Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 1 To 12 Recap & Download

Index of The Big Bang Theory, Watch Big Bang Theory Online, download the Big Bang Theory. As you are aware that nowadays, Web series have played a significant role in expanding our way of thinking in terms of humor and sarcasm.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the best web series that could help you forget your worries and explore the irony with a pinch of romance. The story revolves around the events that have been faced by the physicists and how they explore the other side of living.

About Big Bang Theory Series

SeriesThe Big Bang Theory
GenreRomance, Comedy & Drama
DirectorChuck Lorre & Bill Prady
SeasonTwelve (12)
AvailableNetflix & Amazon Prime

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The Big Bang Theory Cast

Here is The Big Bang Theory Cast & Character’s Name list.

  • Kaley Cuoco as Penny
  • Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper
  • Johnny Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter
  • Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz
  • Kunal Nayyar as Raj Koothrappali
  • Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler
  • Melissa Rauch as (Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz)

Index of big bang theory Season 1 To Season 12 Recap and Watch or Download

Well, we have concluded all the seasons of The Big Bang Theory from season 1 to season 12 recap.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 1


Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1Pilot
Episode 2The Big Bran Hypothesis
Episode 3The Fuzzyboots Corollary
Episode 4The Luminous Fish Effect
Episode 5The Hamburger Postulate
Episode 6The Middle Earth Paradigm
Episode 7The Dumpling Paradox
Episode 8The Grasshopper Experiment
Episode 9The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization
Episode 10The Loobenfeld Decay
Episode 11The Pancake Batter Anomaly
Episode 12The Jerusalem Duality
Episode 13The Bat Jar Conjecture
Episode 14The Nerdvana Annihilation
Episode 15The Pork Chop Indeterminacy
Episode 16The Peanut Reaction
Episode 17The Tangerine Factor

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: Dr. Leonard Hofstadter and Dr. Sheldon Cooper know that Penny is their new neighbor, and they both get excited. As she confounds this as an encouragement to spend time with all the folks, he devises explanations behind their nonappearance from the date.

Penny says the man Leonard saw was not her sweetheart: easygoing end-of-the-week sex encourages her to get over connections.

Stressed, Leonard calls Sheldon’s mom, Mary Cooper. When she visits, the men acknowledge she is the direct inverse of their desires: she is sweet, rational, a passionate Christian, and an adoring and caring mother.

Penny’s ex Kurt (underdressed as a tall, solid Stone Age man) later appears and forcefully stands up to Leonard, causing him (and later Penny) to leave. Penny goes to mind Leonard and apologizes for Kurt’s conduct.


She is exceptionally vexed, yet Leonard reveals to her she is excellent, and they kiss. However, Penny admits she is smashed.

Leonard tidies up after an Internet test, and in the garbage bin, he finds a solicitation to him and Sheldon to introduce their joint exploration at a scholarly gathering. Sheldon opposes raising research face to face, yet Leonard resists him and goes alone.

The others, burnt out on Sheldon’s conduct, choose to divert Kim to young ladies of a similar age. Sheldon resumes his examination while the others are puzzled at how effectively Kim had the option to get a young lady.

However, they leave before entering on observing Sheldon contending with the proprietor in Mandarin and seriously upsetting the supporters.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 2


Big Bang Theory Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1The Bad Fish Paradigm
Episode 2The Codpiece Topology
Episode 3The Barbarian Sublimation
Episode 4The Griffin Equivalency
Episode 5The Euclid Alternative
Episode 6The Cooper–Nowitzki Theorem
Episode 7The Panty Piñata Polarization
Episode 8The Lizard–Spock Expansion
Episode 9The White Asparagus Triangulation
Episode 10The Vartabedian Conundrum
Episode 11The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
Episode 12The Killer Robot Instability
Episode 13The Friendship Algorithm
Episode 14The Financial Permeability
Episode 15The Maternal Capacitance
Episode 16The Cushion Saturation
Episode 17The Terminator Decoupling
Episode 18The Work Song Nanocluster
Episode 19The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition
Episode 20The Hofstadter Isotope
Episode 21The Vegas Renormalization
Episode 22The Classified Materials Turbulence
Episode 23The Monopolar Expedition

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: While detecting the camera, Leonard recommends heading toward her loft, yet she misconstrues him and instructs him to “moderate things down.” In the wake of tuning in to Leslie in the Caltech container, Sheldon is persuaded that Penny needs to have intercourse to diminish her pressure and reestablish her ordinary life.

