New Hindi Horror web series in 2023 For Every Indian Horror Series Fan!!

Nowadays, people love to see Hindi horror web series or movies at night with their families. But as we know, every person is feeling bored after watching a horror movie because there is no unique concept, but the latest Hindi Horror Web Series always shows a unique idea. That is why the Horror web series in Hindi is made not to feel boring. Indian Horror web series is a series you can watch online they are lower cost than a movie ticket.

List of Best Horror Web Series in Hindi Watch Online in 2023

These haunted web series are available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, MX Player, Zee5 and so many OTT Platforms. So, Let’s begin….

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15. Gehraiyaan

Gehrahiyaan hindi horror web series
Directed bySidhant Sachdev
Available onVIU

Gehraiyaan web series revolves around Reyhna, who is an excellent surgeon. Recently she shifted to her new house. After shifting her home, very unnatural and unusual things started with her. Reyhna is living alone in that apartment, but she always feels like she does not live alone in that apartment.

One day she decides to investigate the past of this apartment. Reyhna finds that a dark spirit haunts this apartment, and that spirit has killed all the people who come to live in that apartment. This horror web series is available in Hindi and Gehrahiyaan is full of haunting scenes, and this series will never disappoint you.

14. Bhram

Bhram horror web series in hindi
Directed bySangeeth Sivan
Available onZee5

Each episode of the Bhram web series has different horrifying stories told by the great director and actress Sangeeth Sivan. The storyline of each episode is unlike the others, but every episode is very terrifying. The same thing of all stories is that you can see a dead girl ghost in every story, and the fight between the dark spirit and an angel.

All-stars’ acting in every story is perfect, and the narration of their dialogues and description is outstanding. you can watch this Hindi horror web series on the ZEE5 OTT Platform.

13. Ghoul

Ghoul Best hindi horror web series
GenreHorror, Thriller
Directed byPatrick Graham
Available onNetflix

Ghoul series is an Indian horror web series The best and most unique thing about this series has a military background. The Ghoul starts with a stranger person, and the military men capture him. They think that he is a Pakistani agent that’s why they take him to their military base.

When they start interrogating him, something unusual and very unnatural starts things happening in that military base. It is the best horror web series in Hindi on Netflix.

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12. Typewriter

Typewriter latest horror web series hindi
GenreHorror, Drama
Directed bySujoy Ghosh
Available onNetflix

The Typewriter series starts with a group of teenagers. They all love to hunt ghosts. There is a haunted villa in their neighborhood, and they begin to catch the spirits living in that villa. But this decision becomes very costly for them. The role played by the cast, direction, and storyline of this story are very impressive.

If you would like to see the unique Netflix Hindi horror series, the Typewriter series is the best option for you. This series will fill you with entertainment & scary moments. 

11. Ragini MMS Returns

Ragaini MMS Return best hindi horror web series
SeriesRagini MMS Returns 
GenreHorror, Drama, Erotic
Directed byHarris sociology Batla house
EpisodesTwenty Seven
Available onAlt Balaji

Ragini MMS Returns series starts with a young college girl and her friends, and they don’t know that a ghost has haunted that college. That spirit has killed many people who get laid with her. It is a superb and outstanding show which you can watch. Ragini MMS Returns is full of bold scenes with horror scenes that will not make you feel bored.

10. The Last Night

The-last-night-best horror web series hindi
SeriesThe last night 
GenreHorror, Drama
Available onYouTube

The story of The Last Night series revolves around a happily married couple. Their life turns upside down when Mohit’s mysterious past takes his wife to the home of hell. Mohit’s wife is ready to handle any problems to save Mohit’s life from this dark and powerful spirit. This series is one of the best horror web series in the Hindi language. This series has many horrifying scenes that will fill you with horror entertainment.

09. Betaal

betaal-hindi horror web series
GenreHorror, Action, Thriller
Directed byPatrick Graham, Nikhil Mahajan
Available onNetflix

Betaal series explores the story of a village that is haunted by a witch. She usually takes the men, and she leaves only the clothes of that person, and she only takes men with him.

