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Gandii Baat Season 5

Gandii Baat Season 5 Watch Online or Free Download!!

Today, we are discussing Gandii baat season 5, gandi baat season 5 free download, gandi baat season 5 trailer, gandii baat season 5 cast. Gandii Baat Season 5 shows different facets of Sexuality and desires. Your desires decide what person you are and what you want. The gandi baat series always spoke about women’s intentions, Supernatural aspects, and much more. In this series, there is a youngster who is compelled to forge himself in society.

About Gandii Baat Web Series Season 5

SeriesGandii Baat
DirectorSachin Mohite
Season 5
AvailableALT Balaji, ZEE5

Gandii Baat Season 5 Cast and Crew List

Here is Gandii Baat season 5 cast and crew list episode by episode

Ep: 1 Erotic Tales of Madhosh Madan Cast

  • Lakshya Handa
  • Raz Rehman Ali
  • Mohit Gautam
  • Guru Haryani
  • Satakshi Shorya

Ep: 2 Game of Love Cast

  • Amika Shail
  • Farman Haider
  • Pooja Dey

Ep: 3 Happy Valentine’s Day Cast

  • Nitin Bhatia
  • Sanya Bansal
  • Vinayak Sinha
  • Savant Singh Premi

Ep: 4 Pintu’s 5 Million Followers Cast

  • Sudhir Chauhan
  • Pamela Mondal
  • Ankit Bhatia

Gandii Baat Season 5 Episodes List Watch Online

Season 5 of Gandii Baat consists of four episodes, and we have concluded a short overview of the series. Let’s have a glance at a Gandii Baat Season 5 Episodes:

Episode 1 (Erotic Tales of Madhosh Madan)

Gandii Baat web series is popularly known for the erotic and sultry scenes that have been appraised by the audience. In the episode, Chandan is the protagonist, and his friends think that he is the author of the erotic magazine as he always put his sultry and erotic thoughts in front of his friend.

The author of the magazine is Madhosh Madan, known for his desires and reviews of sex in his book. Everybody thinks that Chandan is Madhosh Madan, and others misjudge him.

The episode is full of love, trust, and lust, and Chandan’s life took the wrong turn when he considered himself Madhosh Madan when everybody thinks that he wrote all those sultry stories and later on is trapped in his falsehood. 

Episode 2 (Game of Love)

Gandii Baat explores the undiscussed topics in society, and those topics have not been even portrayed on television. So, the Gandii Baat series on Alt Balaji describes Priyanka’s life, who always wanted to explore her desires and Sexuality. In the episode, she wanted to be loved but later on get to know about her Sexuality and that she is into girls.

Earlier she tried to make love to a man to explore her desires. Still, when she met Nandini and Santosh, she was terrified about her Sexuality and later realized that her story is not the same as many other love stories. The episode Game of Love explores the different areas of Sexuality, which is not considered good in our culture.

When Priyanka comes out of her shell of not having sexual desires for men, she comes out to connect with people who have the same feeling. 

Episode 3 (Happy Valentine’s Day)

As the title of the episode suggests, it is all about love and romance. Valentines is said to be the messenger of love, and the title suggests the same. In the episode, a young girl named Meera scrolls down on the Dating app to find a great date on Valentine’s day.

She wants to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend, who cheats on her as he has an affair with some other girl. Meera caught him, and they broke up. But she wants to take revenge and wants to show him that she can be with someone who is more polite and good-looking.

So on the application, she gets to know a boy, and she talks to him a lot. Later on, she faces trouble in her short fairy tale romance. The episodes show that having a feeling of revenge or vengeance does not take you somewhere. So you need to make sure about channeling your emotions to the correct path and get to know your desires better.

Episode 4 (Pintu’s 5 Million Followers)

In the episode, Pintu is a delivery guy who instantly gets viral due to his activity. Suddenly he gains popularity, and even his girlfriend was happy with all of the sudden changes. To impress his girlfriend, he started to join Bodybuilding, and at that gym, he met Dev, who instructed him on the correct shape and size.

But the Dev got jealous after seeing Pintu’s popularity. He misleads him, and all of a sudden, Pintu suffers a backdrop in his career. In the episode, it is quite clear that jealousy could turn your friend into a foe.

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