Charmsukh Web Series All Episodes List: Watch Online

Charmsukh Web Series

Charmsukh Web Series has a very different storyline that is based on the sexual desires of various different characters. Charmsukh Web Series has a total of 17 episodes and each episode has a very different story from the other. This series is mixed up with emotions, sexual desires, and madness. Charamsukh’s every episode has created lots of buzz online with its storyline. Each episode consists of a very different and talented cast.

Today, in this post we are going to talk about all episodes of the Charamsukh web series about their charmsukh web series storyline. These all episodes are available in Hindi on ULLU App. So let’s begin. Here is the list of Charamsukh’s all episodes.

Charmsukh Web Series Details

Series NameCharamsukh
GenreThriller, Drama, Romance
Available OnULLU
Released On22nd November 2019

Charmsukh All Episodes List

  • Mom & Daughter
  • Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat
  • Behrupiya
  • Karna Zaruri Hai
  • Highway
  • Pajama Party
  • Kaamwali Bai Part 1 & 2
  • Degree Wala Teacher
  • Sauda
  • Sautela Pyaar
  • Telephone Booth
  • Humse Na Ho Payega
  • Trapped Part 1 & 2
  • Pyaas
  • Jaane Anjaane Mein Part 1 & 2
  • Sex Education
  • Flat 69

01. Charmsukh (Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat)

Charmsukh (Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat)

It is the story of a young girl Archana who has only one to marry a prince or a very charming boy, and she gets married to Nitesh, who is very charming. Archana is very excited about his first night, but her excitement ends when Archana hears that Nitesh is missing. This episode of Charamsukh explores the journey of a young girl. This episode is around 19 minutes.

02. Charmsukh (Flat no. 69)

Charmsukh (Flat no. 69)

Flat no. 69 is the story of Garima. She recently came to his sister Jonita’s house where Jonita is living with a boyfriend and six friends. In Jonita’s house, parties are happening every day, and drunkenness has become a common thing there.

Garima also gets into the habit of drunkenness. One day Garima meets Sam, and Garima is fully drunk. Sam thinks of do sex with Garima because Garima was totally unconscious, and he did it. In the morning, Garima doesn’t remember what happened last night. Will Garima be able to get the reality of Sam?

03. Charmsukh (Highway)

Charmsukh (Highway)

Highway begins with Tanya who wants to be self-dependent, that’s why she fought with her, and she ran away from her parent’s house to live her life in her way. When he was walking on the Highway A boy Siddharth met him, and he offered him to drop by his car. While talking in his car, they become very good friends. This episode is the story of a girl who is in big trouble with love and her parents.

04. Charmsukh (Jane Anjane Mein)

Charmsukh (Jane Anjane Mein)

This episode starts with a newly married couple Amit and Jinnie. Both are living in a long-distance relationship because Amit is always busy with work, and Jinnie has some desires which are not fulfilled by her in-laws. But One day, her father-in-law catches her, and he tries to convince her to do sex with him. Will Jinnie accepts this proposal, or will she reject it?

05. Charmsukh (Kaamwali Bai)

Charmsukh (Kaamwali Bai)

Kaamwali Bai is the story of a bai Paro who is in love with Sumit, but Sumit’s mom demands 2 lakh rupees. But Paro doesn’t have that much money. One day her the owner of that house where she works offers her that if she wants 2 lakh, then she wants to do sex with him. Will Paro accept this proposal? This episode shows the fight between love and demand.

06. Charmsukh (Karna Zaruiri Hain)

Charmsukh (Karna Zaruiri Hain)

Karna Zaruiri Hain is the story of a girl Kasturi who loves to have sex with a young boy. One day Kasturi meets Dinesh, and he is also interested to do sex with her. But they cannot find a safe place where they can do sex because both are living with their families.

Will they find a place where they can do sex? It is the most-watched episode of the Charamsukh web series. Because of his bold scenes, this episode has become the most-watched episode of any web series on ULLU.

07. Charmsukh (Pajama Party)

Charmsukh (Pajama Party)

The episode starts with Rahul who is from a middle-class family. After many years of struggling, he gets admission to a very bug college. When entered that college he makes many friends, and all his friends convince him to join their Pajama Party.

