Charitraheen Web Series Season 1 To 2 Watch Online Story & Cast

Charitraheen Web Series

Charitraheen web series is the original web show of Hoichoi, the same name inspired by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel. Charitraheen web series story is all about unfaithfulness and immorality. Charitraheen Bengali web series is the tale of a few lost people mixed up in the web of passion. The Charitraheen web series episodes have received a lot of audience appreciation. It’s worth watching this all-judgment series.  

About Charitraheen Bengali web series

GenreThriller, Erotic
DirectorDebaloy Bhattacharya
AvailableHoichoi, MX Player

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Charitraheen Web Series Cast and Crew

The Charitraheen Web Series has the best players ever seen by the Bengali market. These aspiring actors and actresses have incredible promise. Acting in a series influenced by the novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay is not a simple job. What with their real acting skills, everybody was surprised? 

  • Gourab Chatterjee as Haran
  • Naina Ganguly as Kiran
  • Mumtaz Sorcar as Nirupama
  • Saayoni Ghosh as Sabitri
  • Sourav Chakraborty as Abhay
  • Sourav Das as Satish

Charitraheen Web Series Story

Charitraheen Web Series Story

The Charitraheen Web Series Story is set in the modern-day, where all the protagonists in the series are uncharacteristic. The series’s writers want to tear down all the walls of judgment with this intricate tale of a few lost souls. 

Unlike the other Bengali shows, this is random. The viewers would ask what will happen in the plot next. The plot revolves around individual souls that are wrapped up in lust, passion, and betrayal. The series centers on certain people and men desperate to come out alive, but little do they realize they are destined to be doomed. 

Finding out who’s going to be named Charitraheen is the ultimate showdown. The movie deals with a couple and their puzzled love story. If the plot continues, we will see how others are interested in their love story. 

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Charitraheen Web Series Season 1 Episodes List

Episode 1sei sob seyalera
Episode 2perfume
Episode 3facebook-friend
Episode 4password
Episode 5laj nai laj nai
Episode 6perfume 2
Episode 7goodbye shohor
Episode 8pain is immoral
Episode 9noroker khobor
Episode 10noroker khobor 2
Episode 11the slut

Charitraheen Web Series Season 2 Episodes List

Episode 1A tale yet to Tell
Episode 2A new home
Episode 3Flesh and Blood
Episode 4The Mistake
Episode 5Miss you too
Episode 6Flesh and Blood 2
Episode 7Maze of Love
Episode 8The last Breath
Episode 9Epitaph

How to Charitraheen web series Download or Watch Online

As you know, Charitraheen is the initial Hoichoi series. The demonstration is currently available in the official Hoichoi app. What you need to do is import and subscribe to android or ios store apps.

This will allow you to link to the Charitraheen and all other material available on the platform. This sequence is a must-see for the general public. 

  • Open your handheld device and download the Hoichoi app from the Play Store and App Store. 
  • Once installed, open the official Hoichoi software. 
  • Enter your account or sign in to your current account. 
  • Go to Hoichoi and choose the ‘Charitraheen’ tab (season 1). 
  • The Charitraheen web series for offline streaming will start viewing or downloading. 

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Charitraheen Web Series Review Season 1 & Season 2

Charitraheen Web Series Review

Charitraheen Web Series Review: The 11 episodes of Season 1 will commence by intriguing you, then by puzzling you, and at the far end, by boring you with the characters’ repetitive follies and nagging reactions to each other.

The tale of desire, longing, lies, and alienation can exhaust you with its sequence of sex scenes, the aggressive gestures of characters, and each individual’s warped mindset. All this as they dress impeccably, dwell in lush bungalows and lead grim troubled lives.

With the comfort that covers them, their problems are just erotic. Characters are seldom seen operating, except for the role of Saayoni Ghosh. Most of them are susceptible to their fleshly urges and almost come to commit crimes of lust every time they communicate.

You’re starting to ask why and how they’re going to escape doing it every time and meet again only to replay dialogues riddled with coerced agony. 

However, the scenes are well-edited, but the script can sometimes cause you to leap out of your senses. With limited space in this plot, the direction is remarkably strong. It can’t be assumed the same thing for the acting.

Barring Sourav Das and Saayoni Ghosh, the majority of them look very stiff when providing their dialogues. The sets are different in new scenes and perfectly fit the specifications of the scene. There are still no consistency problems. 

It’s the music that ties Season 1. Background scores are the only relief for this highly motivated, sexually regressive, and distressing story. In the nine episodes of Season 2, several of the previous season’s protagonists inadvertently and unrealistically touch each other’s routes.

They remain on to worsen marriages and cause another bout of abusive sex scenes. Although in charitraheen web series Season 1, in Season 2, some of the backgrounds contributed to the protagonists’ present trauma. 


In Season 1, committing errors was like the whims and fancies of the actors. At least in season 2, they are constrained by circumstances. But for every track and the repetitive follies of the protagonists, each character appears childish.

The producer and the script were presumably attempting to play the name of the series-Charitraheen-by, implying how people are lured towards being one. Yet so much in one thing renders the endeavor dull. 

While the direction stays smooth, there should have been more provocative scenes than accessible violence displays. There are continuity issues throughout a few scenes of season 2. 

When attempting to create each character’s sexual dependency on the other, acting becomes forced and sometimes overhead. If you happen to be willing to view both seasons in full, there are several moments in the episodes that you’d like to pause for good. 

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