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Index of Supernatural

Index of supernatural, supernatural all seasons download, supernatural cast, supernatural season 1 to 15. The show revolves around the life of brothers who fought to avenge their mother’s demise and wanted to save the world. This web series named Supernatural chooses viewers of love horror series, and it brings you the pinch of devils, angels, god, and much more.

The viewers have loved the series, which is the main reason for its most extended running series of 15 seasons. Well, you can watch this horror thriller series Supernatural only on Amazon Prime.

About Supernatural Series

GenreDrama, Fantasy, Horror
DirectorEric Kripke, Robert Singer, Philip Sgriccia
AvailableAmazon Prime, Netflix

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Supernatural Series cast and Characters Names

  • Jared Padalecki As Sam Winchester
  • Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester
  • Nicki Lynn Aycox as Meg Masters
  • Lauren Cohan as Bela
  • Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle
  • Chad Lindberg as Ash
  • Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer
  • Ruth Connell as Rowena
  • Misha Collins as Castiel
  • Katie Cassidy as Ruby
  • Mark Sheppard as Crowley
  • Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle

Index of Supernatural All Seasons Recap & Download or Watch

Here is the list of supernatural all-seasons recap you also download all seasons and Bing watches offline.

Index of Supernatural Season 1

index of supernatural season 1

Index of supernatural s1 Recap: After their mom’s passing in a suspicious fire that torches their home 22 years earlier. Sam and Dean Winchester’s dad disappears during a “chasing trip.”

Therefore, Dean finds Sam at Stanford University. They start to carry on with a day-to-day existence out and about, in Dean’s dark 1967 Chevrolet Impala with Kansas tags. Nonetheless, their dad is certifiable, not a standard tracker.

He chases powerful animals like apparitions, vampires, and spirits and has prepared his children to do likewise. En route, Sam and Dean spare guiltless individuals, battle animals, and ghosts, and gather hints to their dad’s whereabouts.

Sam starts to create mystic capacities and dreams as they travel bafflingly. They likewise discover another man with powers like Sam’s, whose mother kicked the bucket in a similar way.

They connect with the youngster, Max Miller, offering assistance and looking for answers. Be that as it may, Max has encountered long periods of actual maltreatment and disregard. His life closes in homicide self-destruction, which Dean and Sam can’t stop.


They ultimately discover and rejoin their dad. He uncovers that the animal that executed their mom years sooner is the evil presence of Azazel. The main thing that can slaughter him is an unbelievable firearm made by Samuel Colt.

It is uncovered that Azazel, on a child’s half-year birthday, would seep into their mouth and kill the mothers when they stroll in. This is the thing that gave Sam and Max their forces.

The season closes with the siblings and their dad engaged in an auto collision when a truck hits the side of the Impala. They lie inside the vehicle, canvassed in blood and oblivious.

Index of Supernatural Season 2

index of supernatural season 2

Index of supernatural s12 Recap: Sam and Dean keep on chasing Azazel, who caused the flames that prompted their mom’s passing. Later, Sam’s the better half, Jessica. They get help from new partners, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, and Ash.

Some portion of Azazel’s end-all strategy is in the end uncovered as he assembles Sam and others with comparable clairvoyant capacities to battle one another, prompting Sam’s demise.

Dignitary arrangements with a junction devil bring Sam back in return for his spirit, gathered in one year and taken to Hell.

Azazel opens a gateway to Hell. As several evil ghosts and spirits escape, she has a last encounter with the Winchesters. With the assistance of John Winchester, who got away from Hell through the entrance. Dean at long previous murders Azazel and the entryway is shut.

Index of Supernatural Season 3

index of supernatural season 3

Index of supernatural s13 Recap: The season centers around attempting to spare Dean from his arrangement and finding the evil spirits delivered from damnation.

En route, the siblings meet Ruby, a “great” evil presence, who has an interest in Sam and cases to have the option to help spare Dean. Additionally, they meet Bela Talbot, an acquirer, and vendor of mysterious articles, who turns into a headache for them.

The siblings gain from Bela, which the devil holds Dean’s agreement: a ground-breaking evil spirit named Lilith. Lilith is the primary evil spirit ever made, with her heart being turned in disdain against God for showing him out. Yet not before she cautions Sam and Dean.

The siblings, alongside Ruby, find Lilith and endeavor to slaughter her. Lilith can’t stop Sam because of his puzzling capacities; be that as it may. Dean’s agreement terminates, and his spirit is taken to Hell.

Index of Supernatural Season 4

index of supernatural season 4

Index of supernatural s4 Recap: The remainder of the period follows the siblings as they work with Castiel to stop Lilith’s arrangement of breaking the 66 seals. That would permit the fallen lead celestial host Lucifer, AKA “the Devil” or “Satan himself,” to walk the Earth free by and by.

