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Index of Breaking Bad

Index of breaking bad, breaking bad total seasons, breaking bad total episodes, breaking bad cast. Nowadays, viewers are more into the OTT platforms, and Breaking Bad is such a series that comprises excellent acting and plotline.

The series collaborates in five-season series, and it is the story of the teacher who comes in contact with the drug dealer and one of his students too involved in that crime.

The teacher is Walter, and the student is Pinkman, and they bind the whole story that the viewers appreciated. Breaking Bad is all about transforming a simple teacher involved in the drug business and becoming the world’s drug king.

The show amazingly portrays the small details of the transformation of the teacher into a drug tycoon. 

About Breaking Bad Series

SeriesBreaking Bad
GenreCrime, Thriller, Drama
DirectorVince Gilligan
AvailableNetflix, Amazon Prime

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Breaking Bad Cast and Characters Name

Here is the Index of the Breaking Bad series Cast and Character’s Name list

  • Bryan Cranston as Walter White
  • Anna Gunn as Skyler White
  • Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman
  • Dean Norris as Hank Schrader
  • Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader
  • RJ Mitte as Walter White
  • Rodney Rush as Combo
  • Marius Stan as Bogdan Wolynetz
  • Steven Michael Quezada as Steven Gomez
  • Maximino Arciniega as Krazy-8 Molina
  • Raymond Cruz as Tuco Salamanca
  • Jessica Hecht as Gretchen Schwartz
  • Tess Harper as Mrs. Pinkman
  • Matt L. Jones as Badger

Index of Breaking Bad Season 1

index of breaking bad season 1

Index of Breaking Bad s1 Recap: Walt acknowledges he can utilize his insight into science to cook meth and make enough to help his family after biting the dust. Walt finds a previous understudy turned-meth cook/vendor, Jesse Pinkman, whose lab the DEA had assaulted, and enrolls his assistance; they start cooking in Jesse’s RV. 

Walt, in the long run, chooses to deliver Krazy-8, yet while discarding the shards of a wrecked plate, he sees that a fragment is missing and understands that Krazy-8 has covered it to use as a weapon. At the point when Walt faces Krazy-8 with this data, Krazy-8 assaults him, and Walt chokes his detainee with the bike lock restriction. 

Jesse visits his family and discovers that his more youthful sibling, extremely useful in games and music, is smoking cannabis to manage their folks’ severe weight. Jesse covers for him, yet is driven away from his folks’ home, as they accept the cannabis is his. 


In the wake of finding the beginning of going bald, Walt shaves his head. When their underlying group of meth yields $2,600, Walt requests that Jesse locate another merchant, so they can sell for a more significant scope and get more cash flow.

Jesse gets associated with Tuco, the street pharmacist who supplanted Krazy-8. However, when Jesse goes to make an arrangement, Tuco seriously beats him and takes the meth.

At the point when she faces Marie, Marie straightly denies taking it. Walt and Jesse break into a distribution center and take an enormous barrel of methylamine, which they need for another formula that produces considerably more meth in substantially less time. 

They convey the guaranteed sum to Tuco and his partners, No-Doze and Gonzo; when No-Doze offers a casual comment to Walt, Tuco gets infuriated and viciously beats him.

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Index of Breaking Bad Season 2

index of breaking bad season 2

Index of Breaking Bad s2 Recap: No-Doze passes on from the beating Tuco dispensed on him, and Gonzo leaves to conceal the body. Walt and Jesse are astonished by Tuco’s vicious upheavals, just as the strange appearance of a dismal dark SUV. Jesse takes steps to shoot Tuco.

However, Walt has a more clandestine arrangement, including harming him with ricin, consequently leaving their hands clean. Infuriated, Tuco assaults and endeavors to slaughter Jesse, however Jesse figures out how to wound him and break with Walt.

Then, Skyler is stressed over Walt’s vanishing and, after Hank uncovers his doubt that Walt has a subsequent PDA, recollects that Jesse had been providing Walt with Maryjane. Hank tracks Jesse to Tuco’s fort and gets into a shootout with Tuco, whom he murders in self-protection.

At that point, he permits the DEA to discover him in an inn live with a whore, with whom he professes to have been shacked up the entire end of the week. 

Hank doesn’t trust him and gets Hector to recognize him, yet the older person won’t help the specialists. Jesse is liberated, yet the DEA takes the entirety of his cash. Gretchen doesn’t uncover the reality. However, Walt’s harshness at their past relationship—individual and business—comes out.