Sheldon endeavors to fix Penny a date with the guide of an internet dating administration yet falls flat. Eventually, Penny is appalled to acknowledge she has acknowledged a virtual date with Howard and instantly quits playing, in this manner conquering her enslavement.

In any case, Sheldon ends up being a horrifying driver, professing to be ‘Homo Novus automobiles’ and in this way excessively profoundly developed to figure out how to drive, so he chooses to live in his college office to try not to need to go.

At long last, Leonard uncovers he completed his investigation seven days sooner than he expressed, to try not to need to drive Sheldon to work.


At the point when Penny’s TV link is obstructed after she neglects to stay aware of her regularly scheduled installments, she goes to the folks’ condo to watch America’s Next Top Model, to Sheldon’s gloom and Howard’s and Raj’s joy. Afterward, Stephanie reveals to Howard that she has begun dating Leonard.

However, Howard pardons the pair when she welcomes him to meet her companion Lisa on a twofold date. Leonard possibly learns this when he goes to Penny’s loft to holler at her about their on-off relationship. When he understands his mix-up, he and Penny nestle with each other to comfort one another.

Penny attempts to make her companions back by paying them off with Chinese food, offering to watch Battlestar Galactica with them, and in any event, retaining a quantum material science joke after Alicia gloats about her misuse of the men, while additionally craving their earnings.

Sheldon and the folk practice in the more relaxed room at the Cheesecake Factory, which anyway later demonstrates superfluous as they find they will be investing their energy in a warm lodge.


Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 3


Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation
Episode 2The Jiminy Conjecture
Episode 3The Gothowitz Deviation
Episode 4The Pirate Solution
Episode 5The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary
Episode 6The Cornhusker Vortex
Episode 7The Guitarist Amplification
Episode 8The Adhesive Duck Deficiency
Episode 9The Vengeance Formulation
Episode 10The Gorilla Experiment
Episode 11The Maternal Congruence
Episode 12The Psychic Vortex
Episode 13The Bozeman Reaction
Episode 14The Einstein Approximation
Episode 15The Large Hadron Collision
Episode 16The Excelsior Acquisition
Episode 17The Precious Fragmentation
Episode 18The Pants Alternative
Episode 19The Wheaton Recurrence
Episode 20The Spaghetti Catalyst
Episode 21The Plimpton Stimulation
Episode 22The Staircase Implementation
Episode 23The Lunar Excitation

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: Both are hindered when Sheldon is embarrassed about discovering Leonard. Sheldon and Howard stake their most significant comic books on a wager over the cricket types they hear, enrolling a discouraged entomologist to settle the bet.

After Sheldon loses the wager, he meets Penny and subsequently to conversing with her about Leonard. After neglecting to persuade Leonard to alter his perspective, Sheldon attempts to convince Penny to be a nonconformist, which drives Leonard to end his fellowship with Sheldon.

Sheldon attempts to keep up his fellowships with Leonard and Penny since they have separated, as they consider whether they can, in any case, be companions with one another.

He portrays the preliminaries he went through to turn into Sheldon’s flatmate, uncovering numerous parts of the last’s character. In the process, he reveals how their structure’s lift came to be faulty.


Raj and Howard profile Sheldon on a dating site in the interim without his insight, which shockingly coordinates him with a lady named Amy Farrah Fowler.

