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Index of Arrow

Index of Arrow, Arrow Series Download, Index of Arrow Series, Watch Arrow Show Online. As we know Dc comics have a character named Green Arrow, which has been applauded by the audience. So now they decide to make it real and created this series as Arrow.

It is the story of a playboy named Oliver Queen who is desperately known for his money. The series revolves around fighting the evils and becoming profitable and fighting the other with the supernatural things that Arrow has with him. 

About Arrow Web Series

GenreCrime, Action & Adventure
DirectorGlen Winter, David Nutter, John Behring
AvailableAmazon Prime & Netflix

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Arrow Series Cast and Characters Name

Here is the list of Arrow series cast and characters’ names:-

  • Stephen Amell As Oliver Queen
  • Emily Bett Rickards As Facility Smoak
  • Katie Cassidy As Black Canary
  • David Ramsey As John Diggle
  • Willa Holland As Thea Queen
  • Colton Haynes As Roy Harper
  • Paul Blackthorne As Detective Quentin Lance
  • Rick Gonzalez As Wild Dog
  • John Barrowman As Malcolm Merlyn
  • Katherine McNamara As Mia Smoak Queen
  • Echo Kellum As Curtis Holt
  • Caity Lotz As Sara Lance

Index of Arrow Season 1 To Season 8 Recap & Download

Arrow is a series of eight seasons, and we have concluded eight seasons of Arrow. Let’s move further with the series little known things in each of the seasons of Arrow: 

Index of Arrow Season 1

Index of Arrow Season 1

Index of Arrow s1 Recap: The association’s arrangement is uncovered to be beginning a half year later when many individuals will bite the dust for what it accepts to be for everyone’s benefit. Flashbacks show the Chinese toxophilite, Yao Fei, catching Fyers, who reveals to Oliver that the island was a jail for hazardous lawbreakers and that his unit was entrusted with eliminating the prisoners. The pair spares Laurel. She requests Quentin to avoid her from deceiving her trust.


In a flashback, Robert is exhibited negating Malcolm’s proposed “Undertaking,” which would incorporate leveling the Glades with a machine, which will be certain for five years, and executing a large number of people to redo the zone.

Diggle and Oliver follow and mortally curved Malcolm, who reveals a second contraption right away before he fails miserably. The gadget starts a lot to level the east side of the Glades. Thea goes into the Glades to save Roy, who decides to remain and support others.

Index of Arrow Season 2

Index of Arrow Season 2

Index of Arrow s2 Recap: Oliver figures out how to trap her and finds that she is Sara, Laurel’s sister, who was accepted to have suffocated. Felicity uncovers his character to Barry to help discover a remedy. Then, Merlyn squeezes Moira to come clean to Thea.

Ben Turner escapes from jail with help from H.I.V.E. partner Milo Armitage, who likewise pays him to make a model of Malcolm’s seismic tremor gadget. Oliver tells his colleagues that Slade blew up when he discovered how Shado passed on, as Slade was infatuated with her, and assaulted him, which finished with Oliver placing a bolt in his eye.

Bolt finds the gadget and is compelled to uncover his character to Roy to get his assistance in devastating the device. Scheffer endeavors to get away and is executed.

 In the wake of sparing Qadir’s life once more, through a faked death endeavor, Diggle is welcome to Qadir’s home for a gathering. Once there, Lawton finds the specialist and is utilized as an objective marker for a robot strike on the house.

Oliver tests the fix on Roy after Amanda uncovers that she expects to bomb the city at first light to keep Slade’s men from assaulting the remainder of the nation.


In the interim, Sara returns and spares Laurel, who gives her the pseudonym “Canary.” Oliver stunts Slade into capturing Felicity, accepting she is Oliver’s adoration. With Slade diverted, Felicity infuses him with the fix. Oliver routs Slade and Waller cancels the strike. Slade is secured in an underground A.R.G.U.S. jail on the island.

Index of Arrow Season 3

Index of Arrow Season 3

Index of Arrow s3 Recap: In flashbacks, Maseo’s significant other, Tatsu, utilizes a kind of reflection to enable Oliver to recollect where a dead partner of Chien’s dropped a letter, trusting that he leaves her family soon. From the message, the name Li Kuan Hui is separated. In the present, a killer starts taking out gangsters; and when a body appears in Ted’s rec center, he turns into a suspect.