The story of the Betaal web series and Stree movie are the same. Some viewers have said it is the real story of a Bengal district Chanderi. You can watch the Betaal Indian horror web series on Netflix.

08. Shaitaan Haveli

Shaitaan Haveli latest horror web series hindi
SeriesShaitaan Haveli
GenreHorror, Comedy
Available onAmazon Prime Video

The Shaitaan Haveli series is about seven friends Aisha, Mohen, Sidharth, Shruti, Rohan, Akash, and Zahid Ali. They all are very adventurous guys. One day Sidharth thinks to go to a very haunted hotel, and they all don’t believe that hotel is haunted. They go there. When they entered that hotel Aisha felt something was wrong with that hotel.

How can they survive in that haunted hotel? Shaitaan Haveli is a very terrifying web series. This series has very famous stars like Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy. Because of the actions of these stars, this series becomes superb. 

07. Farmhouse 

Farmhouse best horror web series hindi
GenreHorror, Drama
Directed byGeorge Bessudo
Available onYouTube

The Farmhouse is the story of a super cop Mukesh and his family. He has one daughter and his wife in his family. But his family is shifting from their old house to an old villa near a haunted hospital; they don’t know this.

One day, Mukesh’s daughter accidentally goes to that hospital, and after two days, his daughter doesn’t come back then they heard that she goes inside that hospital, Mukesh and his wife also go inside that hospital to find her daughter. Will they be able to find his daughter safely from that haunted hospital? 

06. Darr Sabko Lagta Hain

Darr Sabko Lagta Hain horror web series hindi
SeriesDarr Sabko Lagta Hain
GenreHorror Fiction
Directed byMahesh Nair
EpisodesForty-Nine (49)
Available on&TV

Darr Sabko Lagta Hain is an anthological horror fiction web series. This series has tales that are set around horrifying events and unnatural activities.

This series has very terrific scenes and the designer has made this very terrific that made this series a complete Hindi horror series. This series has famous Bollywood stars like Bipasha Basu, Avinesh Rekhi, and Zakir Hussain. 

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05. Ghost Leela

Ghost Leela horror web series in hindi
SeriesGhost Leela
EpisodesNot Available

Ghost Leela is a story related to a girl, and who falls in love with a guy who doesn’t exist in reality. This story is a triangular love story, and this love story is here because it gives the concept of romance and involves human sacrifice. The direction is superb. The scenario of this series is great and dazzling. If you have to see the unique haunted web series, Ghost Leela is the greatest option to watch.

04. Parchhayee 

Parchhayee hindi horror web series list
GenreHorror, Story, Thriller
Available onZee5

Parchhayee is the right choice if you want to see different and innovative horrifying stories. All the stories are taken from a very famous horror book, Ruskin Bond. This series has many terrifying moments, and you will get many horror stories in this web series.

03. Simran: The Last Soul

Simran: The Last Soul hindi horror web series
SeriesSimran: The Last Soul
GenreDrama, Horror
Available onPrimeflix

Simran: The Last Soul series has all the elements that a horror series needs. This web series starts with a group of five buddies who are taking a trip to Badlapur. One boy from that group is an architect, and he explores a magnificent fort.

But, he accidentally opens a door, and he doesn’t know that a spirit is in that room. Spirit comes out of that room and starts killing them. We like Simran – The Last Soul series because is full of several secrets. 

02. Tumbbad 

Tumbbad best horror web series hindi
GenreHorror, suspense
Directed byRahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi
Available onYouTube

Tumbbad series follows the story of a researcher who finds a hidden treasure of Britishers. Then he made the team, and they went to get that treasure. But when they touch that treasure, a monster starts following them and killing them. Tumbbad is based on the Marathi novel Khot which is written by Shripad Narayan

01. Flip 

Flip horror web series hindi
GenreThriller, Horror
Available onErosnow

The flip series covers four different horror stories in one episode. Every story will take huge and unexpected turns at the end. Flip is a must-watch web series in the horror genre that will not disappoint you. The acting of every star in every story is perfect, and the direction and dialogues are outstanding.


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