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Index of Lucifer

Index of lucifer, Characters of Lucifer, Lucifer download, lucifer watch online, Lucifer is a devils and angels drama series that comprises of the crime thriller genre. Lucifer Morningstar came to Earth, lived his lavish life, and fell in love with a human being named Chloe Decker. Both of them solve the mystery crime cases, and while moving further for the show, many other main characters uplift the story of God and demons or Hell and Heaven.

Well, we try to comprise the Index of Lucifer series all season to refresh the memories of the show. The drama is available on Netflix, and you can binge-watch it all together.

GenreSupernatural, Crime, Thriller
DirectorTom Kapinos
Available onFox, Netflix

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Characters of the Lucifer Series

  • Tom Ellis as Lucifer MorningStar
  • Lauren German as Chloe Decker
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen/Maze
  • D.B Woodside as Amenadiel
  • Kevin Alejandro as Daniel/Dan
  • Rachael Harris as Linda Martin
  • Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez
  • Scarlett Estevez as Trixie
  • Tricia Helfer as Charlotte Richards
  • Tom Welling as Marcus Pierce
  • Inbar Lavi as Eve
  • Kevin Rankin as Malcolm Graham
  • Graham McTavish as Father Kinley
  • Michael Imperioli as Uriel

Index of Lucifer Season 1

index of lucifer season 1

Index of lucifer s1 Recap: Lucifer Morningstar, a left-out devil who is rebellious with his dad god, is the universe’s creator. He had come to the Earth to live his life other than Hell, and he owns a nightclub named Lux and one of his disciples named Mazikeen. In between that, he met a detective Chloe Decker, a great human being, and Lucifer starts to work with her in solving the mystery.


Lucifer is in a rebellious mood and always angry with God to choose him to stay in Hell like a devil and choosing another of his brother as an angel.

One of his brothers named Amenadiel came to Los Angeles and wanted to talk to Lucifer. Season1 is all about Lucifer’s involvement in Chloe’s work, and he wanted LAPD to hire him as a consultant to stay more with Chloe.

The duo paired together to solve the mystery, and in between that, Chloe’s ex-husband Dan and he was an amusement to see the new collaboration in LAPD. Lucifer wanted to solve Chloe’s feelings and went to Linda, a doctor who understands human behaviors, and Lucifer wanted to clarify all those feelings for Chloe.

He started growing his closeness with Chloe and later on getting to know that Chloe is the unique gift God created for Lucifer to make him realize that something or someone for him. The major twist comes when viewers see that Lucifer is an immortal who is neither killed nor harmed by anyone.

But when Lucifer stays close to Chloe, he was injured by the criminals and was shot by one of the criminals, and bleeds a lot.


This was a significant turnout for all the viewers, raising why Lucifer only bleeds in front of Chloe. The most important question arises after being shot, how Lucifer has been able to survive that?

Later on, Lucifer was worried that God has asked for a favor to hunt down a soul that has been run out from Hell, and the soul is none other than their mother.

Index of Lucifer Season 2

Index of Lucifer Season 2

Index of lucifer s2 Recap: As Lucifer helps Chloe with a homicide case, including a substitute for a famous adolescent show entertainer, he becomes persuaded that his mom’s spirit is involving the killer’s body to torture him.

Chloe and Dan get Lucifer on a case including a chronic executioner, whose techniques for tormenting casualties trouble Lucifer since he considers it to be somebody usurping his job.

Somewhere else, Charlotte battles to change under her homegrown life, while Amenadiel obsesses about his lessening other-worldly powers. At that point, he learns of Lucifer’s arrangement with God: return Charlotte to Hell in return for saving Chloe’s life.

Maze shows up to fight with Uriel and, in the fight, Uriel loses hold of the knife. Amenadiel visits Charlotte, who applauds how he has consistently done what his Father inquired. Amenadiel then begins to reprimand God for permitting all that has happened to the family.