Sam and Dean’s relationship is stressed, and Sam begins favoring Ruby once again, Dean. He starts to surrender to his evil side by drinking the devil’s blood to get sufficiently able to crush Lilith. He and Dean have a run-in.

Sam sides with Ruby in his over-the-top journey to slaughter Lilith. Dignitary makes an arrangement with the blessed messengers to spare Sam. They discover that the heavenly attendants need the Apocalypse to reconstruct Paradise on Earth.


With help from Castiel, Dean escapes and attempts to stop Sam in the wake of discovering that Lilith is the last seal. However, Sam executes her at any rate, tearing open Lucifer’s jail.

Ruby uncovers her genuine nature as an evil presence faithful to Lucifer, and Dean murders her. As the season closes, Lucifer’s enclosure opens, and he escapes from Hell.

Index of Supernatural Season 5

index of supernatural season 5

Index of supernatural s5 Recap: All through the season, while Castiel looks for God, Sam and Dean fight the two blessed messengers and devils. They battle their fate to turn into the vessels of Lucifer and Michael, individually. They endeavor to stop Lucifer by recovering the Colt from Crowley’s evil presence and trying to slaughter Lucifer with it.

This falls flat as the Colt can’t slaughter Lucifer, and they lose individual trackers and companions Jo and Ellen all the while. Incapable of defeating Lucifer, Sam, and Dean, with data from the Trickster, uncovered to be the chief heavenly messenger Gabriel.

With assistance from the evil spirit, Crowley chose to gather the Four Horsemen’s rings of the Apocalypse, including Death, which go about as the way into Lucifer’s jail. Eventually, Sam permits Lucifer to have him, and he slaughters Bobby and Castiel, who is currently human.

At that point, Sam figures out how to recover control, on account of his bond with Dean, and hurls himself and Adam into the Cage to trap Lucifer again.

Castiel is revived by God and, more impressive than any other time in recent memory, restores Bobby and afterward re-visitations Heaven to reestablish their request. Dignitary revisitations of his former sweetheart Lisa to carry on with an ordinary life.

Index of Supernatural Season 6

index of supernatural season 6

Index of supernatural s6 Recap: The 6th season starts a year after the fifth season’s finish, with Dean carrying on with Lisa and Ben’s reasonably glad existence. At the point when an unfeeling Sam re-visits Dean, he has driven away from his new life behind. He works with his restored granddad Samuel to catch Alpha beasts for Crowley.

The siblings can’t get a lot of help from Castiel since his time is involved by a common war seething in paradise against Raphael’s lead celestial host. The senior member doesn’t believe Samuel, and his doubts are affirmed when he discovers Samuel working with evil spirits to find the area of Purgatory.

The senior member finds that Sam’s heart is as yet in the Cage, so he begs the Horseman Death to recover it. To guarantee Sam doesn’t recollect his time in the Cage, Death obstructs that piece of Sam’s memory by utilizing a psychological divider.


The season’s subsequent half rotates around the purported Mother of All. That eventually prompts occasions that demonstrate that Castiel is behind the conditions of Sam’s return. The chase for the Alpha beasts and the quest for Purgatory was working with Crowley the whole time.

He continues with his arrangement, retaining all the spirits from Purgatory and articulating himself as God, having climbed past a simple blessed messenger.

Index of Supernatural Season 7

index of supernatural season 7

Index of supernatural s7 Recap: Sam and Dean discover that their shortcoming is Sodium Borate (otherwise called Borax). However, it has the least viability on the Leviathan chief Dick Roman. After Roman slaughters Bobby, Dean gets fixated on bringing the Leviathans down and learns of an office they are building to find an office to fix malignancy.

The soul of Bobby later affirms that while they are relieving infection. They are doing it as a component of their arrangement to transform humanity into the ideal food source. They set out to locate the three types of blood.

Kevin can peruse God’s expression and enables Sam and Dean to interpret it to stop the Leviathans. At last, Dean and Castiel execute Dick yet are hauled into Purgatory accordingly. Simultaneously, Sam is disregarded to manage Crowley, who intends to control since the Leviathans are disrupted.

The basic plot focuses introduced in the season was Sam battling with Lucifer’s consistent visualizations and the phantom of Bobby “frequenting” Sam and Dean through his liquor jar.

Bobby’s fury toward Dick Roman gradually makes him a wrathful soul. Sam and Dean at a prior arrangement with this by consuming the cup at his solicitation, accordingly obliterating Bobby.

Index of Supernatural Season 8

index of supernatural season 8

Index of supernatural s8 Recap: One year in the wake of being hauled to Purgatory, Dean revisits Earth without Castiel, conveying inside his body the spirit of a vampire named Benny.

