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Gandii Baat Season 1

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Hey guy, We are discussing Gandii Baat season 1, Gandi Baat season 1 download, Gandii Baat season 1 trailer, Gandii Baat season 1 cast, etc. Gandii Baat Unravel complex connections, mystery issues, stunning facts, bizarre legends, and unexplored people’s spaces through a progression of energizing for the rustic Indian culture.

Every story is not the same as the others, yet it is woven with a string of sexual desires that will leave you with startling turns. In these accounts, you will perceive how their dull dreams profoundly influence the individuals of provincial India.

Gandii Baat Season 1 is all about the sex and the fantasy desires of the women side as they consider themselves submissive. But in the series, you can explore some of the young man’s activities for women. Gandii Baat Season 1 has four fantasy episodes, and you can binge-watch the series on Alt Balaji.

About Gandii Baat Web Series Season 1

SeriesGandii Baat
DirectorSachin Mohite
GenreThriller, Erotic, Drama
AvailableZee5, Alt Balaji

Gandii Baat Season 1 Cast and Crew List

Ep: 1 Threesome Star Cast

  • Neetha Shetty
  • Rohit Chaudhary
  • Anant Vijay Joshi
  • Sonal Panvar

Ep: 2 Tharki Buddha Star Cast

  • Lovely Sharma
  • Naveen Pandita
  • Rajesh Tripathi
  • Yamini Singh

Ep: 3 Vasu Nag Star Cast

  • Mrinalini Tyagi
  • Ripraj Chauhan
  • Kalyani C Chaitanya
  • Deepika H Khanna

Ep: 4 Preeto Rani Star Cast

  • Narayani Shastri
  • Vijay Chandrna
  • Rudra Kaushik
  • Gourav Kumar

Check Gandi Baat Season 1 All Special Episodes Recap

Episode 1 (Threesome)

Overview: Doodhnath’s main hobby is looking at his wonderful neighbor Gunja. He is also an expert willingly and isn’t apprehensive about anybody, aside from Namvar – Gunja’s rough spouse. Notwithstanding the threat of Namvar, Doodhnath keeps on pursuing Gunja.

Yet, the closer he gets, the more he learns of the stunning truth about Gunja and Namvar’s marriage. The episode’s title suggests that the story shows the threesome which is the combination of three identities in the show and how they felt for each other differently.

Episode 2 (Tharki Buddha)

Overview: Innovation brings accommodation and solace, yet it likewise carries a guarantee of outrageous joy to Rajendra. His better half, child, and girl-in-law think it’s hard to deal with Rajendra’s hunger for something else. The deep-rooted customary limits are crossed, and new ones are made in their place.

Rajendra’s feeling of accommodation and solace in innovation develops into guarantees of more profound delight, which influence his significant other, child, and daughter-in-law, supplanting normal limits with new ones. The episode shows that being the elder, the person has his desire and fantasy to make out with one of his family members.

Episode 3 (Vasu Nag)

Overview: In this Indian town, ladies progressively feel disregarded by the men in their lives. Their expectations want, and concerns discover no articulation. In any case, where men disillusion, a secretive snake makes up for the shortcoming in these ladies’ lives.

Ladies in a town feel progressively dismissed by the men in their lives. A baffling snake makes up for this shortcoming, testing the men’s strength. What will the men never really pick up the predominance over their womenfolk?

Episode 4 (Preeto Rani)

Overview: Preeto is an influential lady. She runs her family unit as well as the hearts of the men around her. Preeto is nobody’s property, yet Gogi suspects something. As he attempts to make a case for her womanhood, the outcome won’t be something he can deal with. Preeto rules her family unit and the hearts of the men around her.

In-law Gogi, her child, challenges her position yet can’t deal with the outcome when he attempts to make a case for her womanhood. Later in the episode, viewers can experience the bold Preeto coming and facing reality on her own to battle her fights and never bow down in from of others.

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