Lucifer re-visitations Los Angeles following fourteen days and acquaints his better half Candy with Chloe and Dan. Chloe gets disturbed, both by Lucifer’s unceremonious demeanor and his choice to wed. When Ash Corrigan, an artist in a nearby band, turns up dead, Lucifer attempts to support Chloe, yet she drives him away.

Lucifer recovers Azrael’s edge, which ends up being the Flaming Sword that once monitored Eden and can slice through the Gates of Heaven, permitting Charlotte to get back.


Maze powers the executive of the morals board to reestablish Linda’s permit, and Charlotte unintentionally murders Chet by presenting him to divine light after he cuts her. Lucifer and Amenadiel find that the last’s accessory contains the Blade’s third bit and that Amenadiel is their Father’s number one child.

At the clinic, Linda urges Lucifer to uncover his real essence to Chloe. Before he can, in any case, he is taken unconscious and awakens to end up in the desert with his wings reestablished.

Index of Lucifer Season 3

index of lucifer season 3

Index of lucifer s3 Recap: Lucifer experiences an escaping criminal and takes his garments before getting the police to restore him to Los Angeles. He asks Linda to eliminate his reestablished wings, yet she won’t. Lucifer attempts to show Chloe his actual “devil face,” but however can’t.

To draw out the “hijackers,” Pierce educates Dan to get himself captured, which Lucifer orchestrates. After neglecting to associate an ongoing homicide with the Sinnerman, Lucifer is advised by Chloe that he needs to either bring her proof that he exists or permit the case to bite the dust.

Penetrate allocates them another case: a killed entertainer who blamed his opponent, Bobby Lowe, for taking his jokes. Notwithstanding her affection for him, Maze chooses to abandon Rivers and get back. A shadowy figure is then demonstrated, setting a Maze record into a cabinet loaded up with all the heroes’ documents.

Lucifer gives utilizing his powers a shot at the Sinnerman. Charlotte concludes that she needs some time away from connections to pull together. Puncture takes note that, as Lucifer needs to support him, he is keener on utilizing him to seek retribution on his dad.


Charlotte gains ground in treatment with Linda, while Amenadiel, in the wake of battling with Maze, calls her immature for destroying his opportunity at the sentiment.

Abel, having reasonably accommodated with his sibling, requests some space to sort himself out. Lucifer, worried about Chloe’s wellbeing, educates Pierce that he is finishing their association, and Abel is murdered by an emergency vehicle.

Chloe’s data drives her and Lucifer into a snare. While Chloe is shot, Lucifer saves her life by opening up his wings.

He conveys her to security before using his wings to quell Pierce’s cohorts. Puncture faces Lucifer with one of Maze’s blades, yet Lucifer slaughters Pierce with all things being equal. Lucifer wants that Chloe w=should see the Devil’s face of him and then accept the way he is.

Index of Lucifer season 4

index of lucifer season 4

Index of lucifer s4 Recap: One month after Cain’s demise and Charlotte Richards’ climb to Heaven by Amenadiel. Lucifer has been discouraged reasoning how Chloe may be handling the disclosure of his being merely the Devil—showing up at the area of a killed beekeeper, Bob Goldbach, Chloe at long last shows up, causing Lucifer a deep sense of bewilderment. After Linda blacks out, her lab tests demonstrate that Amenadiel got her pregnant.

Chloe meets Kinley and breaks down their consent to restore Lucifer to Hell. Kinley reacts by going to Lucifer about the news he doesn’t think about Chloe. Eve concedes coming to Earth for Lucifer, tolerating his Devil Face. Chloe shows up to see them kiss and leaves unnerved. Chloe likewise associates with Linda over thinking about the other-worldly.

Eve urges Lucifer to rebuff Julian; he breaks Julian’s spine, devastating him. Then, the blessed messenger Remiel shows up, having detected the child blessed messenger, to take and raise it in Heaven. Confounded, Lucifer speaks harshly to Eve, revealing to her they’re finished.