The siblings use Kevin Tran to assist them with perusing the tablet and achieve this. Henry Winchester, an individual from the Men of Letters, was committed to social affairs and heavenly information. His vanishing in 1958 was him utilizing a time-travel spell to go to the future and get away from an assault by the evil presence of Abaddon.


Henry is slaughtered, ensuring his grandsons. However, he gives them admittance to the Men of Letters fortification. A storage facility for a few extraordinary antiquities and books, which the Winchesters accordingly receive as another ‘home.’ Yet, Sam finished the initial two. Dean closes the preliminaries before the third can be done as finishing the preliminaries would slaughter Sam.

Index of Supernatural Season 9

index of supernatural season 9

Index of supernatural s9 Recap: Sam is left close to demise from the Trials of God, and Dean is compelled to let a holy messenger, professing to be Ezekiel, have Sam recuperate him from within.

Dignitary must conceal Ezekiel’s quality from Sam with the goal that he won’t remove him and kick the bucket while likewise keeping Castiel away from Ezekiel’s interest. The siblings look for an approach to restore the holy messengers to Heaven.

Gadreel murders Kevin Tran and getaways to join Metatron, while Castiel recaptures his forces in the wake of taking the Grace from another maverick holy messenger.

With Crowley’s assistance, Sam removes Gadreel. However, the experience makes Sam and Dean split up while letting Crowley go as a component of the arrangement Dean made for him to spare Sam.

In the subsequent half, Dean starts looking for Gadreel for retribution and the First Blade to slaughter Abaddon with Crowley’s assistance. Despite being cautioned of awful repercussions, Dean assumes the Mark of Cain to have the option to use the First Blade.

After mending Sam totally, Castiel starts a pursuit for Metatron, trusting him to switch the holy messengers’ removal. Metatron begins attempting to join all the blessed messengers under his standard.

Index of Supernatural Season 10

index of supernatural season 10

Index of supernatural s10 Recap: In the interim, Sam keeps on looking for Dean. Dean won’t follow Crowley’s organization and humiliates him before his devil devotees. Crowley gives Sam his sibling’s area.

Afterward, Sam, with the assistance of Castiel, fixes Dean by utilizing blessed human blood. Dignitary winds up butchering a few men who keep her hostage and loses control of Mark, a horrible he recently had.

Then, a baffling new witch becomes an integral factor, being uncovered to be Crowley’s mom, Rowena. An enormous focal point of the period is Dean’s journey to conquer the Mark of Cain and eliminate it if conceivable. Sam needs assistance in perusing and utilizing the book and goes to Rowena for help.


He demands help from Charlie, who unravels the content yet is killed by the Steins, a family that has furtively controlled a lot of history. In the wake of slaughtering the Steins, almost murdering Castiel, and getting another tracker executed. Dean begins losing faith in being liberated from Mark, making him go to Death for help.

Index of Supernatural Season 11

index of supernatural season 11

Index of supernatural s11 Recap: While Crowley’s dealing with Amara, taking care of her with spirits, the siblings are, close by Castiel, attempting to figure out how to slaughter The Darkness. To discover more about Amara, Castiel approaches Metatron for help. He says that to make the world, God needed to forfeit his sister, The Darkness.

To confront the most hazardous animal they’ve run into until this point, the siblings request Lucifer’s assistance. At the same time, Crowley and Lucifer utilize the evil presences and holy messengers in a joint assault against Amara.

When Chuck attempted to seal Amara, she opposed, halting the Winchesters, obviously executing Lucifer, and gravely injuring Chuck. Amara cautions that Chuck isn’t dead yet because he will watch her obliterate everything ever made.

Understanding that the primary possibility for the world to endure is to execute the Darkness alongside Chuck, the Winchesters start gathering apparitions to make a bomb to decimate the Darkness.

With Billie the Reaper’s assistance, they can get the required spirits embedded into Dean. Throw sends Dean to Amara, who has begun to lament her activities. Dean persuades Amara that vengeance isn’t justified, despite the potential benefits.

Amara and Chuck accommodate, and Amara mends Chuck for the harm she did to him. The two at that point leave the Earth. However, not before Amara discloses to Dean, she will give him what he needs most to help her.

Index of Supernatural Season 12

index of supernatural season 12

Index of supernatural s12 Recap: Dignitary meets his mom, Mary Winchester, without precedent for a very long time after Amara sends him the blessing he needed most. The senior member persuades Mary that he is her child and finds that Sam has been caught. Dignitary, Mary, and Castiel devise an arrangement to save Sam.

Lucifer has had various vessels on his journey to discover one that is appropriate for him. He at long last has Vince Vincete, a veteran hero, and executes Rowena all the while. After a show where Lucifer intends to obliterate every one of the individuals who join in, his vessel crumbles before he can make the President of the United States his boat.

