Index of How I Met Your Mother Series Download (Cast, Seasons Recap)

Index of How I Met Your Mother

Index of how I met your mother, how I met your mother watch online, how I met your mother download. The Show How I met your Mother is a romantic & comedy that explores the significant parts of romance and sarcasm with a great plot and characters.

The story revolving around a man who wanted to settle in his life and wants to find true love. Well, to refresh your memories in terms of comedy and romance, we are presenting the story of How I Met Your Mother

SeriesHow I Met Your Mother
Director James Burrows, Gary Halvorson, Kevin Bright
GenreComedy, Romance
Available On Hotstar, Prime Video, Stan Netflix
Seasons Nine
EpisodesTwo Hundred Eighth (208)
IMDB Rating 8.3/10


Index of How I Met Your Mother Cast

  • Alexis Denisof as Sandy Rivers
  • Alyson Hannigan as Lily Aldrin
  • Ashley Williams as Victoria
  • Bob Saget as Bal Daniel
  • Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky
  • Cristin Milioti as The Mother
  • Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen
  • Jennifer Morrison as Zoey Pierson
  • Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby
  • Lyndsy Fonseca as Fonseca
  • Marshall Manesh as Ranjit
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson
  • Sarah Chalke as Stella Zinman
  • Taran Killam as Gary Blauman
  • Wayne Brady as James Stinson

Index of How I Met Your Mother Season 1

index of how i met your mother season 1

How I Met Your Mother Season 1 All Episodes

Episode 1Pilot
Episode 2Purple Giraffe
Episode 3The Sweet Taste of Liberty
Episode 4Return of the Shirt
Episode 5Okay Awesome
Episode 6The Slutty Pumpkin
Episode 7Matchmaker
Episode 8The Duel
Episode 9Belly Full of Turkey
Episode 10The Pineapple Incident
Episode 11The Limo
Episode 12The Wedding
Episode 13Drumroll, Please
Episode 14Zip, Zip, Zip
Episode 15Game Night
Episode 16Cupcake
Episode 17Life Among the Gorillas
Episode 18Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2 A.M.
Episode 19Mary The Paralegal
Episode 20Best Prom Ever
Episode 21Milk
Episode 22Come On

Index of How I Met Your Mother s1 Recap: The show begins with the 27-year-old man named Ted living with his two best friends Marshall and Lily. In the front, Marshall and Lily had been dating for nine years, and they are finally getting married as Marshall proposed to her which results in Ted thinking about his own life and decision to get married.

Then comes Barney, a womanizer who plays con games and is involved in costumes and fake identities.

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After a while, Ted went on searching for the love of his life, and then he stops in Canada, where he gets to meet Robin Scherbatsky, an established reporter, and instantly fell in love, But decides to stay as a friend first and then move further.

Lily begins to think that she had missed any chance to be in the relationship with Marshall and breaks up with him and decides to pursue her art career and moved to San Francisco. Marshall then calls quit her wedding with Lily.

Index of How I Met Your Mother Season 2

index of how i met your mother season 2

How I Met Your Mother Season 2 All Episodes

Episode 1Where Were We?
Episode 2The Scorpion and the Toad
Episode 3Brunch
Episode 4Ted Mosby: Architect
Episode 5World’s Greatest Couple
Episode 6Aldrin Justice
Episode 7Swarley
Episode 8Atlantic City
Episode 9Slap Bet
Episode 10Single Stamina
Episode 11How Lily Stole Christmas
Episode 12First Time in New York
Episode 13Columns
Episode 14Monday Night Football
Episode 15Lucky Penny
Episode 16Stuff
Episode 17Arrividerci, Fiero
Episode 18Moving Day
Episode 19Bachelor Party
Episode 20Showdown
Episode 21Something Borrowed
Episode 22Something Blue

Index of How I Met Your Mother s2 Recap: At the beginning of the second season, Ted and Robin are now dating, and one of Marshall’s friends Barney tries to gain his interest in dating wantsand him to be in the relationship again. Barney taught Marshall how to be with women and some of the tricks that women have loved.

After a while, Lily decides that she is not meant for the art and returns to New york. Now Marshall moves into his life and starts dating another woman and named Crazy Eyes.

Furthermore, when everybody knows that Robin is married and Barney realizes that she has been part of adult movies.

Finally, Ted reveals that He and Robin broke up due to the disagreement on marriage. They did not want to tell anybody about it at the time of the wedding.