At the Pajama Party, a very beautiful and young girl want to do sex with Rahul. But declines to do sex with her because he promised his girlfriend that he would do his life’s first sex with her. In this situation will Rahul keep his promise or he will break it?

08. Charmsukh (Pyaas)

Charmsukh (Pyaas)

The story starts with Megha, who is an unsatisfied wife with her husband because her husband is always busy with his work. Then Megha explores some new ways to fulfill her all desires. When her sister-in-law and her husband are trying to do sex, then she says that she can teach them how to do sex. This becomes everyday. This habit became unlucky for her sister-in-law.

09. Charmsukh (Sauda)

The story starts with a helpless father. He does his both daughters’ marriage with a man. In the beginning, the life of elder daughter Deepika life was going very happily instead of her younger sister Parineeti. Rahul tells Parineeti that she will do all the housework and she will live in Kitchen.

One day Deepika got the news that her father had died, then Deepika goes to her father’s house. In the house, Rahul does rap with Parineeti. Now, What will Parineeti do after this? Will she tell this to Deepika or not? To know the answer, watch this episode.

10. Charmsukh (Sautela Pyaar)

Sautela Pyaar begins with Seema, who is a divorced woman, and she meets a man Joseph which is full of love. Seema decides to get married to Joseph, and Seema’s daughter Ritu accepts. Their life is going very lovingly then Anthony, who is the stepson of Seema, enters their life, and Anthony has very greedy desires. He starts doing sex with his stepmom Seema. Now, how will Joseph react when he sees the reality of his son?

11. Charmsukh (Sex Education)

Sex Education starts with Sudhi who recently get married to Jatin, who is an accountant, and he is not satisfied with his wife because his wife Sudhi is not energetic in doing sex. Jatin tells this to Sudhi’s mother, Swarna. Then Swarna decides to teach Sudhi about how to do sex?. Swarna appoints a man to show Sudhi how to do sex. Will Swarna be able to teach her about sex?

12. Charmsukh (Telephone Booth)

Telephone Booth starts with a couple of Karan and Amita who are in a long-distance relationship, and a telephone booth connects them both. Every day Karan on a booth, to tell Amita where she has to come today to doing sex.

But one day, a stranger comes there, and he starts doing sex with Amita, and she thinks that he was Karan. The next day Karan told Amita he didn’t come last night. So, who was that stranger? and how will they get out of this trap?

13. Charmsukh (Trapped)

The story starts with a sweet loving couple Pinky and Nandu. Because of the careless behavior of Nandu. Pinky has been raped by a stranger twice, and that blackmailer made his and Pinky sex video, and the blackmailer started blackmailing them. How will they escape from this situation? To know about this, you need to watch this episode.

14. Charmsukh (Humse na Payega)

Humse Na Payega starts with a newlywed couple who wants to do sex. But because of their family members, they cant to do sex because every time they disturbed them. They are trying to create an opportunity to do sex. Will, they can do sex? This episode is around 22 minutes, and this episode of full bold scenes that’s why peoples like very much.

15. Charmsukh (Mom and daughter)

The story begins with a couple Nikhil and ruby. Both have had a relationship for more than a year. One day Ruby talks about her mom bringing Nikhil for some college work. Nikhil thinks Ruby is calling for to do sex, but Ruby is hesitating because she doesn’t do sex before this.

When Nikhil goes out of Rub’s house then he meets with Ruby’s mother Rajsi, and he is trying to convince her to do sex with him, and Rajsi accepts this. Will Ruby get to know about Nikhil’s reality? 

16. Charmsukh (Degree Wala Teacher)

Charmsukh (Degree Wala Teacher)

The story starts with Dolly, who is in college, and she is struggling to pass her degree exams. Dolly’s father said that if Dolly doesn’t pass, then she will be married off, and she doesn’t want to get married right now. Her best Friend Puja suggests taking private tuitions from a tutor which she suggests.

The tutor Abhay Gupta is a professor from that same college where Dolly. After few days when both are alone, Abhay presents a proposal that if Dolly agrees to do sex with him, then he can give her free numbers in the exam. Will Dolly accept this proposal or not?

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