List of Popular Hindi Adult Web Series in 2023

Adult genres have become one of the most demanding, and this genre is ruling in the OTT platforms. An era of Indian Hindi adult web series has captured the concentration of many audiences. This genre’s web series is very famous, which will take out to and enjoy some new and unique shows for your entertainment. It is budget-friendly because the subscription to OTT platforms is taking a low cost than a movie ticket to a film.

Stress and worry have become prevalent things in an adult person’s life, and to come out of this, you have the best choice to watch a hot, erotic adult Hindi web series show on the online platform that is very entertaining and a much hot romantic web series in India.

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List of Hindi Adult Web Series Online You Shouldn’t Miss

So, guys, We are providing a List of adult web series in the Hindi language, which is for those people who are above 18. Without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Wanna to Have A Good Times

The Hindi erotic web series tells that Shilpa wants to go to her house and explore some other side of life. In her nonappearance, her better half requires a whore. At the point when he sees her face, she resembles his own significant other. Is it a simple occurrence or something different?” This Hindi adult web series avalaible on ULLU.

It Happened In Calcutta

It Happened In Calcutta’s story that figured out how to make an imprint during the hours of the war, scourge, and political distress. It is situated in the period of 60s and 70s period. Ranbir and Kusum’s story made recollections, yet in addition, affected history. The main protagonist s Karan Kundra, in the 60s role. The love and affection that he has for his beloved are commendable. You can watch this Indian adult web series in Hindi on Alt Balaji App.


The Mastram series shows the 80s era. Meet Mastram, the quintessential author of the 80s who talked about the dialect of the Hindi heartland – in an absolute sense. The ten scenes highlight accounts of enthusiasm interweaved with extreme everyday situations from Mastram’s reality. The series portrays the actual life events that the writer faces in his life. There are certain dialogues in the series that are pretty fitted into this genre of satire.

The Casino

In The Casino series, A “hesitant Heir” to a billion-dollar Casino is genuinely caught by his dad’s ‘Keep,’ who is incredibly manipulative and beguiling. He should survive and guarantee his seat before she obliterates him and removes the gambling club. The series shows the casino life, and people put everything to win in this game. The main protagonists Karanvir Vohra and Mandana Karimi became the spotlight of the series.

Mona Home Delivery

The series Mona Home Delivery is the story of a poor girl Mona who is a call girl. She has to do something for a living. But doing all these call-girl things, she still does not fulfilling the needs of her family and herself. So she decided to put some hot videos of herself on the internet. So that audience gets to know more about her. To know more about this ullu adult web series, you need to watch the series on Ullu.

Metoo Wolf Of Bollywood

Metoo wolf of Bollywood is a suggestive, tense, and thrill-ride web series. According to the accurate summary, “In mid-2018, Karan Mathur is a practical, youthful, upwardly versatile speculation investor; all around got comfortable in Mumbai, arranging his wedding with his office darling Avantika Sharma. Things incur significant damage when his friend Sana attempts self-destruction in his marriage, unfit to bear the deficiency of her adoration.


new hindi adult web series

Apharan series go around Rudra Srivastava, a senior inspector. Rudra gets attracted to a kidnapping case of Anusha at the request of Anusha’s mother. The series starts with four men. They are planning to kidnap Anusha, but this plan goes wrong. Apharan is in the 90s era. Apharan series is a crime, Indian thriller web series in the crime and adult genre.

We recommend you to watch this adult web series because this is fill up with mystery and Suspense—the best about this series is the storyline, dialog, and soundtrack. The acting of every crew member is fantastic, and they all played their role with ease.

Gandii Baat (Season 1 To 5 )

Best Alt Balaji Web Series

Each episode of the Gandi Baat web series has the same erotic theme. This series shows the dire conditions of Rural India. In the Gandii Baat series, you will get many stories, but these stories show how the people of Rural India are deeply affected by their dark fantasies. Every level will leave a shocking twist.

This Hindi adult web series will make your heartbeat very faster. The Gandii Baat series in Hindi is full of naughty and bold sounds. This series’s storyline is exciting and has many twists and turns that the audience loves to see. The acting of every star is beautiful and outstanding. The Star of this series is their debut series, but they have done this job like professionals.


latest adult web series hindi

Bebaakee is a series of love and madness between Sufiyaan, Sahil, and Kainaat. Both are very different personalities. Sahil belongs to a wealthy family. He has his own digital media company, and Kainaat is a beautiful journalist, and who works in a small media company. The series takes a turn when Sufiyaan’s best friend. Sufiyaan falls in love with Kainaat. The Bebaakee web series is a perfect and unique blend of love and revenge.

