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Index of Supergirl

We are discussing the Index of supergirl, Watch Supergirl Series Online and Download Supergirl TV Series. Supergirl is a series of a female star cast that explores the other side of refugees. The series also portrays the changes that are faced by society and how society adapts to the changes.

All the supernatural changes and the superman things that have been evidently by the viewers. It shows the different plots and relationship issues, and other issues. Let’s move further with some of the glimpses of Supergirl.

GenreAction, Drama, Adventure
DirectorLarry Teng, Peter Facinelli, Jon Cryer, Jesse Warn, Chad Lowe
Available on Amazon Prime, Netflix

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Supergirl TV Series Cast

  • Melissa Benoist As Kara Zor El
  • Grant Gustin As Barry Allen
  • Mehcad Brooks As Jimmy Olsen
  • Chris Wood As Lar Gand
  • Nicole Maines As Nia Nal
  • Jesse Rath As Brainiac 5
  • Odette Annable As Samantha Arias
  • Calista Flockhart As Cat Grant
  • Floriana Lima As Maggie Sawyer
  • Katie McGrath As Lena Luthor
  • Jeremy Jordan As Winn Schott
  • Chyler Leigh As Alex Danvers
  • David Harewood As Hank Henshaw & Martian Manhunter

Index of Supergirl Season 1

index of supergirl season 1

Supergirl Season 1 All Episodes List

Episode 1Pilot
Episode 2Stronger Together
Episode 3Fight or Flight
Episode 4Livewire
Episode 5How Does She Do It?
Episode 6Red Faced
Episode 7Human for a Day
Episode 8Hostile Takeover
Episode 9Blood Bonds
Episode 10Childish Things
Episode 11Strange Visitor from Another Planet
Episode 12Bizarro
Episode 13For the Girl Who Has Everything
Episode 14Truth, Justice and The American Way
Episode 15Solitude
Episode 16Falling
Episode 17Manhunter
Episode 18World’s Finest
Episode 19Myriad
Episode 20Better Angels

Index of Supergirl s1 Recap: Supergirl Season 1 acquainted the world with the Girl of Steel and set her up as a legend in her privilege instead of her renowned cousin’s augmentation.

She was raised on Krypton; however, when the planet was kicking the bucket, she was shipped off Earth to ensure her infant cousin, Kal-El. The Danvers family received Kara, and she grew up concealing her forces. The DEO is an administration association set up to screen non-human dangers.

In season 1, Kara went head to head against her auntie, Astra, and Astra’s significant other, Non. They were accountable for the Fort Rozz escapees. Their central goal, known as Myriad, ended up with mind control that constrained those influenced to run after improving their planet.


Max was the one to make the Red Kryptonite that harmed Supergirl; however, its impacts were accidental; his objective was to utilize it on Non-human threats. He helped Supergirl battle, substantiating himself more wannabe than scalawag.

And afterward, there is Project Cadmus, the baffling government venture that is holding Jeremiah Danvers, who has been alive from the beginning. We think minimal about Cadmus; other than that, it is leading analyses identified with outsiders.

Kara flies Fort Rozz into space, delivering Myriad innocuous; Alex salvages her utilizing Kara’s unit. While Kara celebrates at her home, a unit (like Kara’s) crashes close to National City. Kara opens the company and is stunned by what is inside it.

Index of Supergirl Season 2

index of supergirl season 2

Supergirl Season 2 All Episodes List

Episode 1The Adventures of Supergirl
Episode 2The Last Children of Krypton
Episode 3Welcome to Earth
Episode 4Survivors
Episode 5Crossfire
Episode 6Changing
Episode 7The Darkest Places
Episode 8Medusa
Episode 9Supergirl Lives
Episode 10We Can Be Heroes
Episode 11The Martian Chronicles
Episode 12Luthors
Episode 13Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk
Episode 14Homecoming
Episode 15Exodus
Episode 16Star-Crossed
Episode 17Distant Sun
Episode 18Ace Reporter
Episode 19Alex
Episode 20City of Lost Children
Episode 21Resist
Episode 22Nevertheless, She Persisted

Index of Supergirl s2 Recap: Supergirl experienced some pretty central changes in the progress from Season 1 to Season 2. In Season 2, be that as it may, Supergirl looked better despite costing its new organization less. That was particularly obvious with the shots of Kara flying or those portraying Martian Manhunter in his actual structure.