The League requests Oliver to discover and turn over Sara’s executioner in 48 hours, or they will start killing Starling City residents, a mission-driven by Maseo, uncovered to have joined the League. S.T.A.R. Labs sends Felicity the D.N.A. results, which seem, by all accounts, to be Oliver’s D.N.A. Understanding that she has been lying, Arrow defies Thea, who exhibits her battling expertise before getting away.

Oliver prevents Thea from slaughtering Slade, who gets detained back on the phone. The pair re-visitation Starling City, where Thea defies Merlyn for constraining her to murder Sara. 


Thea chooses to work with him to battle Ra’s, yet upbraids their relationship. Oliver finds that Ra has sent various professional killers to imitate him. In his new A.T.O.M. suit, Ray sees the Arrow and learns his character through facial outputs. The tree won’t acknowledge Ray’s proof against Oliver. 

Beam connects with Oliver in a battle, yet Oliver cripples Ray’s suit Malcolm uncovers Oliver’s unfairness to Ra, whom Oliver figures out to persuade his reliability.

After that, Oliver chooses to have a typical existence with Felicity instead of working as a vigilante, realizing that different vigilantes can have his spot. The beam starts testing an approach to scale down his A.T.O.M. suit, which brings about a blast.

Index of Arrow Season 4

Index of Arrow Season 4

Index of Arrow s4 Recap: Laurel and Thea show up in Nanda Parbat and solicit Malcolm Merlyn to utilize the Lazarus Pit for Sara. He at first won’t and reveals to Thea that she needs to execute a few people on occasion to stifle the desire. To conciliate her, he, in the long run, consents to restore Sara.

While Felicity goes through numerous medical procedures, Oliver and the group keep looking for Darhk. Oliver goes to Quentin for data on Darhk’s area, while John cross-examines his sibling Andy. 

However, they track down Darhk’s area and find just a few dead Ghost officers and a political agitation image, reasoning that Machin is back and out for retribution against Darhk. Malcolm conveys the icon to Darhk, who discovers that it is deficient. John uncovers to Andy that he by and by shrouded the missing piece in another area. Oliver gets dubious of Andy. 

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Darhk and Amar coordinate a jail revolt, and the group embarks to stop him with Andy going along with them. Felicity figures out how to divert it to Havenrock, lessening the setbacks to many thousands.

A while later, Thea, Diggle, and Lance, who gets terminated from Star City Police Department (S.C.P.D.), leave the group for new lives, and the city board designates Oliver as the between-time chairman. 

In flashbacks, Oliver and Taiana figure out how to execute Reiter. At that point, she persuades him to complete her when she can’t get away from the dimness inside. 

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Index of Arrow Season 5

Index of Arrow Season 5

Index of Arrow s5 Recap: Another criminal team shows up, headed by Tobias Church, and grabs Oliver in an offer to draw out and execute the Green Arrow, consequently assuming control over the city. The Queen saves him. However, she forever stops the group after seeing that Oliver is again ready to execute. 

At the point when the group finds Prometheus, Evelyn uncovers her actual loyalty and getaways with Prometheus. Examining Prometheus alone, Billy sends data he finds to Felicity not long before the reprobate catches him.

 After Felicity extorts a Russian investigator, the group catches Walker’s partner in crime, whom John torments without any result. To keep John and Felicity from acting against their ethics, Oliver and Dinah acknowledge Anatoly’s terms and assault an opponent.

The group and the Bratva catch Walker’s arrangement. John chooses to save Walker, who is captured by the U.S. military police. Before long, the group understands that, after a timeframe, a reinforcement generator will initiate, lighting the methane gas presently spilling into the base.


Oliver is harmed, attempting to discover an exit plan. Oliver requests that John lead the others to Felicity’s gathering and break while Oliver catches Chase on a boat and liberates William, who discovers that his dad is the Green Arrow. The plane is undermined, so Oliver advises the others to hurry to a ship on the island’s contrary side.

Index of Arrow Season 6

Index of Arrow Season 6

Index of Arrow s6 Recap: During another encounter, John’s delay gets Rene harmed. Dark Siren finds Team Arrow napping by assaulting the fort before being driven off. Quentin’s hesitance to hurt Black Siren, his dead little girl’s doppelgänger, permits her departure. Oliver, Barry, and his partners are snatched to Earth-X’s inhumane imprisonment;

However, Kara is moved to S.T.A.R. Labs. Oliver is resolved to murder Dark Arrow after his catch. The scalawags uncover that Overgirl is passing on, and Dark Arrow intends to utilize the Prism, charged by S.T.A.R. Labs’ atom smasher.