The two power Sheldon meet Amy and are astounded when Sheldon and Amy share a ton for all intents and purposes, going from sock abhorrence for their tyrannical moms.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 4


Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episodes

Episode 1The Robotic Manipulation
Episode 2The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification
Episode 3The Zazzy Substitution
Episode 4The Hot Troll Deviation
Episode 5The Desperation Emanation
Episode 6The Irish Pub Formulation
Episode 7The Apology Insufficiency
Episode 8The 21-Second Excitation
Episode 9The Boyfriend Complexity
Episode 10The Alien Parasite Hypothesis
Episode 11The Justice League Recombination
Episode 12The Bus Pants Utilization
Episode 13The Love Car Displacement
Episode 14The Thespian Catalyst
Episode 15The Benefactor Factor
Episode 16The Cohabitation Formulation
Episode 17The Toast Derivation
Episode 18The Prestidigitation Approximation
Episode 19The Zarnecki Incursion
Episode 20The Herb Garden Germination
Episode 21The Agreement Dissection
Episode 22The Wildebeest Implementation
Episode 23The Engagement Reaction
Episode 24The Roommate Transmogrification

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: Penny finds out about Amy and Sheldon’s arrangement to imagine a kid with her by in vitro treatment. Penny, at that point, urges him to get personal with Amy first. However, the discussion rapidly goes to a measurable investigation of Penny’s sexual history.

A while later, Sheldon aims to have a kid, yet drops the arrangement when Penny takes steps to tell his mom. Even though from the start his mentality is contemptuous, Sheldon, in the end, gets fixated on finding the stunt’s mystery, as even Penny could sort it out.

Sheldon’s arrangements are excused by the others for Zack’s dating stories and becoming drunk and singing karaoke. Usually, Sheldon doesn’t care for that without a doubt, so he chooses to return to his old companions, who, meanwhile, understood that they missed Sheldon.

In the long run, Sheldon is isolated in the medical clinic for about fourteen days after the presentation, with his companions staying with him.

She reveals to him not to say anything regarding the previous night and attempts to escape the loft; nonetheless, they are busted by the others. Penny expresses that it isn’t what it resembles and leaves, puzzling the others.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 5


Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episodes

Episode 1The Skank Reflex Analysis
Episode 2The Infestation Hypothesis
Episode 3The Pulled Groin Extrapolation
Episode 4The Wiggly Finger Catalyst
Episode 5The Russian Rocket Reaction
Episode 6The Rhinitis Revelation
Episode 7The Good Guy Fluctuation
Episode 8The Isolation Permutation
Episode 9The Ornithophobia Diffusion
Episode 10The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition
Episode 11The Speckerman Recurrence
Episode 12The Shiny Trinket Maneuver
Episode 13The Recombination Hypothesis
Episode 14The Beta Test Initiation
Episode 15The Friendship Contraction
Episode 16The Vacation Solution
Episode 17The Rothman Disintegration
Episode 18The Werewolf Transformation
Episode 19The Weekend Vortex
Episode 20The Transporter Malfunction
Episode 21The Hawking Excitation
Episode 22The Stag Convergence
Episode 23The Launch Acceleration
Episode 24The Countdown Reflection

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: Leonard meets an appealing female comic book fan named Alice at the comic book shop and promptly gets pulled in. Sheldon wins the test and receives the workplace.

He makes the most of his new office until he discovers that the indoor regulator for the forced air system is in another room where its tenant is encountering hot glimmers.

The higher-up geography office is too loud. The mockingbirds are “totally at odds” with the breeze rings. Before long, Lakshmi is a lesbian and acknowledged meeting Raj as it is hard to turn out in Indian culture, yet in any case, she chooses to wed him as she might suspect he is gay.

Somewhere else, Amy attempts to utilize transaction to build Sheldon’s affections for her by fulfilling him using his adoration for different subjects (his mom’s cooking, computer games, and so forth). Amy’s activities appear to chip away at Sheldon, who is disturbed about it yet does not endeavor to stop her.