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Lucifer is delivered by Crowley’s follower evil spirit and heads on to discover his child. In the finale, Kelly brings forth the Nephilim, while Crowley penances himself to slaughter Lucifer.

Crowley and Castiel bite the dust attempting to murder Lucifer while Mary and Lucifer are maneuvered into the crack made by the Nephilim’s introduction to the world. Dignitary bows down in gloom in the wake of seeing Castiel being executed. Sam is stunned when he shows up to see Jack the Nephilim developed into a youngster.

Index of Supernatural Season 13

index of supernatural season 13

Index of supernatural s13 Recap: Dignitary and Sam are left faltering from the deficiency of endless partners and relatives. Their new obligation is to ‘raise’ Jack, with Sam ready to give the kid an opportunity. At the same time, Dean is quickly worried because of his legacy.

Even though Dean turns out to be progressively harsh at their ongoing misfortunes, he increases another feeling of expectation when Jack inadvertently resurrects Castiel.


Lucifer attempts to restore himself as Lord of Heaven without God and different lead celestial hosts. After Ketch salvages Gabriel, permitting the Winchesters to utilize his beauty as a component of the spell.

The other world’s underlying strike neglects to accomplish more than Dean saving the substitute form of his perished companion Charlie Bradbury.

Gabriel escapes in dread after an assault on the shelter by Asmodeus. With Heaven in edgy waterways after Lucifer neglects to hold the blessed messengers together, Castiel is accused of discovering Gabriel. In contrast, the last ten holy messengers attempt to maintain Heaven in control.

Index of Supernatural Season 14

index of supernatural season 14

Index of supernatural s14 Recap: Three weeks after Apocalypse World, Michael had Dean, the lead celestial host standing up to people of various species. Scrutinizing their needs and excusing them as sad until he experiences a vampire who communicates his longing to eat.

Adulating his enthusiasm as unadulterated, Michael chooses to raise beasts above humanity and starts trying different things with chief heavenly messenger beauty and animals, making them invulnerable to their previous shortcomings.

Michael leaves Dean’s body in the wake of getting bothered by Dean’s opposition.

Scratch fools Jack into giving him Jack’s blood and attempts to restore Lucifer to be his vessel once more. Jack defies and afterward murders Nick before Mary. After Mary scolds Jack for violently killing Nick. The now heartless Jack kills Mary unintentionally, leaving the young men without their mom for a subsequent time.

Castiel appeals to God to return and fix Jack; however, the heavenly attendants control Jack into hardening their capacity. Out of alternatives, Sam and Dean detain Jack in the Malak Box, yet Jack gets away.

God returns and tells the young men that they should utilize a firearm that he worked to slaughter Jack. However, Sam and Dean, baffled by God’s vanishings and inaction, reject him.

Index of Supernatural Season 15

index of supernatural season 15

Index of supernatural s14 Recap: The Winchesters and Castiel blockade themselves in a tomb, trying to get away from the zombie swarm. While attempting to discover an exit plan, the evil presence Belphegor has in Jack’s carcass. They offer his assistance, shooting the spirits out of the vivified bodies.

With an invasion of apparitions free, the three hesitantly structure a coalition with the evil spirit. However, he is left aimless and slaughters Lilith when the evil presence attempts to take him to God.

The Winchesters and Castiel catch Michael and endeavor to persuade him to assist them with Adam’s help. However, the chief heavenly messenger won’t listen to them. Castiel shows Michael his recollections of a few of God’s disloyalties, incorporating the battle with the Darkness, the other reality Michael, and Jack’s homicide.

Dim Kaia decides to kick the bucket with her reality devoured while Kaia gets back with Jody to be brought together with Claire. Hurl executes Michael and pounds the life out of the Winchesters almost. However, he is depleted of his capacity, Jack.

Sam and Dean disclose that the endeavor to transform Jack into an inestimable bomb additionally transformed him into a forced vacuum that consumed the energy from the contentions around him, permitting Jack to get sufficiently able to deplete God; having foreseen Michael’s betrayal, they had utilized the chief heavenly messenger to bait Chuck into a snare.


How to Supernatural All Seasons Download

1. Supernatural is available on Amazon Prime, and you can watch Supernatural on this platform.

2. All you need to do is install the application on your device and sign up by filling in the particulars.

3. After that, you can easily binge-watch the series Supernatural on your phone screen.

Final Words

As we are aware that Supernatural is a long series that is worth watching. The characters are portrayed as humanly supernatural instincts, and the series also shows that all those magical creatures have emotions and feelings. They have a sense of unity when any danger comes between them.

After 15 seasons of Supernatural, we can assure you that there is no other season of Supernatural. Rather than this, you can binge-watch this supernatural thriller only on Amazon Prime.

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