In any case, they recover the adulterated evidence that shows Green Arrow executing James’ child; the video was altered utilizing the very innovation used to produce the image that uncovered Oliver as the Green Arrow, suggesting another foe is working behind the scenes.


Felicity assists with locating the concealed markers underneath and finds that it contains areas to different Lazarus Pits. Dinah becomes dubious of her boss in the power, suspecting that she may be hawking Diaz’s medications. 

Laurel stands up and, despite being compromised by Diaz before, affirms that Tommy is the genuine Green Arrow. Oliver’s legal counselor moves for a judgment despite the decision, and the designated officer shockingly concurs.

Before capturing Oliver, Watson guarantees the group that the F.B.I. will remain in Star City to manage Diaz. In jail, lawbreakers act savagely toward Oliver since they realize he is the Green Arrow.

Index of Arrow Season 7

Index of Arrow Season 7

Index of Arrow s7 Recap: The remainder of Team Arrow doesn’t believe the toxophilite, and Dinah Drake is resolved to make a capture. Since the toxophilite’s strategies, abilities, and appearance equal Oliver’s fit persona, the media names the vigilante as the new Green Arrow.

In the wake of being found by Diaz, Felicity leaves the observer assurance to help catch him. Tree coordinates an arrangement that will see Oliver leave jail in return for assisting the F.B.I. with their body of evidence against Diaz.

In flashforwards, Roy uncovers that the piece of information they found on Lian Yu was the “Characteristic of Four,” which Dinah perceives. Before her apparent passing, William and Roy discover that Felicity turned into a crook, accepting her dad’s job as the Calculator.

Then, to have the option to work without A.R.G.U.S. oversight, Diggle and Lyla reestablish the Suicide Squad as the Ghost Initiative, enrolling Diaz as its initial part and embedding a touchy into his neck to guarantee his consistency in finding fear-based oppressor agent Dante.


The two overlook Felicity’s requests to leave Star City and instead follow the rules of the Glades. Through cross-examination, they discover Dante employed him. 

Emiko is uncovered to have taken Oliver’s bolts and assaults the S.C.P.D. as the Green Arrow, carrying the weapon back. Oliver attempts to dissuade Emiko and will not accept the open door to murder her, permitting her to get away.

Felicity makes a P.C. infection that Mia and William transfer to pulverize Archer. The more seasoned age leaves, the more youthful responsible for ensuring the city. After a second with her kids at Oliver’s grave, Felicity leaves with the Monitor to rejoin Oliver at a position of no return.

Index of Arrow Season 8

Index of Arrow Season 8

Recap: The Monitor brings Oliver’s involvement with Hong Kong to get biophysicist Robert Wong, who had to reproduce the Alpha/Omega Virus. In any case, Laurel stomps off to sort her penetrate gadget out. While Oliver and Diggle become familiar with Wong, Triad individuals assault them.

However, Tatsu Yamashiro goes to their guide and uncovers she is aware of the Monitor. 

At that point, the group effectively recovers the drive and praises their triumph before getting back to Star City. Even though Kara’s group effectively stops Novu and Barry recovers everybody, they get familiar with the Anti-Monitor delivered after arriving at the beginning of time. 

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Somewhere else simultaneously, a puzzling figure ambushes J.J. and also utilizes a similar Martian innovation to reestablish his pre-Crisis recollections, revealing to J.J. that he “needs him.” Amid said search, Roy proposes to Thea, who acknowledges. Mia salvages William, saves Byrne, and brings him to jail.

Diggle and Lyla consent to move to Metropolis, Dinah decreases an advancement, and Rene keeps being a mayoral up-and-comer.

How to Arrow all Seasons Download Online

1. Arrow web series is available on Netflix, and you need to install the application on your device to watch this supernatural thriller series.

2. After installing, enter the particular that has been asked in the application for further procedure.

3. After that, you need to search for the supernatural thriller Arroe and binge-watch it.

Final Words

Arrow web series is a well-known web series in terms of supernatural things that fans can explore only on Netflix. In the final episode, it is evident that Oliver Queen had come back to his place after spending five long years on the island where he has no one with him. No doubt she is an unsung hero in the series. 

We can say that there will be no season 9 of Arrow as in the finale episode, it is clear that everyone battles their flaws and conquers whatever they wanted to achieve. 


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