The scene closes with Howard being dispatched into space. Everybody anxiously watches the spaceship from Leonard and Sheldon’s loft.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 6


Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episodes

Episode 1The Date Night Variable
Episode 2The Decoupling Fluctuation
Episode 3The Higgs Boson Observation
Episode 4The Re-Entry Minimization
Episode 5The Holographic Excitation
Episode 6The Extract Obliteration
Episode 7The Habitation Configuration
Episode 8The 43 Peculiarity
Episode 9The Parking Spot Escalation
Episode 10The Fish Guts Displacement
Episode 11The Santa Simulation
Episode 12The Egg Salad Equivalency
Episode 13The Bakersfield Expedition
Episode 14The Cooper/Kripke Inversion
Episode 15The Spoiler Alert Segmentation
Episode 16The Tangible Affection Proof
Episode 17The Monster Isolation
Episode 18The Contractual Obligation Implementation
Episode 19The Closet Reconfiguration
Episode 20he Tenure Turbulence
Episode 21The Closure Alternative
Episode 22The Proton Resurgence
Episode 23The Love Spell Potential
Episode 24The Bon Voyage Reaction

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: To conciliate his mom, who needs him to remain, Bernadette, who doesn’t, deceives both. In the interim, Sheldon welcomes Howard-less Raj to his second commemoration with Amy to move operations to Indian and any sentimental exercises the Relationship Agreement requests.

To determine a warmed contention over Thor’s sled Mjolnir, they at that point read Leonard and Sheldon’s funnies in their condo.

After getting back to Leonard and Sheldon’s condo, the men hear the women as yet contending about comic books. The five choose to leave, yet remain in the wake of noticing Kripke’s compliment, Mrs. Davis. On Penny’s recommendation, Sheldon conquers his desire, later toasting Leonard obligingly at his bon journey party.

Then the group needs to meet Lucy, who detests meeting new individuals, so Raj recommends she initially meet only one of them. The honor tumbles to Amy, the most up-to-date of the gathering. Amy handles Lucy well, yet when Raj requests to know their relationship status, Lucy breaks to the restroom.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 7


Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episodes

Episode 1The Hofstadter Insufficiency
Episode 2The Deception Verification
Episode 3The Scavenger Vortex
Episode 4The Raiders Minimization
Episode 5The Workplace Proximity
Episode 6The Romance Resonance
Episode 7The Proton Displacement
Episode 8The Itchy Brain Simulation
Episode 9The Thanksgiving Decoupling
Episode 10The Discovery Dissipation
Episode 11The Cooper Extraction
Episode 12The Hesitation Ramification
Episode 13The Occupation Recalibration
Episode 14The Convention Conundrum
Episode 15The Locomotive Manipulation
Episode 16The Table Polarization
Episode 17The Friendship Turbulence
Episode 18The Mommy Observation
Episode 19The Indecision Amalgamation
Episode 20The Relationship Diremption
Episode 21The Anything Can Happen Recurrence
Episode 22The Proton Transmogrification
Episode 23The Gorilla Dissolution
Episode 24The Status Quo Combustion

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: Indeed, even Raj’s recommendation neglects to motivate her. Amy orders Sheldon to apologize to Howard in the wake of offending him and afterward smacks her on the back and recommends she get them more lagers. Amy is stunned, however, charmed at the actual consideration.

Then, Penny welcomed Zack over to sign the abrogation papers to end their union with (the energy of Raj, The day after her alcoholic proposition, Penny admits to Leonard that he made the best choice halting her and that she has stopped the Cheesecake Factory to focus on her acting profession.

Despite saying he underpins her, Leonard isn’t excited about her stopping. Howard’s mom drives away all medical caretakers recruited to care for her, even Penny. Howard extends to Stuart the employment opportunity, giving him cash and a home while he financially recovers in the wake of losing his store.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 8


Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episodes

Episode 1The Locomotion Interruption
Episode 2The Junior Professor Solution
Episode 3The First Pitch Insufficiency
Episode 4The Hook-Up Reverberation
Episode 5The Focus Attenuation
Episode 6The Expedition Approximation
Episode 7The Misinterpretation Agitation
Episode 8The Prom Equivalency
Episode 9The Septum Deviation
Episode 10The Champagne Reflection
Episode 11The Clean Room Infiltration
Episode 12The Space Probe Disintegration
Episode 13The Anxiety Optimization
Episode 14The Troll Manifestation
Episode 15The Comic Book Store Regeneration
Episode 16The Intimacy Acceleration
Episode 17The Colonization Application
Episode 18The Leftover Thermalization
Episode 19The Skywalker Incursion
Episode 20The Fortification Implementation
Episode 21The Communication Deterioration
Episode 22The Graduation Transmission
Episode 23The Maternal Combustion
Episode 24The Commitment Determination

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: He calls Leonard to get him, and Leonard takes Amy with him. The following day Leonard and Sheldon are home with swathed noses. Leonard convinces that whatever Sheldon has done, he did it for a reason as he adores him.  

