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Index Of Mr. Robot

Today, We are discussing the Index of Mr. robot, Mr. robot season 4, Mr. robot season 3, Mr. robot season 2, Mr. robot season 1, Mr. robot cast, Mr. robot Episode, and Mr. robot recap. Mr. Robot is an American television web series about an ethical hacker, and who wants to save the world from a Chinese organization that plans to explore the world.

Mr. Robot is a fantastic show, and this is the main reason which is why we come to have an Index of Mr. Robot. You get to experience different characters who have other reasons to showcase in the series and uplift the show’s plotline in the front.

Series Name Mr. Robot
Series Director Sam Esmail
GenreDrama, Crime, Thriller
Released On 24-Jun-15
Running Period 2015-2019
Available On Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes, USA Network, Google Play
Seasons Four
IMDB Rating 8.6/10


Mr. Robot Cast and Their Character Name

  • Portia Doubleday as Angela Moss
  • Carly Chaikin as Darlene Alderson
  • Grace Gummer as Dominique
  • Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson
  • Elliot Villar as Fernando Vera
  • Armand Schultz as Lenny Shannon
  • Aaron Takahashi as Lyoyd Chong
  • Christian Slater as Mr. Robot
  • Ben Rappaport as Ollie Parker
  • Michael Cristofer as Phillip Price
  • Michael Drayer as Francis (Cisco) Show
  • Michel Gill as Gideon
  • Bobby Cannavale as Irving
  • Ashli Atkinson as Janice
  • Stephanie Corneliussen as Joanna Wellick
  • Gloria Reuben as Krista Gordon
  • Sunita Mani as Shama
  • Frankie Shaw as Shayla Nico
  • Bruce Altman as Terry Colby
  • Martin Wallstrom as Tyrell Wellick
  • BD Wong as Whiterose

Here presenting the recap of each season of Mr. Robot that surely refreshes your memory:

Index of Mr. Robot Season 1

Index of Mr Robot Season 1 is most famous on amazon prime video

Index of Mr. Robot s1 Recap: Season1 of Sam Email’s USA shows Mr. Robot was as loaded with exciting bends in the road as a portion of the rides at society’s base camp at Coney Island.

On the off chance that you didn’t get USA’s long-distance race of Season 1 during the end of the week before the Season 2 debut, a boost of what went down in the life — and mind — of Elliot Alderson will assist you with planning for the dim universe of digital hacking when the advancement dramatization returns for a sophomore season.

Considering the story is generally told from Elliot’s perspective, nothing is as it appears since he demonstrates consistently in Season 1 what an inconsistent storyteller he is.

Due to his uneasiness, addiction to morphine, and other mental issues, Eliot tries to convey his message. Because of Elliot’s status, the line between the real world and dream obscures the many Season 1 stunner compelling you to scrutinize what’s really occurring and what’s merely occurring in Elliot’s psyche.

He’s drawn closer by Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), the head of a mysterious gathering of programmers named society, on the metro in the whole first scene and finds the community is centered around cutting down the almighty E Corp.

Elliot has an individual stake in cutting down Evil Corp (what he calls the company and how it shows up all through the arrangement after the prior notice) since their activities prompted his dad’s early passing.

However, Slater’s return in Season 2 implies that Elliot isn’t finished letting this vision of his dead dad lead the digital upheaval against Evil Corp.


Mr. Robot Season 1 All Episodes List

Episode 1Hello Friend
Episode 2One And Zer0es
Episode 3D3 Bug
Episode 4Da3m0ns
Episode 53xpl0its
Episode 6Br4ve-Trave1er
Episode 7V1ew-s0urce
Episode 8Wh1ter0se
Episode 9M1rr0r1ng
Episode 10Zer0-daY

Index of Mr. Robot Season 2

watch online Mr Robot Season 2 on amazon prime video

Index of Mr. Robot s2 Recap: If Mr. Robot Season 1 was characterized by characters meeting up and finding one another, Season 2 was characterized by characters being spread apart.

Season 1 saw an assortment of individuals framing a network close by Eliot Alderson under the lead of Mr. Robot to complete the 5/9 hack and followed them as they all headed out in a different direction and attempted to remain secret after effectively destabilizing the U.S. Economy and E Corp.