Accordingly, Gretchen considers Skyler and discloses that she and Elliott can, at this point don’t pay for Walt’s treatment; Walt covers by revealing to Skyler that Gretchen and Elliott are ruined. Jesse is overwhelmed and held prisoner by the medication-dependent couple. 

Walt likewise reveals to Jesse the uplifting news and discloses that he is done with their endeavor. Jesse’s relationship with Jane keeps on developing. However, he is shocked when her dad drops in to see her, and she doesn’t present him as her beau.

The following showdown explains their relationship. It is immediately utilized by Saul as an approach to advance Walt’s income without raising doubt. After finding Jesse’s payday, Jane extorts Walt into conveying Jesse’s offer. 

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By some coincidence, Walt goes to a bar and meets Jane’s dad. Afterward, Walt re-visitations Jesse’s endeavor to present appropriate reparations and help him break his compulsion. He discovers Jesse and Jane dropped in bed after a medication gorge, both lying on their sides. 

This prompts Skyler to explore further, accordingly uncovering a significant number of Walt’s untruths, which prods her to leave him. Jane’s dad, an air traffic regulator, distressed from his girl’s demise, permits a mid-air impact to happen between two aircraft in the sky above Albuquerque, bringing about trash. 


Index of Breaking Bad Season 3

index of breaking bad season 3

Index of Breaking Bad s3 Recap: She addresses a legal separation counselor about creating the split perpetual; however, she falters when the lawyer says she should attempt to reveal any cash Walt may have covered up. Unbeknownst to Walter, Gus orchestrates a gathering with his Mexican cartel partners and clarifies that he needs Walt to take off alone. 

Gus hesitantly consents to the buy, envisioning that Walt’s pride and financial need will persuade him to acknowledge his business suggestion. Jesse makes the deal yet gets just a large portion of the installment, while the subsequent half is conveyed to Walt.

In the interim, Skyler proceeds with her issue with Ted, and Hank renounces his exchange to El Paso to seek after another lead in the Heisenberg case, having discovered a film of Jesse’s RV at the service station.

Hank sorrowfully ponders Marie how his polished methodology has decayed since he executed Tuco before being suspended without pay. Afterward, Hank gets a mysterious call cautioning him he has one moment before being assaulted.


Tuco’s cousins show up and shoot him a few times. Marie is at a misfortune about what to do when she discovers that their protection won’t give the nature of the non-intrusive treatment. Hank needs to walk once more. 

Skyler, sure that Walt is at any rate by implication liable for the assault on Hank, suggests that she and Walt cover the tabs, turning a story about Walt’s “betting.” 

Jesse discovers that the street pharmacists have decided to end Tomas’ association in their exercises by executing the kid and chooses to murder the two sellers himself. Walt catches wind of the kid’s passing on TV and acknowledges Jesse is arranging something.

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Jesse defies the sellers, and as he and the vendors prepare their firearms, Walt shows up in his vehicle and runs the vendors over.

After Gus’ men steal him, Walt calls Jesse and requests him to kill Gale, realizing that Gus should keep him (and likewise Jesse) alive once he is the leading prepared scientist left.

Victor competitions to Gale’s condo to stop this, yet Jesse shows up first and, after some faltering, threatens to use his firearm on Gale and flames.

Index of Breaking Bad Season 4

index of breaking bad season 4

Index of Breaking Bad s4 Recap: Hank battles with life at home after his physical issue, lashing out at Marie and getting more engrossed with gathering and indexing minerals. Gus shows up, sees Victor is cooking, changes into a lab suit, cuts Victor’s throat with a case shaper.

Hank keeps on pushing Marie away, getting progressively fixated on the mineral gathering. Skyler endeavors to purchase the vehicle wash used to utilize Walt, yet the proprietor furiously won’t. 

Walt follows Mike to a bar and, trusting Mike to be in difficult circumstances as he and Jesse, request that Mike get him in a stay with Gus. Walt and Skyler buy the vehicle wash, after which Skyler asks Walt to move once again into the house.

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When Hank proposes at a family supper that Gale was a virtuoso, an inebriated Walt lets his sense of self-improvement of him. He reveals to Hank that he trusts Gale probably duplicated another person’s work and that Hank’s “virtuoso” is still on the loose. 

