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Index of Suits

Index of suits, suits all seasons, suits all seasons download, Watch Suits Online. Suits are one of the most exciting web series in terms of style and sophistication. The show revolves around a character named Mike. The characters show different parts of lines and darker plots. 

About Suits Web Series

GenreDrama, Comedy
DirectorDoug Liman, Michael Smith
AvailableNetflix, USA Network

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Suits Series Cast & Characters Name

Here is the List of Suits Series Cast & Characters Name. The main characters’ names are Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, Louis Litt, Rachel Zane, Donna Paulsen, and Jessica Pearson.

  • Gabriel Macht As Harvey Specter
  • Patrick J. Adams As Michael Ross
  • Meghan Markle As Rachael Zane
  • Sarah Rafferty As Donna Paulsen
  • Rick Hoffman As Louis Litt
  • Gina Torres As Jessica Pearson
  • Amanda Schull As Katrina Bennett
  • Katherine Heigl As Rema Johnson
  • Dulé Hill As Alex Williams
  • Abigail Spencer As Poni Chel
  • Rachael Harris As Sheila Sazs
  • Wendell Pierce As Robert Zane
  • Vanessa Ray As Jenny Griffith
  • Tom Lipinski As Trevour
  • Neal McDonough As Sean Cahill

Well, let’s see in the recap of the Index of Suits web series, including all the seasons from Season 1 to Season 9. 

Index of Suits Season 1 to Season 9 Recap and Download

Index of Suits Season 1

index of suits season 1

List of Suits Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1Suits – Pilot
Episode 2Errors And Omissions
Episode 3Inside Track
Episode 4Dirty Little Secrets
Episode 5Bail Out
Episode 6Tricks of the Trade
Episode 7Play the Man
Episode 8Identity Crisis
Episode 9Undefeated
Episode 10The Shelf Life
Episode 11Rules of the Game
Episode 12Dogfight

Index of Suits s1 Recap: Mike agrees to pass on an occasion of weed for his dearest friend Trevor, a road drug specialist. Mike skillfully swears off being caught in a sting to find a future representative gathering with Harvey Specter, called the city’s best closer.

Mike’s data on the law stuns Harvey enough to win him the accomplice position, even though Mike didn’t go to Harvard, a standard fundamental.

Harvey must choose to break his moral code to crush obscure attorney Travis Tanner (Eric Close). In the interim, Rachel is blamed for spilling Pearson Hardman data to a contender and is safeguarded by Mike. Cleared, she re-visitations Pearson Hardman and acquires a raise from Louis. 


Harvey attempts to address a previous error by liberating a guiltless man. Notwithstanding, the new lead prosecutor (Chi McBride) appears to be more centered around safeguarding the framework than looking for equity. Somewhere else, Trevor returns and looks for help from Mike.

Index of Suits Season 2

index of suits season 2

List of Suits Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1She Knows
Episode 2The Choice
Episode 3Meet the New Boss
Episode 4Discovery
Episode 5Break Point
Episode 6All In
Episode 7Sucker Punch
Episode 8Rewind
Episode 9Asterisk
Episode 10High Noon
Episode 11Blind-Sided
Episode 12Blood In The Water
Episode 13Zane Vs. Zane
Episode 14He’s Back
Episode 15Normandy
Episode 16War

Index of Suits s2 Recap: Jessica Pearson, the overseeing accomplice, learns Mike’s mystery, yet different issues come first when establishing Daniel Hardman’s re-visitations of the firm, forcing Jessica and Harvey.

Pressures ascend between the Jessica and Harvey team against Louis Litt as he agrees with Daniel Hardman’s position to be named senior accomplice. Mike starts to have an intimate relationship with Rachel Zane.

However, he gets himself seeking other sentimental traps after his grandma’s abrupt passing. Harvey and his secretary Donna face claims of covering confirmation and should discover reality while keeping ensnaring proof from Hardman, who may use it to utilize a supervising assistant position.

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Mike reveals to Rachel that he is a little phony. Harvey makes a bet with Edward, which would stop the consolidation should Harvey win, on a case that is later given over to Mike.

Notwithstanding, Jessica compromises Mike with uncovering his mystery if he wins the case. Mike loses the case and faces Harvey’s fury for his unfaithfulness. At last, Mike reveals to Rachel that he never went to Harvard Law; at that point, he winds up engaging in sexual relations with her.

Index of Suits Season 3

index of suits season 3

List of Suits Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1The Arrangement
Episode 2I Want You to Want Me
Episode 3Unfinished Business
Episode 4Conflict of Interest
Episode 5Shadow Of A Doubt
Episode 6The Other Time
Episode 7She’s Mine
Episode 8Endgame
Episode 9Bad Faith
Episode 10Stay
Episode 11Buried Secrets
Episode 12Yesterday’s Gone
Episode 13Moot Point
Episode 14Heartburn
Episode 15Know When To Fold’em
Episode 16No Way Out

Index of Suits s3 Recap: Darby is very good at his work, and Harvey wanted to find some circumstances to give something precious to an associate. Meanwhile, the combination prompts senior assistant Louis Litt to struggle with his British accomplice.

