Index of Stranger Things Season 1 To 3 Recap & Download or Watch Online

Index of Stranger Things

Today, we are presting Index of stranger things, stranger things episodes download, stranger things season 1 to season 3, and stranger things cast. Stranger things are one of the best Netflix series in terms of plotline, and fans are going to gaga to see the characters differently. The story revolves around supernatural elements that have been at the top of the list.

Stranger Things brings the aspect of supernatural and heart thriller elements in all the three-season. Fans could experience the mixture of fun in this epitome of plotline with characteristics only on Netflix.

About Stranger Things Series

SeriesStranger Things
GenreDrama, Horror, Science, Fiction
DirectorThe Duffer Brothers

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Stranger Things Cast and Characters Name

Here are the main Cast and Characters of the Stranger Things series.

  • Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers
  • David Harbour as Jim Hopper
  • Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson
  • Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler
  • Noah Schnapp as Will Byers
  • Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler
  • Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven

Index of Stranger Things Season 1

Index of Stranger Things Season 1

Index of Stranger Things s1 Recap: In November 1983 Hawkins, Indiana, was detained by the officials due to an animal attack. Dragons are now involved with Mr. Wheeler, Dustin, and Lucas Sinclair. Jonathan, who is will’s brother, wants to meet his dad Lonnie and tell him about taking care of Will.

Hopper’s small get-together got in trouble and declared an emergency, and it is also closer to the lab. Suddenly Eleven wanted to tell the whole truth about the supernatural power that she has and wanted to tell everyone that she has the powers to discover Will.

Now she is also aware of her magical powers. Nancy informs the police about Barb’s sudden vanishing, and confirms to her mother that she has slept with steve with no feeling.

Then she has a small fight with steve as he thinks that by being with Nancy, he only goes closer to the difficult situation, and he did not want that his dad knows about his relationship.


As they are alone in the forest, Brenner asked Eleven to contact Demogorgon, and suddenly doors are about to open. Mike and Dustin were searching for Eleven and got in trouble with menses, but Eleven helps them and safe them.

Then, Eleven and the young men are covering up in the center school when Brenner and his representatives show up to hijack Eleven; she executes the vast majority of them before imploding from fatigue. The Demogorgon suddenly comes up and abruptly talks to Brenner and tries to disgrace him.

Hopper and Joyce finally find Will in a terrible situation in the Upsidedown. The Demogorgon encountered the children and made Eleven more horrified after knowing about the Upside down.

Index of Stranger Things Season 2

Index of Stranger Things Season 2

Index of Stranger Things s2 Recap: On October 28, 1984, a young lady with the mystic capacity to make individuals see things and with a tattoo perusing “008” on her arm was necessary for a hoodlums group. In Hawkins, the town plans for Halloween. Another young lady at school, Maxine “Max” Mayfield, catches the young men’s consideration.

Joyce is dating her old secondary schoolmate Bob Newby. Hopper explores a field of pumpkins strangely decaying, and scheme scholar Murray Bauman examines individuals who located Eleven, trusting her to be a Russian covert agent.

Steve leaves, and Jonathan takes Nancy home. During the night, Will has another scene and enlightens Mike concerning his dreams, driving Mike to concede that he is attempting to contact Eleven. Eleven attempts to get Mike to utilize her forces, however, are fruitless.


Flashbacks uncover that Hopper discovered Eleven in the forested areas and consented to deal with her in his granddad’s old chasing lodge if she made a deal to avoid leaving the club. In the present, a benevolent Bob urges Will to confront his feelings of dread, not understanding the degree of Will’s scenes.

Nancy convinces Jonathan to assist her with coming clean with Barb’s folks, and the pair mastermind a gathering with Barb’s mom in a public park the next day, expecting that Owens might be tapping the telephone lines.

Eleven uncovers that Brenner is dead, so the pack chooses to slaughter the one who tormented Terry. Kali causes Eleven to sharpen her capacities by showing that diverting her resentment is the way to fortify her forces. After Eleven uses her powers to discover the pack’s objective, Ray, the posse goes to Ray’s condo to execute him.

Eleven starts to stifle Ray with her forces, prompting him to guarantee that Brenner is as yet alive frantically. Billy shows up at the Byers’ house, having been told to discover Max by his dad, and gets into a battle with Steve. Max figures out how to steady him, and the gathering enters the passages to sanction their arrangement.

Regardless of the Mind Flayer’s endeavors to defeat her, Eleven releases her displeasure and effectively shuts the entryway, slaughtering the animals. After one month, Nancy’s tape has uncovered the lab, prompting its conclusion.


Index of Stranger Things Season 3

Index of Stranger Things Season 3

Index of Stranger Things s3 Recap: In June 1984, Soviet researchers endeavored to drive open another door to the Upside Down. Hopper, Mike, and Eleven are now more involved in a very emotional relationship and wanted to look for Joyce.

Joyce knows that he has an emotional talk with them, and on the other hand, Dustin came from his science camp. At that camp, Dustin got to Suzie more, and the students also surrounded him.

Dustin can’t contact Suzie, driving other children – who are distrustful regarding whether Suzie truly exists – to leave, yet Dustin later catches a Russian transmission on his radio.


After they leave, a confined rodent detonates into a natural mass and escapes. Mike deceives Eleven once more, driving her to say a final farewell to him. Dustin reunites with Steve, who presently works at a frozen yogurt parlor at Starcourt with their previous colleague Robin Buckley.

The threesome interprets the Russian correspondence and establishes that the mixed-up message must be a code.

Billy gets back from the Upside and, battling with dreams and guided by a weird voice, steals individual lifeguard Heather Holloway. At that place, they find that it is a lift. The lift plunges far beneath the shopping center with them caught inside.

Billy keenly observes superhuman strength, so he chooses the same, while Nancy follows Mrs. Driscoll’s mood changes in a very different way. Billy pulls together with Heather at the factory, where many other residents have been controlled.

Eleven’s gathering breaks into a grocery store to help treat her injuries and accumulate more supplies. Dustin gets in touch with them over the walkie-talkie to clarify their circumstance before losing battery power.

Eleven uses her forces to discover Dustin, and the gathering takes off for the shopping center.

While the others divert the Mind Flayer by assaulting it with firecrackers, Eleven can stir Billy’s mind from his recollections, and Billy forfeits himself to ensure Eleven.

Hopper battles with Grigori in the door room as Joyce plans to trigger the closure. Hopper tosses Grigori into the machine, making it go haywire and square his exit.

Hopper gestures at Joyce to start the closure, deteriorating everybody in the door room, apparently himself too, and slaughtering the close by Mind Flayer as Dr. Owens shows up with military powers. Eleven gains from Joyce’s demeanor that Hopper is no more.


How to Watch and Download Stranger Things Episodes

1. For Stranger Things, all you need to install the Netflix application on your device.

2. After installing, fill in the details regarding your name, gender, and much more for the further process.

3. Then your Netflix account is created, search for the series Stranger Things, and start binge-watching it.

Final Words

Stranger things are all a story of supernatural things, and the whole plot is set in the early 1980s. The story is placed in Hawkins’s area, and fans can experience the heart thriller aspects of the show Stranger Things.

It has been said that season 4 is on the way to hit the OTT platform Netflix ad fans can binge-watch the epic series named Stranger Things series only on Netflix.

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