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Ghulaam Serial

Ghulaam serial hotstar, Ghulaam Cast details, Ghulaam Plot details, Ghulaam serial Download, ghulam watch online. If you are finding a well-directed, scripted, and narrated thriller t.v serial. Then this ghulaam serial will be one of the best options for you. This thriller has gained lots of popularity with its storyline, direction, and soundtrack. Acting by all the actors is also excellent. 

About Ghulaam Serial

Ghulaam is an Indian crime thriller action-packed T.V Serial that was released on 16 January 2017. Rajesh Ram Singh directed this serial. This web show was shot on the Haryana- Delhi border. Ghulaam serial will represent the present problems which are faced by the girls. You can see Param Singh Niti Taylor and Vikas Manaktala in the main lead of this serial. 

Series Name Ghulaam
Series Director Rajesh Ram Singh
GenreAction, Crime, thriller, Romance
Available On Disney + Hotstar
Seasons Six
Episodesone ninety-two
IMDB Rating 7.5/10
Released On16th January 2017

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Ghulaam Cast Details

All actors in this series are very familiar and exciting. All actors have done great acting in this T.V serial. This show has a very famous, and popular star cast like: 

  • Bhagwan Tiwari as Chaudhary Bhishma Pratab
  • Indraneil Sengupta as STS officer Raghav Verma
  • Niti Taylor as Shivani Mathur
  • Param Singh as Rangeela
  • Ridheema Tiwari as Maldawali
  • Vikas Manaktala as Chaudhary Veer Pratap

Ghulaam Storyline

The storyline of the Ghulaam serial revolves around a district that is near the Haryana- Delhi border. In this district, girls are treated only as useless things. Ghulam’s show explores the dire conditions of the district’s society. So, let’s start the storyline of this serial.

The story starts with Rashmi, and she is a friendly nature girl. Some goons of Bhishma Pratap are kidnapping her. Without Rashmi’s decision, she got married to Bishma’s youngest son Chaudry Bishma Pratap. His elder brother Veer loves to torture the girls. He tortures the girls, and to shut their mouths; he burns their mouths with burning charcoal. 

ghulaam serial is one of the best t.v serial

One day Rashmi’s ex-fiance Raghav, an Army officer attacks Bishma’s family with his troops. But because of Rangeela Bhishma, his family was saved. Bhishma gives the order to get some help from the minister, and Shivani goes with him.

After some weeks they went to Delhi to find a girl for Veer. Rangeela suggests to Bishma that Veer married Shivani. A few days later, Veer and Shivani get married, and Veer starts torturing her. 

Ghulaam serial will take you through a journey of how Shivani convinces Rangeela to get married to him. This show talks about the condition of women and how they are handled in Berhampur.


Is there any online stream availability of the Ghulaam serial?

Ghulaam serial is available and streamed on Hotstar. All episodes are available online. So, now we are going to tell you about the online availability of the Ghulaam show. 

  • Download, and Open the Hotstar site ( your device. 
  • Search for the Ghulaam show. 
  • Then you can see all the episodes of the Ghulaam serial then you can watch Ghulam online free or Ghulaam serial Download free.

Ghulaam serial Review: Is the Ghulaam web series one of the best thriller web shows?

Because of its excellent direction, soundtrack, and acting this T.V show is worth watching. You will be very entertained while watching this Indian thriller serial, and every episode has more entertaining moments. Every episode of this show is a full action-packed scene. 

Ghulaam shows are not for those audiences who are looking for feel-good or escapist drama. This serial will not take any time to digest the violence. You will quickly understand its plotline.

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