There were still situations where the show surpassed its grip regarding embellishments (especially in the season finale). Yet, in general, Supergirl improved as a glancing arrangement in its subsequent season.

Winn is officially employed to work at the DEO. Then, J’onn uncovers to Alex that he was the person who found the leading group of Kryptonite and chose to keep it against Clark’s desires, who needed to wreck it. At Project Cadmus, the association’s chief resuscitates Corben and starts transforming him into a being called Metallo.

The head of Cadmus is uncovered to be Lillian, Lena’s supportive mother. In the interim, Kara takes Mon-El to CatCo for work, yet he continually disregards her orders, prompting him to be terminated.

Alex persuades her to let him pick his way. James begins working as a vigilante. Winn discovers and at first reproves him, yet at long last chooses to help, meaning to make a suit for him.

Alex and Maggie recapture the gun’s control, while the Luthors break and attempt to handicap the projector. Having anticipated that, Supergirl can send Mon-El to well-being and face Rhea, who uncovers that she has assumed responsibility for Superman and has him assault Kara.

In deep space, Mon-El’s case is brought into a wormhole. In flashbacks to Krypton’s pulverization, an obscure group sends another newborn child to Earth to “rule.”

Index of Supergirl Season 3

index of supergirl season 3

Supergirl Season 3 All Episodes List

Episode 1Girl of Steel
Episode 2Triggers
Episode 3Far From The Tree
Episode 4The Faithful
Episode 5Damage
Episode 6Midvale
Episode 7Wake Up
Episode 8Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1
Episode 9Reign
Episode 10Legion of Super Heroes
Episode 11Fort Rozz
Episode 12For Good
Episode 13Both Sides Now
Episode 14Schott Through the Heart
Episode 15In Search of Lost Time
Episode 16Of Two Minds
Episode 17Trinity
Episode 18Shelter from the Storm
Episode 19The Fanatical
Episode 20Dark Side of the Moon
Episode 21Not Kansas
Episode 22Make It Reign
Episode 23Battles Lost and Won

Index of Supergirl s3 Recap: Kara has been longing for Mon-El and has gotten over the top with her vigilantism, disregarding vacation with others in her life. Lena and James contradict industrialist Morgan Edge concerning his arrangement for waterfront lodging homes.

The night Kara first uncovered her forces and became Supergirl, a lamenting traveler, Thomas Coville, was motivated by her.

Kara, J’onn, and Winn research a smashed spaceship distinguished underneath National City. They discover Mon-El and involved balance tanks on board. They return him to the DEO; when he endeavors a break, a dubious Kara secures him a cell.

However, he discovers she is strangely worn out. A baffling Kryptonian image, obscure to Kara, shows up all through National City. Thomas Coville later discloses that it is a characteristic of an extraordinary evil from Krypton purposely eradicated from its general public.

Sam gets ready to go on a work excursion, leaving Alex to keep an eye on. The DEO discovers that a priestess with information on Reign’s primary goal is detained in Fort Rozz, which is right now floating almost a blue star that emanates radiation deadly to guys and strips Kara of her forces.

Lena rescues Sam once again from sedation and discloses to her that her blood tests are ordinary. However, further investigation shows Sam goes through a transformation at the cell level when she becomes Reign. Sam won’t trust her in any event when she demonstrated Reign pictures that relate to the hours of her power outages. Once infused, Reign isolates Sam and breaks down.

Kara chooses to remain on Earth as opposed to getting back to Argo with her mom. Sam, totally freed of her Kryptonian side, re-visitations of her existence with Ruby. However, she orchestrates a segment for mystery tests.

Index of Supergirl Season 4

index of supergirl season 4

Supergirl Season 4 All Episodes List

Episode 1American Alien
Episode 2Fallout
Episode 3Man of Steel
Episode 4Ahimsa
Episode 5Parasite Lost
Episode 6Call to Action
Episode 7Rather the Fallen Angel
Episode 8Bunker Hill
Episode 9Elseworlds: Part 3
Episode 10Suspicious Minds
Episode 11Blood Memory
Episode 12Menagerie
Episode 13What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?
Episode 14Stand and Deliver
Episode 15O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Episode 16The House of L
Episode 17All About Eve
Episode 18Crime and Punishment
Episode 19American Dreamer
Episode 20Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?
Episode 21Red Dawn
Episode 22The Quest for Peace

Index of Supergirl s4 Recap: Kara has remained occupied in her courageous obligations working with the DEO and as a columnist at CatCo, demonstrating she can perform multiple tasks.