Darby International client Ava Hessington brings Harvey into an extended starter against his past guide, and the case changes into a manslaughter claim.

Understanding that his distortion can’t continue everlastingly, Mike leaves late renamed Pearson Specter to acknowledge a circumstance as a hypothesis agent.

Mike has no point in turning on his couch. Yet he and Harvey wanted to cover up their things, and they should know that they have a different perspective for Harold Gunderson.


Simultaneously, information on Mike’s brush with Woodall makes the Pearson Specter workers investigate the mirror, and they dislike what they see. 

When Mike and Harold are captured in the interim, Mike trusts his bashful ex-associate will fall in line. However, Woodall is a man who gets what he needs at any expense, and Harold begins to break under the weight.

At last, Louis persuades him not to admit it. Toward the scene’s finish, Mike reveals to Harvey that he took Jonathan Sidwell’s employment bid.

Index of Suits Season 4

index of suits season 4

List of Suits Season 4 Episodes

Episode 1One-Two-Three Go…
Episode 2Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner
Episode 3Two In The Knees
Episode 4Leveraged
Episode 5Pound Of Flesh
Episode 6Litt The Hell Up
Episode 7We’re Done
Episode 8Exposure
Episode 9Gone
Episode 10This Is Rome
Episode 11Enough is Enough
Episode 12Respect
Episode 13Fork in the Road
Episode 14Derailed
Episode 15Intent
Episode 16Not Just a Pretty Face

Index of Suits s4 Recap: Mike’s new position is the only reason to create grudges with Harvey, making the SEC take for interest. When Mike is ended, Louis goes to incredible lengths to persuade Mike to re-visitation Pearson Specter instead of working for dark, lively individual monetary pro-Charles Forstman. 

Louis demands a name associate position, battling with Harvey, yet his damaging practices get him ended, taking everything into account.

When he comprehends Mike never went to Harvard, he wants that Jessica rehires Harvard all over again. Mike proposes to Rachel Donna leaves Harvey to work for Louis.

Sean Cahill comes to Harvey requesting one more opportunity to go after Charles Forstman as he was unable to discover the cash. Sean needs Harvey to find the money, or probably Sean will get terminated in 5 days. The scene additionally gives a flashback of his first experience with Donna and Forstman.

Donna is left with an extreme choice after Louis’ secretary Norma passes on. Mike requests that Rachel wed him. Donna discloses to Harvey that she’s going to work for Louis.

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Index of Suits Season 5

index of suits season 5

List of Suits Season 5 Episodes

Episode 1Denial
Episode 2Compensation
Episode 3No Refills
Episode 4No Puedo Hacerlo
Episode 5Toe to Toe
Episode 6Privilege
Episode 7Hitting Home
Episode 8Mea Culpa
Episode 9Uninvited Guests
Episode 10Faith
Episode 11Blowback
Episode 12Live to Fight…
Episode 13God’s Green Earth
Episode 14Self Defense
Episode 15Tick Tock
Episode 1625th Hour

Index of Suits s5 Recap: Harvey fights with losing Donna and opens up to a counselor about his destroyed relationship with his mother. Regardless, Louis’s vulnerability and need to attack Harvey makes an opening for Jack Soloff, a hopeful assistant constrained by Hardman. Rachel’s wedding plans and all the fun were taken away by Mike’s riddle. 

Mike and Harvey improve their future to explore their plans, but Mike is caught for coercion. An ever-expanding number of people included comprehend the cases are substantial, and defying a consistent agent Anita Gibbs;

Mike recognizes a request bargain, admits it, and hands himself over with the objective that no one else will go to jail. 

At the wedding, Mike told Rachel that he would not be able to get married to her due to some circumstances, but after two years, he surely will get married to her after being out of prison. Harvey accompanies him to prison, making their last couple of farewells.

Index of Suits Season 6

index of suits season 6

List of Suits Season 6 Episodes

Episode 1To Trouble
Episode 2Accounts Payable
Episode 3Back on the Map
Episode 4Turn
Episode 5Trust
Episode 6Spain
Episode 7Shake the Trees
Episode 8Borrowed Time
Episode 9The Hand that Feeds You
Episode 10P.S.L.
Episode 11She’s Gone
Episode 12The Painting
Episode 13Teeth, Nose, Teeth
Episode 14Admission of Guilt
Episode 15Quid Pro Quo
Episode 16Character and Fitness

Index of Suits s6 Recap: There is a person who had a grudge against Harvey, and that is Frank Gallo, and he made his misery in prison. At Pearson Specter Litt, not too many laborers are there to help in the project. Rachel used to handle an Innocence Project case because of her law guide;

Jessica is free; rather than this, she is facing issues at the firm and decides to focus on her life and will not take concerned about the official issues that have been faced her in the firm.

Mike’s cellmate exhibits essentially a game plan for Mike’s chance. While helping Mike, Harvey fails to help Louis with the association’s customers, so Louis gets Rachel and Katrina; they lose a significant customer because of Harvey’s nonattendance. However, Rachel and Katrina become companions.

Donna continues exploring different avenues regarding Benjamin’s undertaking; yet, experiences difficulty disclosing compassion to him.

