is living in America. The boy is working at a call center, and the girl is working at a company.

The father of the girl knows that her daughter is living with a Muslim boy. He calls an astrologer and the astrologer tells him that the boy is cheating on his daughter. He gave a warning to her daughter. But she declined his warning. So, the astrologer was wrong, or the boy was wrong? Watch this Best Marathi web series on YouTube for free.

Once A Year

ONCE A YEAR  famous marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Once a Year)
  • Series Director – ( Mandar Kurundar)
  • Genre – (Romantic Comedy)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Six)
  • Avalaible – (MX Player)

Star Cast

  • Nipun Dharmadhikari
  • Mrinmayee Godbole
  • Shalva Kinjawadeka

About Once a Year Web Series

ONCE A YEAR is a romantic, drama & comedy Marathi web show. The plot revolves around a romantic couple who have a relationship of more than six years, and still, they think that this is not the time to marry. Their relationship was starting in college days. In this series a lot of comedy, & Drama.

Aani Kay Hava Season 1 to 2

AANI KAY HAVA marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Aani Kay Hava)
  • Genre – (Comedy, Romance)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (Two)
  • Episodes – (Twelve)
  • Avalaible – (MX Player)

Star Cast

  • Priya Bapat
  • Umesh Kamat

About Aani Kay Hava Web Series

Aani Kay Hava is an MX player Marathi web series. The story begins with a newly married couple Saket and Jui. Their love for each other is continuously rising. Their life takes turns with the entry of a business tycoon Samar Singhania.

One day he meets Jui, and he falls in love with her and decides to marry him. He offers her a job in his company. After some days, Saket thinks that Jui is spending time with him. you can watch this full series on MX player for free of cost.

Idiot Box

IDIOT BOX latest marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Idiot Box)
  • Genre – (Comedy,Drama/Romance)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Four)
  • Avalaible – (MX Player)

Star Cast

  • Shivraj Waichal
  • Shivani Rangole
  • Aashay Kulkarni
  • Abhijeet Khandkekar
  • Sunil Barve
  • Spruha Joshi
  • Pushkar Jog
  • Akshay Tanksale

About Idiot Box Web Series

IDIOT BOX is a Marathi new-age romantic series. The story veins about Akash, who wants to get his ex-girlfriend back through his best friend, β€œSayli”. This series can take you on a fun adventure. In this Marathi web show, there is one main factor to make this series favorite for youngsters: the difficult love life of Akash. 


BHOOTATLELA marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Bhootatlela)
  • Genre – (Comedy & Horror)
  • language – (Marathi & Hindi)
  • Seosons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Five)
  • Available – (MX Player)

Star Cast

  • Surabhi Hande
  • Sunil Holkar
  • Priyadarshan Jadhav
  • Sayli Patil
  • Pradeep Patwardhan

About Bhootatlela Web Series

BHOOTATELA is a Marathi comic and Horror web series. The story of this series has a big comical turn by a unique kind of love triangle. The story begins with a girl Rayba whose sister has married tonight. Before the wedding, she thinks that she forgot to take Katya which her mother gave to keep the ghost or evil spirits away.

When she went to meet her sister, she felt that someone was following her. This series’s trailer begins with Rayba driving a bike with her friend, and then her friend says to stop the bike from eating something. Her friend put his hands on her shoulder.

After he goes, Rayba feels that someone has put his hands on her shoulder. It’s a very interesting, entertaining, and one of the horror top Marathi web series on MX player.


SHALA marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Shala)
  • Series Director – (Ashish Shravani)
  • Genre – (Comedy & Drama)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Available – (YouTube)

Star Cast

  • Akash Desai
  • Anushree Mane
  • Avinash Jadhav
  • Kaushal Jadhav
  • Madhumita Waikar
  • Shantanu Shete
  • Shravani Solaskar
  • Sonali Ghadge

About Shala Web Series

Shala web series is based on a famous and award-winning novel which is written by Milind Bokil. SHALA is a story of four friends who are the portal of teenagers in a school.

This series will take you back to that when you were in your school days and when you used the school for fun, play, and affection. SHALA is a story of love, passion, friendship, and freedom. This series is a must-watch series for anyone who has lost their first love.

Striling Pulling

STRILING PULLING marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Striling Pulling)
  • Series Director – ( Sameer Asha Patil)
  • Genre – (Comedy & Drama)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (One)
  • Avalaible – (YouTube)

Star Cast

  • Bhagyashree Nhalve
  • Aarti More,
  • Sayali Patil
  • Nikhil Chhavan

About Striling pulling marathi web series

One year ago, this series was the first best Marathi series that broke typecast and expressed some views of life from the women’s point of view. This series remit around three female supporters Pallavi, Priya, and Archana.

The story of this series is filled with enough twists that can keep you entertained. you can watch this series on YouTube.


FOMO marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Fomo)
  • Genre – (Drama)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Six)
  • Avalaible – (YouTube)

Star Cast

  • Parna Pethe,
  • Abhishek Deshmuk,
  • Ruchita Jadhav
  • Chetan Chitnis

About Fomo Web Series

FOMO is a short form of Fears Of Missing Out. This Marathi series is especially for those feeling left out and becoming depressed. This story tries to show positive dealing. The story begins with a young boy Sameer who came from a small town and works for a radio station. He has completed his two years in the same company.

He tries to be fit, and in the end, he becomes more estranged. But his life turns when Revathi enters their life. And she is also suffering from the same situation. They decide to change their problem.


PANDU marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Pandu)
  • Genre – (Comedy & Drama)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seosons – (One)
  • Episodes – (Six)
  • Available – (MX Player)

Star Cast

  • Suhas Sirsat
  • Deepak Shirke
  • Trupti Khamkar

About Pandu Web Series

The Pandu series plot revolves around the life of Mumbai cops and their personal and professional life. We have seen many types of cops some are corrupt, and some are superhumans. The story begins with Pandu, who is a cop and a simple human.

He is imperfect but a sensitive and practical person. One day Pandu thinks that he has to show the real face of the police, and he tries this. This story doesn’t hold the action.  The story of this series is light-hearted. The story and direction of this series were phenomenal. 


BOOMERANG horror best marathi web series
  • Series Name – (Boomerang)
  • Genre – (Horror)
  • language – (Marathi)
  • Seasons – (One)
  • Available – (YouTube)

Star Cast


About Boomerang Web Series

Boomerang is a Marathi horror series. This web show has created a lot of pulse in the Marathi audience. It is a simple horror story. The story begins with a man Shrikant who is a teacher in a very old school. 

Where he finds that this school has a bad past. There is not much about this series. But the direction and characters are the best things in this show.


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