Chloe calls, uncovering Caleb was shot dead. Lucifer joins an irate Amenadiel, who thumps Tahir; losing confidence in humanity, Amenadiel chooses to bring his child up in Heaven. During a meeting with Linda, Lucifer acknowledges he endures profound self-loathing.

Liberated by Maze before, Kinley proposes Eve return Lucifer to Hell; he attempts to execute her, yet Eve murders him and requests a devil into the corpse. Lucifer is compelled to change into the Devil and request the evil presence back to Hell.

Eve leaves to get herself. Chloe, at last, acknowledges Lucifer, conceding her adoration. Nonetheless, Lucifer understands the prediction was correct, and Chloe was his real first love, not Eve. After imparting a kiss to Chloe, Lucifer re-visitations his seat in Hell.

Index of Lucifer Season 5

index of lucifer season 5

Index of lucifer s5 Recap: Two months after Lucifer got back to Hell, Chloe and Maze are currently joining forces to settle a murder and mingle to make up for the shortcoming of Lucifer and Eve’s flights.

In Hell, over 1,000 years have passed, Lucifer visits the casualty in his hellfire circle, and once he sees the homicide in Los Angeles, he chooses to attempt to tackle it. When Chloe got a chance to be close to Lucifer, then she confronted that she knows that the very first day, this is not her Lucifer.

Michael discloses to Chloe that she’s a blessing from God for Lucifer. Amenadiel goes to Hell to ask him to return to the Earth so that he could fill up all the wrongdoings that Michael had done for the sake of his name. Lucifer and Michael have a standoff.

Michael claims he was behind, affecting Lucifer leaving Hell to travel in Los Angeles initially and on numerous different occasions in his day-to-day existence. After an even-coordinated battle, Lucifer utilizes Maze’s sharp edge to slice Michael’s face, keeping him from mimicking Lucifer once more.

After Lucifer completes Maze’s mother’s story, Trixie retells it to Maze as she is known for her friendship, and Maze, later on, had a grudge against him.

Maze goes to Reno, Nevada, and finds an old Lilith (whose second thoughts are getting mortal); however, they don’t accommodate her. Chloe met the real Lucifer and told him her feelings, and they share passionate lovemaking. Additionally, Linda reveals to Maze that she surrendered to a youngster when she was 17.


In the wake of understanding Lucifer’s Devil-Face quiets Charlie, they reveal to Dan he’s not, at this point required, notwithstanding, Michael calls him professing to be Lucifer to return to the house, permitting Dan to see the Devil-Face.

Chloe returns to Lucifer’s penthouse, and they have private relations. Chloe still feels there is a whole other world to the case and continues taking a shot at it. She discloses to Lucifer that she believes that noteworthy his longings are a consequence of him freeing himself up to her. Dan appears and shoots Lucifer.

Charlie becomes ill, and Amenadiel’s uneasiness about his kid just being a human makes him subliminally freeze time. Mazikeen joins Michael in battling Lucifer and Amenadiel while time is solidified and God, dislikes when his youngsters battle.

How to Download The Lucifer Series All Season Episodes

1. Make sure that you have the Netflix application to see Lucifer.

2. Download and Install the Netflix application to binge-watch this crime thriller series Lucifer.

3. Fill up the particulars and start binge-watching all the seasons of Lucifer and download the all episodes.

Final Words

Lucifer is a five-season long series that brings all the emotions of love, anger, hate, humanity, and devilishness. Lucifer is the one who always ran from the feeling of love and people but later on fell for a girl named Chloe and wanted to spend his life with him. In between the emotions, they solve the detective cases, and Devil’s brother and other relatives came to the Earth to add on the spice.

Recently Season 5 of Lucifer is highly appreciated by the audience, and they get to see God’s presence and the counterpart of Lucifer named Michael. There are more twisted ad turns to come in the way. Do not forget to watch the Lucifer series only on Netflix.

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