He battles with his extortion being public information; however, he acquires employment at a lawful facility. Harvey convinces and wants that Mike should join the firm all over again. 

Mike consents to work for Harvey again as a trade-off for subsidizing the facility for a very long time, additional cash for him and Rachel as a prospective wedded couple, keeping up a relationship with the center, revising the ‘Harvard rule’ of just employing Harvard graduates as partners at the firm and getting Harvey’s office, who thus will take over Jessica Pearson’s.


Index of Suits Season 7

index of suits season 7

List of Suits Season 7 Episodes

Episode 1Skin in the Game
Episode 2The Statue
Episode 3Mudmare
Episode 4Divide and Conquer
Episode 5Brooklyn Housing
Episode 6Home to Roost
Episode 7Full Disclosure
Episode 8100
Episode 9Shame
Episode 10Donna
Episode 11Hard Truths
Episode 12Bad Man
Episode 13Inevitable
Episode 14Pulling the Goalie
Episode 15Tiny Violin
Episode 16Good-Bye

Index of Suits s7 Recap: Everyone at the firm fights to adapt to another common without Jessica. Donna applauds the situation as COO and Harvey’s friend Alex come in contact with the meeting. Harvey starts his love life all over again with his past consultant, Paula. Rachel begins her calling as a legal advisor, having overcome the attorney’s test.

Mike continues working free cases in the middle, with Harvey’s prefer, yet one of the occurrences puts Alex, Harvey, and others in harm’s way.

Louis and Sheila finally come together, so Jessica also improves her relations with her family in Chicago. Mike and Rachel recognize an offer for work in Seattle to run their firm that makes an on-the-class-move suit and gets hitched before leaving. 

As the season shuts, a case that puts Specter Litt in peril is discovered to be crafted by Robert Zane’s accomplices, Rand and Kaldor. At the point when Zane discovers, he unites with Specter Litt.

Index of Suits Season 8

index of suits season 8

List of Suits Season 8 Episodes

Episode 1Right-Hand Man
Episode 2Pecking Order
Episode 3Promises, Promises
Episode 4Revenue Per Square Foot
Episode 5Good Mudding
Episode 6Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter
Episode 7Sour Grapes
Episode 8Coral Gables
Episode 9Motion to Delay
Episode 10Managing Partner
Episode 11Rocky 8
Episode 12Whale Hunt
Episode 13The Greater Good
Episode 14Peas in a Pod
Episode 15Stalking Horse
Episode 16Harvey

Index of Suits s8 Recap: As Mike and Rachel left out after getting hitched, Robert Zane is now the regulating Zane Specter Litt accessory, with Donna remaining in her COO work.

Wheeler later turns into a name accomplice close by Alex Williams. Louis discovers that Sheila is pregnant. Katrina Bennett makes a senior accomplice and battles with sentimental affection for her wedded individual partner.


Donna and Harvey at long last concede their preferences for each other as Season 8 closures. Yet, Donna’s misusing of customer/sweetheart Thomas Kessler powers Zane to forfeit his lawful vocation to benefit the firm. 

Previously, Robert conflicted with Samantha’s desires and sent her mugger to jail, where he was killed. His demise has frequented Robert since, and in this way chooses to back his companion, coming up with an arrangement that spares Harvey at the Ethics Hearing, yet causes Robert to lose his permit.

Samantha conveys the loss of adoration to Harvey, which empowers him to understand Donna’s affections, and he hurries to kiss her energetically.

Index of Suits Season 9

index of suits season 9

List of Suits Season 9 Episodes

Episode 1Everything’s Changed
Episode 2Special Master
Episode 3Windmills
Episode 4Cairo
Episode 5If the Shoe Fits
Episode 6Whatever It Takes
Episode 7Scenic Route
Episode 8Prisoner’s Dilemma
Episode 9Thunder Away
Episode 10One Last Con

Index of Suits s9 Recap: With Robert presently disbarred, Faye Richardson, an uncommon expert from the bar, is shipped off direct the firm because of the view of the devious strategies they have been associated with for quite a long time. Faye is out to destroy a lot of the firm yet has a couple of skeletons of her own that can be utilized to bring her down.

Toward the finish of the period, Louis weds Sheila, and Sheila brings forth their child, and Harvey weds Donna, and they move with Mike and Rachel to Seattle. Louis names Katrina as the main associate, and she is going to handle everything, and she is in charge of leading the firm and has been called Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett. 

Louis later offers Samantha the post of an assistant to manage all the firm details, and she could come near to him. She agrees to depend on the firm’s situation that they add Katrina as the main associate to handle the firm, making the last name of the firm Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett.

Before leaving for Seattle, Mike wanted to meet Harvey, who “interviews” him for the firm’s post as the firm needed him the most. Harvey is emotionally looking at his office one last time before leaving the firm and the country for good.

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Final Words

Suits web series are one of the best TV series that has been loved by the audience in terms of law and order. The story is all about the New York Law Office and the development of Mike Ross. Fans can experience the all-new genre of suspense and thriller. As the ninth season is the last season of Suits and the makers reveal, there will never be any other season of suits.

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