Season 1 finished with some necessary disclosures, including the reveal that Mr. Robot is Eliot’s dad’s personality and the innovation of Eliot’s psyche. In the season’s most significant wind, Elliot spends the top half of Mr. Robot Season 2 in jail — even though it doesn’t look like a jail, at first.

Elliot deceives the crowd and causes it to seem like he’s living in his mom’s home while he’s detained. In prison, he attempts to smother Mr. Robot’s impact on him by following an exacting daily practice and gaining admittance to a P.C. where he can help society from prison.

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He’s selected by a superintendent to help fix a site on the dull web planned for the illicit offer of firearms and medications, just as encouraging sex dealing.

After being released, he is assaulted by the superintendent’s criminal accomplices, who are immediately taken out by Leon, Elliot’s sole companion in the joint. It is uncovered that Leon is a professional killer for the Dark Army entrusted to secure Elliot.

Nonetheless, when it’s uncovered that the FBI is focusing on her, Angela consents to enable Darlene to hack E Corp from within to attempt to conceal her inclusion in 5/9. At the point when she understands that in any event, hacking E Corp probably won’t be sufficient to spare her from the FBI, she admits to Elliot that she expects to confess all.

In any case, she is abducted by the Dark Army and addresses Whiterose, the head of the Dark Army, who endeavors to convince her to work with them.

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Mr. Robot Season 2 All Episodes List

Episode 1Unm4sk Part – 1
Episode 2Unm4sk Part – 2
Episode 3K3rnel-pan1c
Episode 4Init_1
Episode 5Logic-b0mb
Episode 6M4ster-s1ave
Episode 7H4ndshake
Episode 8Succ3ss0r
Episode 9Init_5
Episode 10H1dden-pr0ces
Episode 11Pyth0n Part – 1
Episode 12Pyth0n Part – 2

Index of Mr. Robot Season 3

Mr Robot Season 3 watch or download

Index of Mr. Robot s3 Recap: Mr. Robot’s season 3 finale may have taken care of many potential issues; however, it left us with significantly more inquiries. Where will Elliot go now? How will Angela manage that momentous disclosure from Philip Price?

The third period of Sam Esmail’s dull programmer arrangement jumped toward its finale not long ago, to discreetly wrap up with a re-visitation of the start. It’s not the guarantee of a superior, substitute world that Esmail continued dropping traces of, yet of a world that its inhabitants — Elliot, chiefly — can endeavor to better.

However, you can’t have a Mr. Robot finale without a sensational uncover. Philip Price’s admission that he is Angela’s dad starts a passionate defining moment for Angela. She had demanded as of not long ago on remaining indiscriminately faithful to Whiterose’s primary goal.


However, Philip Price’s disclosure that he adored her mom was sufficient for Angela to understand that she was only a device in Whiterose’s arrangement picked nearly to hurt Philip. She dreams that a white rose could bring back her mother once again.

In the post-credits scene of the period three finale, a mysterious figure moved toward Darlene (Carly Chaikin) before Elliot’s condo, calling himself “a bold explorer who has at last gotten back home.” Yet, Vera rushed to discover who arranged his capture, extorting Elliot to break him out of jail.

Inspired by a paranoid fear of Shayla’s life, Elliot did as he was told, to find that Shayla had now been slaughtered. It was a nerve-racking snapshot of a disappointment for Elliot, and Vera’s return can just bode sick.

Mr. Robot Season 3 All Episodes List

Episode 1Power-Saver-Mode
Episode 2Undo
Episode 3Legacy
Episode 4Metadata
Episode 5Runtime-error
Episode 6Kill-process
Episode 7Fredrick+ Tanya
Episode 8Don’t-delete-me
Episode 9Stage3
Episode 10Shutdown -r

Index of Mr. Robot Season 4

The finial season Mr Robot Season 4 on amazon prime

Index of Mr. Robot s4 Recap: Since the start of Mr. Robot, Elliot has been itching to spare the world for a long time. He needed to rearrange influence from the degenerate not many to the devastated many, to free the universe of terrible elites who control the majority by storing riches, to step out victimizers of all stripes in any situation of influence.

His activities drove him to shape a progressive armed force. He has deliberately and incidentally started demonstrations of homegrown and worldwide illegal intimidation. He has arrived in prison.