So, We recommend watching. This series has Suspense and thrill but not in every scene. Such scenes are full of comedy and erotic scenes. You will doesn’t feel bored while watching this series, and it has a better concept than other ALT Balaji web series. It is a very typical love story.


top adult hindi web series

Cybersquad revolves around four buddies: KD, Rocky, Uzi, and Tia. They all work for the police to catch criminals and hackers from their secret cyber den. They are young, smart, and very badass teenagers. They use their high-tech skills to make India a safer place. They are a group of cool teenagers, and they are known for their cyber squad. The best thing is its story, dialog, and direction.

The acting of each cast member is good, and they all justify their role—this 18+ web series was made on a very low budget. The performance of Kubra Sait was outstanding; she plays the role of a transgender singer. Instead of Kubra, the part of Gaitonde was also exceptional.


charmsukh web series

Charamsukh is a story of a new aged couple Mohit and Sona, they are in a long-distance relationship for three years; Sona wants to fulfill all her desires and a fight between her in-laws restricts her from doing so. To complete all her wishes, Sona starts a call girl’s service without telling anyone.

Charamsukh, all sessions, and episodes are very erotic, bold, and sexy. This show is for people of age more than or at least 18+. It is romantic and outstanding, and it is suitable for couples so that they enjoy their life. This Hindi web series is one of the best adult web series because it has many old and erotic scenes and because of its unique & innovative storyline.

Aao Aao Zara (Dance Bar)

hot adult web series hindi

Aao Aao Zara (dance bar) starts with Dhanraj, who is a Business tycoon. Dhanraj falls in love with Ayesha, who is a bar dancer. The bar dancer said that he wants to get laid on her Dhanraj has to fulfill all her desires. His desires come true; Dhanraj gets on laid on her. In the morning, Dhanraj finds himself in huge trouble. Unexpected things starting happens to him.

Virgin Boys

hindi adult web series

Virgin Boys is the story of three Virgin Boys, Sumit, and Harsh. They are facing their Virginity problems. This hot romantic web series explores when the virginity enigma is steady.

Their hot neighbor is partially ready, and they all start trying to impress their neighbors. This series has many erotic and sexy scenes. These scenes make it a bold web series in Hindi that is good for young people and couples. So, you will enjoy it, and because of its unique and innovative storyline, it is famous among teenagers.


adult hindi web series

Woodpecker is a series that is full of thrill, Suspense, and erotic scenes. This series explores the dreams of Shanaya, who wants to be the owner of a plane. Her smartness helps to find the right man. They fall short to impress each other. This Hindi adult web series is full of twists and tales on some aspirations.

The best thing about the Woodpecker web series is that its storyline, direction, and soundtrack. The acting of every star is excellent, and all leads are justified in their role.  It’s unique; that is why it is unquestionably evident in individuals and life occasions.

Prabha ki Diary

adult web series in hindi

Prabha ki diary web series is the story of an unsatisfied married woman who wants to fill her all sexual desires, and her husband always remains busy with his work. One day to fulfill her desire, she starts a call girls service without telling her in-laws.

After will, she is able to get her desires or not?  The direction, scenario, lounges, and cast of this all are perfect. The timing of the jokes is also excellent. You can watch this adult Hindi web series online only on the MX Player OTT platform.


office time hindi adult web series

Innocent series divagate due to some infidelity of his owner. Sumit, the central star, tries to expose his owner, but later, he finds that he is in big trouble and a big situation. His lives are banging, and blackmailed. Will Sumit reveal the reality of his owner or not?

In the very beginning, the Innocent series gets immediately succeeds in characters, scenes, twists, etc. It is a story debut that will never be letting you at the end of the series. The script is excellent and perfect for its cast.

Right Or Wrong

adult web series hindi

Right Or Wrong is the story of Divya and his Father. The story begins with Divya, who lives with her father, who is the very oldest man. The Father of Divya starts to build a relationship with his daughter’s friend Madhvi. One day Divya catches his father with her friend on the bed.

Now, How will Divya react after watching her dad and her friend’s reality? This series is full of bold and erotic scenes. But its storyline is unique and innovative. The acting direction and sounds are perfect. The cast of this series is also excellent, and they have made a great Hindi adult web series.


Hindi adult web series

Mirzapur’s series shows the fight between two families who want to rule in the Mirzapur district. Both families belong to the mafia very. This series is full of action, crime, and Suspense. Mirzapur’s series focussed on the Mafia System, and this series reveals how the mafia system rolls in the UP government system.

It is an excellent show, and Mirzapur’s actors were great. It is a superb Indian adult web series. This series has the most unexpected moments of the movie Gangs of Wasseypur. This style of comedy provides relief from high-tension scenes in a story that is on among gangsters.

Four More Shots, Please!

best hindi adult web series

The Four More Shots Please series follows the story of four lonely and free-minded girls. They all live, love, make mistakes and discover what makes them through their friendship and shots of millennial Mumbai; The series is Amazon Prime Video’s first all-women protagonist Indian series.

Many reviewers have said that it’s the Hindi version of Sex In The City. The first season was one of the top three most-watched in 2019, and season two was called “the most-watched Indian show on the platform” in 2020.


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