Index of How I Met Your Mother Season 3

index of how i met your mother season 3

How I Met Your Mother Season 3 All Episodes

Episode 1Wait For It
Episode 2We’re Not From Here
Episode 3Third Wheel
Episode 4Little Boys
Episode 5How I Met Everyone Else
Episode 6I’m Not That Guy
Episode 7Dowisetrepla (aka The Home Wrecker)
Episode 8Spoiler Alert
Episode 9Slapsgiving
Episode 10The Yips
Episode 11The Platinum Rule
Episode 12No Tomorrow
Episode 13Ten Sessions
Episode 14The Bracket
Episode 15The Chain Of Screaming
Episode 16Sandcastles in the Sand
Episode 17The Goat
Episode 18Rebound Bro
Episode 19Everything Must Go
Episode 20Miracles
Episode 21Something Borrowed
Episode 22Something Blue

Index of How I Met Your Mother s3 Recap: Robin came back from her trip with her new boyfriend, and Ted was quite uncomfortable in front of the new couple as they were admiring each other. Marshall and Lily decide to go around, and Marshall did not take this to fulfill his dream of becoming an environmental lawyer and having a battle with the corporal life.

Ted can not take this and quit his friendship with Barney. At the end of the season, Ted met with an accident after break up with Stella. Whereas Barney also met with an accident, she is hit by the bus and taken to the same hospital. Now Ted decides not to think about quitting friendship as Barney cares about him.


Index of How I Met Your Mother Season 4

index of how i met your mother season 4

How I Met Your Mother Season 4 All Episodes

Episode 1Do I Know You?
Episode 2The Best Burger In New York
Episode 3I Heart NJ
Episode 4Intervention
Episode 5Shelter Island
Episode 6Happily Ever After
Episode 7Not A Father’s Day
Episode 8Woooo!
Episode 9The Naked Man
Episode 10The Fight
Episode 11Little Minnesota
Episode 12Benefits
Episode 13Three Days Of Snow
Episode 14Possimpible
Episode 15The Stinsons
Episode 16Sorry, Bro
Episode 17The Front Porch
Episode 18Old King Clancy
Episode 19Murtaugh
Episode 20Mosbius Designs
Episode 21The Three Days Rule
Episode 22Right Place Right Time

Index of How I Met Your Mother s4 Recap: Stella agreed to marry Ted, and Robin took the job opportunity in another country, but he came back to New York due to Ted’s wedding. At the wedding, Stella leaves Ted on the altar and starts his relationship with Tony.

Marshall and Lily move together and discussing having a settled life and having children as Robin are jobless, so it would be ample opportunity for Barney to spend some quality time with him. Robin is now the roommate and gets the job of anchor, and Barney also tries to be in the same news channel.

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In the season finale, Robin discovers that Barney loves her, and at first won’t focus on anything other than a sex-just relationship; they end up together at any rate.

Ted concludes that being a draftsman is turning into a dead-end, lastly chooses instead to turn into a school teacher. The finale closes with Ted getting ready to instruct his top-notch and Future Ted uncovering to his kids that one of the ladies in the class is their mom.

Index of How I Met Your Mother Season 5

index of how i met your mother season 5

How I Met Your Mother Season 5 All Episodes

Episode 1Definitions
Episode 2Double Date
Episode 3Robin 101
Episode 4The Sexless Innkeeper
Episode 5Duel Citizenship
Episode 6Bagpipes
Episode 7The Rough Patch
Episode 8The Playbook
Episode 9Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap
Episode 10The Window
Episode 11Last Cigarette Ever
Episode 12Girls vs. Suits
Episode 13Jenkins
Episode 14The Perfect Week
Episode 15Rabbit or Duck
Episode 16Hooked
Episode 17Of Course
Episode 18Say Cheese
Episode 19Zoo or False
Episode 20Home Wreckers
Episode 21Twin Beds
Episode 22Robots vs. Wrestlers

Index of How I Met Your Mother s5 Recap: Ted starts his employment as a teacher of engineering, remaining in a homeroom – even though the mother was available, it ends up being a financial aspects class as he’s in some unacceptable auditorium.

Barney and Robin have had a sexual relationship all through the mid-year, and Lily secure them a room, driving them to grapple with their relationship. After an unpleasant time, they choose to separate.

Robin portrays it instead as “two companions reuniting.” Barney quickly returns to his old ways, utilizing the playbook to score with ladies. All through the season, Barney and Robin show sentiments of disappointment over their separation.

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In the season finale, Barney masks himself to engage in sexual relations with a young lady from each nation on the planet, and Lily and Marshall mess up him for the last doppelganger. Lily, in the end, finds and decides to stand by.