At a gathering, the cartel offers Gus a final proposal, which he dismisses; Jesse has to slaughter Gus, however, doesn’t. He re-visitations of his 12-venture gathering, where he confesses to utilizing the community to sell meth. Hank visits Gus’ café with Walt Jr. also acquires Gus’ fingerprints from a cup. At a gathering, the cartel offers Gus a final proposal, which he dismisses; Jesse has to murder Gus, however, doesn’t.


He re-visitations of his 12-venture gathering, where he confesses to utilizing the community to sell meth. Hank visits Gus’ café with Walt Jr. what’s more, and he gets Gus’ fingerprints from a cup. After a fruitful cook, Jesse is educated that he presently has a place with the cartel.

When they go to Don Eladio’s bequest to commend their collusion, Gus harms Don Eladio and murders the entirety of his men, yet he, at the end of the day, is injured too, and Mike is shot while they escape. 

Walt intentionally gets Hank into an auto crash, yet Hank is determined. Walt acknowledges Jesse has been cooking without him. However, Jesse is unaffected when Walt faces him and implores him to stop.

Gus takes Walt to the desert and flames him, educating him that Hank will be slaughtered and that Walt’s whole family will be killed if he meddles. Walt purposely gets Hank into an auto crash, yet Hank is undaunted. 

Walt acknowledges Jesse has been cooking without him, yet Jesse is unaffected when Walt faces him and implores him to stop. Gus takes Walt to the desert and flames him, advising him that Hank will be slaughtered and that Walt’s whole family will be killed on the off chance that he meddles.


Index of Breaking Bad Season 5

index of breaking bad season 5

Part 1

Index of Breaking Bad s5 Part- 1 Recap: In the present, information on the three passings at the senior community Casa Tranquila spreads as Walt goes to see his family. 

A Madrigal chief named Lydia recruits an assassin to begin murdering individuals that can attach her to Gus, including Mike. Mike obstructs his assailant and slaughters Lydia, yet instead requests that she be the methylamine provider for Walt and Jesse.

Walter is disturbed about the measure of cash heading off to Mike’s previous men, whose resources were held onto when they were captured. Walter clues Jesse that he may think about an endeavor to cure this circumstance. 

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The heist goes nearly as quickly as arranged, yet Todd sees a little youngster halting by on his dirtbike and seeing the activity. He quickly shoots and executes the kid, a lot to Walter and Jesse’s shock. Mike’s legal counselor and the nine detainees, including in any event prepared to flip for Hank, are executed.

Walter’s meth creation runs beneficially and uninhibited. Skyler puts forth another attempt to persuade Walter to surrender meth creation, and Walter eventually yields subsequently to acknowledging they currently have more cash than can even be tallied. 

Walter repays Jesse his cut of the arranged methylamine deal and stops creating and disseminating his methamphetamine. The Whites’ youngsters move back in, and the family is back together by all accounts.

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Part 2

Recap: Walt stands up to Hank, who blames him for being Heisenberg. Walt cautions Hank to “proceed with caution.” After observing Hank and Gomez with Jesse, nonetheless, he arranges them off. 

Walt gives up. However, Todd’s uncle and his group show up. Marie reveals to Skyler that Hank has Walt in care, and Skyler consents to come clean to Walt, Jr. At the point when they get back, they discover Walt pressing and demanding the family leave right away.

Skyler dubiously asks Walt where Hank is, yet he doesn’t reply. She quickly realizes that Hank is dead in any case, rather than calling the police on him, she assaults him with a blade. At the point when Lydia calls Todd, Walt answers and illuminates her inside earshot regarding Jesse about the harmed stevia.

How to Download Breaking Bad All Episodes or Watch

1. It is already told that the Breaking Bad web series is available on Netflix, and for that, you need to install the application on your device. 

2. After the installation, you need to enter the particulars regarding your name and email address. 

3. Click on your clear language, and after that, your homepage of Netflix is opened. 

4. Now you can search for Breaking Bad on Netflix and enjoy the series. 

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the Breaking Bad series is one such epitome of a crime thriller and suspense-oriented series that the audience loves. The characterization and the potline of the transformation of a simple and innocent person into the drug king.

Of course, it is one of the highest-rated series, and it is worth watching to see why a teacher chooses to be a drug king and involved one of his students in the same profession. Breaking Bad is a crime thriller that indeed gives you goosebumps in every scenic view. 


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