Sibling and sister Otis and Mercy Graves assault an outsider, Dr. Vose, and take an EMP gadget from his lab. The parasite empowers Jensen to ingest an outsider’s forces through touch while additionally executing them.

Jensen utilizes his powers out in the open and debilitates Supergirl enough to get away. Kara and Nia meet a healer outsider, Amadei, to counter the counter outsider’s manner of speaking.

Manchester tricks Supergirl to Shelley Island, an outsider movement community and landmark site where their forces are hosed, where the Children of Liberty confine her and lock her inside the landmark and set it to explode. Colonel Haley excuses Kara from the wrongdoing scene, given she proceeded with a refusal to uncover her personality.

Three years prior, Lex was investigated for mass homicide, yet before going to jail, he is visited by Eve (uncovered to be a fangirl of Lex), employed by Lex to go covert to keep an eye on James. Ben and Baker are captured, while the Vice President re-starts the Alien Amnesty Act.

Kelly and Alex uncover their affections for one another. Eve attempts to get away, however, is captured by a delegate of Leviathan, who won’t release her despite Lex’s disappointment, uncovering they constrained her to work for Lex. Somewhere else, The Monitor delivers J’onn’s sibling to Earth before recovering Lex’s cadaver.

Index of Supergirl Season 5

index of supergirl season 5

Supergirl Season 5 All Episodes List

Episode 1Event Horizon
Episode 2Stranger Beside Me
Episode 3Blurred Lines
Episode 4In Plain Sight
Episode 5Dangerous Liaisons
Episode 6Confidence Women
Episode 7Tremors
Episode 8The Wrath of Rama Khan
Episode 9Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 1
Episode 10The Bottle Episode
Episode 11Back from the Future – Part One
Episode 12Back from the Future – Part Two
Episode 13It’s A Super Life
Episode 14The Bodyguard
Episode 15Reality Bytes
Episode 16Alex in Wonderland
Episode 17Deus Lex Machina
Episode 18The Missing Link
Episode 19Immortal Kombat

Index of Supergirl s5 Recap: In the wake of finding Kara Danvers’ mystery character from her sibling Lex Luthor before she murdered him, Lena battles Kara in a virtual recreation and has assembled an AI named Hope to converse with as she no longer trusts anybody.

With Nia’s assistance, Kara finds that William is a secret journalist who speculates that Andrea is a crook. To additional their objectives, Leviathan programs Rogers into turning out to be Rip Roar to follow up for their benefit.

Alex and Brainy spare Kara from the Fortress’ snare. Alex reveals to Kara that Lena is past reclamation. However, Kara opposes this idea. All at once, Winn gets back from the future to prevent his doppelgänger from changing his destiny.

Mxyzptlk offers to help Kara by going back as expected to disclose to Lena her personality before Lex can and guarantee their kinship turns out unexpectedly. After a few bombed endeavors, Kara chooses to advise Lena after she last moves to National City.

Supergirl battles against Rama Khan and Leviathan. Lex and Lena are compelled to cooperate when Lena’s venture neglects to work, and they stall out inside a jail revolt. Lex helps Leviathan against Supergirl.

Supergirl closes the Unity Festival while Rama Khan and two Leviathan individuals are contained. However, a debilitated Brainy can’t prevent Lex from taking the compartment, which he and Lillian plan to utilize. After cooperating and by, Kara and Lena begin to accommodate. Game name, maddened, sheds her human appearance.


How to Download Supergirl TV Series All Season

1. Ensure that you have the Netflix or Amazon prime application and in case you are a new user, try to create your Netflix account.

2. After signing in to the Netflix account then fill up the particulars for the Netflix account.

3. Then search for your favorite show, Supergirl, and then binge-watch it and also download it for free.


The team is entirely celebrating the issues that have been raised in the Supergirl Tv series. The show portrays that the aliens have some emotions, and every person is going through a lot in his life. As per reports, season 6 of Supergirl is all the way to hit the screen, and fans can relive and rejoice in the moment of a fangirl.

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