In the season finale, Lily thinks she considers Barney to be a frank merchant, which makes the gathering acknowledge she sees what she needs to see and cooperate.

In the end, Barney concurs having infants is undoubtedly not a moronic thought, and Lily and Marshall ought to go forward. The season closes with Lily requesting that Marshall “put a child in my paunch.”

Index of How I Met Your Mother Season 6

index of how i met your mother season 6

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 All Episodes

Episode 1Big Days
Episode 2Cleaning House
Episode 3Unfinished
Episode 4Subway Wars
Episode 5Architect of Destruction
Episode 6Baby Talk
Episode 7Canning Randy
Episode 8Natural History
Episode 9Glitter
Episode 10Blitzgiving
Episode 11The Mermaid Theory
Episode 12False Positive
Episode 13Bad News
Episode 14Last Words
Episode 15Oh Honey
Episode 16Desperation Day
Episode 17Garbage Island
Episode 18A Change of Heart
Episode 19Legendaddy
Episode 20The Exploding Meatball Sub
Episode 21Hopeless
Episode 22The Perfect Cocktail

Index of How I Met Your Mother s6 Recap: In the wake of pushing by Barney, Ted is in the end recruited by GNB again as the draftsman of the bank’s new central command, which was initially rejected in Season 4.

In any case, he experiences resistance when he meets Zoey Pierson, a lady who is challenging GNB for choosing a frail lodging, the Arcadian, to be destroyed for the base camp.

Over the season, Ted’s experiences with Zoey at last bloom into a relationship after she separates from her affluent spouse, the Captain, yet they separate as he puts his profession and companions over affection, prompting the Arcadian’s destruction. Ted additionally settle not to get back with Zoey.

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In the season finale, Ted settles on the choice that he needs to get back with Zoey. Robin and Barney attempt to prevent them from reuniting. Marshall’s meeting turns out badly as food contamination hits him during the gathering.

Barney and Robin get a to conclusion by helping Ted not reunite with Zoey. In the last stage of the period, the lucky man is uncovered to be Barney.

Index of How I Met Your Mother Season 7

index of how i met your mother season 7

How I Met Your Mother Season 7 All Episodes

Episode 1The Best Man
Episode 2The Naked Truth
Episode 3The Ducky
Episode 4The Stinson Missile Crisis
Episode 5Field Trip
Episode 6Mystery vs. History
Episode 7Noretta
Episode 8The Slutty Pumpkin Returns
Episode 9Disaster Averted
Episode 10Tick, Tick, Tick.
Episode 11The Rebound Girl
Episode 12Symphony of Illumination
Episode 13Tailgate
Episode 1446 Minutes
Episode 15The Burning Beekeeper
Episode 16The Drunk Train
Episode 17No Pressure
Episode 18Karma
Episode 19The Broath
Episode 20Trilogy Time
Episode 21Now We’re Even

Index of How I Met Your Mother s7 Recap: Season seven opens In the present and Marshall finds a new line of work in natural law while Lily’s pregnancy advances. Barney demonstrates to Nora that he can be a decent sweetheart to her, while Robin is uncovered to have affection for Barney.

After a legal dispute for the attack, Robin gets commanded treatment. Robin meets an advisor Kevin, and they begin to date. Then, after a time of joblessness since leaving GNB, Marshall, at long last, figures out how to get his fantasy work at a top ecological law office.


Ted and Robin’s companionship additionally recuperate because of Marvin’s introduction to the world. As the season finishes up, Marshall and Lily start another family with their infant, Marvin.

Barney proposes to Quinn playing out an outrageous enchantment stunt in air terminal security. Ted contacts his former sweetheart Victoria; discontent with her looming wedding, she leaves her life partner for Ted, and the pair crash off into the dusk.

Index of How I Met Your Mother Season 8

index of how i met your mother season 8

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 All Episodes

Episode 1Farhampton
Episode 2The Pre-Nump
Episode 3Nannies
Episode 4Who Wants to be a Godparent
Episode 5The Autumn of Break-Ups
Episode 6Splitsville Watch It Now
Episode 7The Stamp Tramp
Episode 8Twelve Horny Women
Episode 9Lobster Crawl
Episode 10The Over-Correction
Episode 11The Final Page, Part One
Episode 12The Final Page, Part Two
Episode 13Band or DJ?
Episode 14Ring it Up!
Episode 15P.S. I Love You
Episode 16Bad Crazy
Episode 17The Ashtray
Episode 18Weekend at Barney’s
Episode 19The Fortress
Episode 20The Time Travelers
Episode 21Romeward Bound

Index of How I Met Your Mother s8 Recap: Ted visits Robin upon the arrival of her wedding to Barney, making him recollect how he and Victoria fled from her marriage to be together. The mid-year is gone through with Ted, Barney, and Robin making the most of their present connections; nonetheless, all consequently say a final farewell to their accomplices.