He has viewed vast numbers of his companions and friends kick the bucket because of fierce lawbreakers. He has nearly passed on different occasions. He has ventured out to the edges of his rational soundness, itself a type of heck, and returned broken and worn out.

In any case, he did it to benefit humankind. He did it since when you strip away all the philosophy and way of talking, it’s the correct activity.

The Mastermind assumed full responsibility for being known as Elliot Alderson, tried to make an ideal world, and prevailed in doing so.

In the interim, the genuine Elliot was securely concealed inside a dreamland, experiencing everything he could ever want. The genuine Elliot had a dad and mother who cherished him in this dream, to oblige a great job, and Angela as his lady-to-be. Darlene is the only one who is the precious one in Eliot’s hands.

Elliot and Darlene have a special relationship. They’ve been connected no matter what. They always supported the Alderson family and the world on the loose.

At the point when his psyche starts to come up short, she is the one in particular who can persuade him that what he’s encountering is genuine. That is why Darlene can’t exist in the dreamland that The Mastermind made for the genuine Elliot.

What’s more, that is how Mr. Robot’s finish as an arrangement winds up being a contact gathering between two characters whose entertainers have shared a lot of screen time as of now.


Before long, the Mastermind acknowledges his identity and gets up in Elliot’s body back in reality in an emergency clinic bed.

Concerning the correlation with the Lost finale, Darlene assumes the function of Christian Shephard. She discloses to Elliot that not exclusively is this present reality, however all that transpired indeed occurred.

They truly began Fsociety. They truly killed the world’s obligation. Now, in the end, E Corp and Dark Army are coming down. Mobley, Trenton, and Angela are dead.

Mr. Robot Season 4 All Episodes List

Episode 1401 Unauthorized
Episode 2402 Payment Required
Episode 3403 Forbidden
Episode 4404 Not Found
Episode 5405 Method Not Allowed
Episode 6406 Not Acceptable
Episode 7407 Proxy Authentication Required
Episode 8408 Request Timeout
Episode 9409 Conflict
Episode 10410 Gone
Episode 11eXit
Episode 12Whoami
Episode 13Hello, Elliot

FAQs Related to Mr. Robot TV Series

How to Download Mr. Robot Series

1. Download the Amazon Prime Video application from the Google play store and search for the application.

2. After downloading and installing, fill up your credentials to log in to your account. If you are a new user, you need to create a new account to binge-watch Mr. Robot.    

3. If you are an existing user, you can fill in the login I.D and password, and you are good to enjoy the series.   

4. After creating your account on the application, fill in your particulars like your mail I.D. and other credentials.  

5. After that, click on the poster of Mr. Robot and enjoy binge-watching Mr. Robot. Ensure that the first season is available to all, but you need to pay for the subscription for the rest of the season.

How to watch the series Mr. Robot for free

You can easily watch Mr. Robot only on Amazon Prime Video. Mr. Robot is eBay’s own web series which is highly appraised by the audience in terms of creativity and technology. You can binge-watch Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime Video.

Is it worth watching Mr. Robot?

From season 1 to season 4 it is becoming more surreal to experience this drama. It gives fans different kinds of vibes in the matter of technology, intensity, and much more.

Is there a season 5 of Mr robot?

As per sources, there is no official announcement that has been made for season 5 of Mr. Robot but fans can explore some other series just Mr. Robot, and find out those intensities in some other series.

Where can I watch Mr. Robot?

Fans can binge-watch this excellent series only on Amazon Prime. It would help if you were a subscription member of Amazon Prime to watch all the seasons of Mr. Robot.

What is your review of Mr. Robot (TV series)?

It is a must-watch series for those who love high technology and intense acting. Mr. Robot brings the original genre of new-age technology that could inspire the audience.


Mr. Robot series is a well-known crime drama, and fans go gaga over the plotline and the characteristics. We have concluded a full-fledged Index of Mr. Robot. The makers have not announced season 5 for Mr. Robot, and as per the series ending, we can conclude that there will be no season 5.

But you never know, makers might think about season 5, and fans couldn’t wait for it. Rather than this, go and binge-watch Mr. Robot on Amazon prime video.

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