Gandii Baat Season 3 Watch Online or Free Download

Gandii Baat Season 3

Gandii Baat Season 3 Watch Online or Download All Episodes

Gandii Baat is one of the Alt Balaji franchisees. It always shocks and upholds the audienceā€™s moods for the different genres they have never experienced on television. Gandii Baat Season 3 explores the sultry and desires of individuals that made them do wrong things but out of love.

Gandii Baat Season 3 Cast and Crew List

Ep:1 Rajkumar Cast

  • Jatin Bhatia
  • Neetu Wadhwa
  • Pallavi Mukherjee
  • Ankit Kumar Gupta
  • Zafar Warsi
  • Ranveer Pratap Singh

Ep: 2 Harpreet Weds Harpreet Cast

  • Lalit Bisht
  • Sheeva Rana
  • Shiny Dixit
  • Bhawsheel Sanni
  • Sunny Sachdeva

Ep: 3 Sonam Le Li Cast

  • Aasma Syed
  • Rushali Arora
  • Yajuvendra Singh
  • Tarun Dudeja
  • Jay Kumar
  • Akhil Vaidya

Ep: 4 Honeymoon On Wheels Cast

  • Priom Gurjar
  • Akansha Sharma
  • Zeeshan Khan
  • Shikha Thakur
  • Kunwar Vikram Soni
  • Palak Singh

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Gandii Baat Season 3 All Episodes Recap

This season consists of four episodes, and each episode shows different relationships and supernaturals elements. It has become one of the most sort-out series that shows love on another level of lust, romance, and desires. We have concluded a short overview of each episode for the viewers to relate to the story and binge-watch all episodes recap.

Episode 1 (Rajkumar)

In the lusty series of Gandii Baat Season 3, the episode Rajkumar is the boatmenā€™s story who is called known and Ramallah. They have a different relationship with other people in the village. The story is about four men, the name Ramya, Lakhan, Bicchi, and Kamal.

They feel some superstitious instinct in the villages, and they think some wrongdoing is happening in the town. They think of some betrayal, supernatural activities in the city, and the people also betrayed them and wanted revenge. Those peopleā€™s boat shows some sign of bizarre things, and it scares everyone in the whole town.

Episode 2 (Harpreet weds Harpreet)

Looking at the episodeā€™s name, Harpreet weds Harpreet is quite sarcastic as both the characters are the same. In the episode, Joginder came to India to attend one of his friendā€™s Harpreet weddings. When he saw Harpreet (bride), he was mesmerized by her beauty. Joginder couldnā€™t control his lust and affection towards her and dreamt of her many time before the wedding.

Joginder also has multiple encounters with an unknown woman named Harpreet. He was taken away by Harpreetā€™s beauty and wanted to share his part of feeling for her. The episode is all about Joginderā€™s romantic tale, who ultimately falls in love with the unknown woman named Harpreet, who is the diva around him.

Episode 3 (Sonam Chad Gayi)

The third story is an arresting story of a family trapped amidst a progression of enjoyable occasions. Rotating around the subject of desire for power and love, Satyaprakash and Sumitra are trapped in a snare of obliviousness and falsehoods that lead to results that adjust their life for eternity.

The story is where the politician is involved with a prostitute named Sonam and later on mishappening moving with him. The episode is all about controlling peopleā€™s lives for the power and lust to be released on people. The dominant and submissive thing appears in the attack.

Episode 4 (Honeymoon on Wheels)

The fourth episode of Gandi Baat Season 3 explores Laxmiā€™s story, which went on to a bus named Honeymoon travels to find his long-lost love named Neeraj. The story is about finding true love and fight all the odds in society.

While she is on the bus, she is experiencing other moments of love and explore some sweet and sizzling chemistry of the pair, and she memorizes the whole moment of her with Neeraj. While on the bus, there are haunting things that happen, which are not mentioned before, so it will be fun-filled to see the episode on Honeymoon on Wheels.

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