The separations with every one of the four couples occurs this season; future Ted alludes to this period as the ‘fall of separations.’

Victoria separates from Ted over his companionship with Robin, Barney, and Quinn separate because of their powerlessness to confide in one another. Robin says a final farewell to Nick, understanding his adolescence.

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Robin and Barney’s kiss yet choose not to get together, regardless of Barney’s desires. Barney then starts dating Robin’s loathed collaborator Patrice, and a relationship is later uncovered as a ploy to cause Robin to understand her actual affection for him.

As the wedding draws near the seven days, Robin has questions about the wedding Barney and offers a passionate second with him. She is seen purchasing a train pass to the scene and holding her yellow umbrella.

Index of How I Met Your Mother Season 9

index of how i met your mother season 9

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 All Episodes

Episode 1The Locket
Episode 2Coming Back
Episode 3Last Time in New York
Episode 4The Broken Code
Episode 5The Poker Game
Episode 6Knight Vision
Episode 7No Questions Asked
Episode 8The Lighthouse
Episode 9Platonish
Episode 10Mom and Dad
Episode 11Bedtime Stories
Episode 12The Rehearsal Dinner
Episode 13Bass Player Wanted
Episode 14Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra
Episode 15Unpause
Episode 16How Your Mother Met Me
Episode 17Sunrise
Episode 18Rally
Episode 19Vesuvius
Episode 20Daisy
Episode 21Gary Blauman

Index of How I Met Your Mother s9 Recap: Marshall, who is stuck in Minnesota, urgently attempts to figure out how to get to the wedding as expected. Then, in Farhampton, the time is gradually checking down to the wedding, with another issue emerging in pretty much every scene. 

Barney winds up fathering a kid during a single-night rendezvous. Marshall, at last, turns into an appointed authority, and he and Lily have three youngsters.

Ted’s better half, whose name is uncovered to be Tracy, bites the dust of a mysterious sickness in 2024, six years preceding the hour of Ted recounting his youngsters the full story of how they met. After completing the information, at the encouragement of his children, Ted chooses to ask Robin out, insinuating the primary scene (pilot); the finale closes with Robin glancing out her loft window to see Ted on the road holding the blue French horn.

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 How to Download How I Met Your Mother Seasons?

You can watch How I Met Your Mother only on Netflix. To watch all the seasons of this show you need to install the Netflix app on your device. Let us move further to the other procedure.

1. If you are a new user of Netflix, then it is essential to create your Netflix account to binge-watch the show.

2. In case, you have another account on Netflix or the existing user then you need to fill in the details and start binge-watching How I Met Your Mother

Why is How I Met Your Mother so popular?

How I Met, Your Mother is a cocktail of emotions and sarcasm. As the title suggests the word Mother is not relevant till the eighth season and after that everything s back to reality. How I Met, Your Mother is best known for the comic timing and the fantastic acting by the artists.

Which show is better: Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

Both series have a different perspective, whether it is Friends or How I Met Your Mother. But if it comes to choosing the better season, then we have to go with Friends as it is the pure product of comedy and sarcasm whereas How I met Your Mother is all about love and humor which is also lovely to see.

What is your review of How I Met Your Mother (TV series)?

How I Met, Your Mother is entertaining and full of a comedy show with a pinch of love and romance. It has significant screen sharing of the sexual transit visuals ad there is a character who wants to be loved and seduced by women. Well yes, it is an entertaining series and viewers, and binge-watch it only on Disney + Hotstar.

Does Barney die in how I met your mother?

Yes, Barney died in How I Met Your Mother and for nine seasons he has always been in the limelight, and his performance is still enjoyed by the audience. After the marriage and the divorce and later on, having a daughter, it is a fun-filled life for him.

What Happens to Barney on ‘How I Met Your Mother?

After getting married to Robin and then divorced, he later on, get to know about his daughter. The whole incident of his life turns up to his death. In How I Met Your Mother, Barney died, and it was not clear to the audience, but when Ted talks about him in the future scene, then it clears the mind of viewers.


After all the nine seasons’ immense success, fans are eagerly waiting for this series’ next installment. Yet there is no official announcement has been made, but according to the sources, the How I Met Your Mother series can surely hit the screen all over again. The show revolves around the story of a young man who desperately wants to seek love and wanted to be loved.

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