Afterward, Sheldon unloads the engraved urns he requested for Leonard and himself. Sheldon and Leonard are going to UC Berkeley to give a talk on the paper they composed together. With extra time, they choose to drive by Skywalker Ranch, yet Sheldon needs to head inside, planning to meet George Lucas.

Howard and Bernadette need Stuart to move out, yet consistently discover motivation not to bring it up. They at long last outfit the nerve to let him know, possibly to ease off when they understand it is his birthday.

Raj is scared out by Emily’s most recent horrible thought: engaging in sexual relations in a memorial park. While having an outing there, he says they are altogether different individuals, and it shows up he needs to separate, yet when Emily goes up against him, he instead says he cherishes her.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 9


Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episodes

Episode 1The Matrimonial Momentum
Episode 2The Separation Oscillation
Episode 3The Bachelor Party Corrosion
Episode 4The 2003 Approximation
Episode 5The Perspiration Implementation
Episode 6The Helium Insufficiency
Episode 7The Spock Resonance
Episode 8The Mystery Date Observation
Episode 9The Platonic Permutation
Episode 10The Earworm Reverberation
Episode 11the Opening Night Excitation
Episode 12The Sales Call Sublimation
Episode 13The Empathy Optimization
Episode 14The Meemaw Materialization
Episode 15The Valentino Submergence
Episode 16The Positive Negative Reaction
Episode 17he Celebration Experimentation
Episode 18The Application Deterioration
Episode 19The Solder Excursion Diversion
Episode 20The Big Bear Precipitation
Episode 21The Viewing Party Combustion
Episode 22The Fermentation Bifurcation
Episode 23The Line Substitution Solution
Episode 24The Convergence Convergence

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: Leonard and Penny run off in Las Vegas, live-streaming the service for companions at home. Leonard composed a contacting cosmology-based marital promise while Penny recounts “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from the film Toy Story — Leonard’s favorite.”Penny additionally concedes overcompensating and dreading he will leave her for somebody more brilliant.

Both consent to relinquish their feelings of trepidation and grasp their satisfaction. Sheldon shocks them with an outing to San Francisco, to state he is going, as well.

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Sheldon restores Amy’s assets, neglecting to make her envious by “incidentally” placing one of Penny’s bras in the case. At home, Sheldon exhausts Bernadette with his affection for trains and various sorts of toast.

However, she appreciates Dungeons and Dragons’ adaptation, wherein her character isn’t pregnant and can enjoy liquor, sushi, and hot tubs. She expresses gratitude toward him for a great break from her pregnancy.

When Howard gets an email from the U.S. Flying corps about his gyrator patent, he fears that the public authority is after him because of their negative depictions in the media.

Bernadette attempts to persuade him that he is neurotic, yet Howard’s feelings of dread increment when he sees a vehicle following them to supper, ignorant that it is Leonard and Penny.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 10


Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episodes

Episode 1The Conjugal Conjecture
Episode 2The Military Miniaturization
Episode 3The Dependence Transcendence
Episode 4The Cohabitation Experimentation
Episode 5The Hot Tub Contamination
Episode 6The Fetal Kick Catalyst
Episode 7The Veracity Elasticity
Episode 8The Brain Bowl Incubation
Episode 9The Geology Elevation
Episode 10The Property Division Collision
Episode 11The Birthday Synchronicity
Episode 12The Holiday Summation
Episode 13The Romance Recalibration
Episode 14The Emotion Detection Automation
Episode 15The Locomotion Reverberation
Episode 16The Allowance Evaporation
Episode 17The Comic-Con Conundrum
Episode 18The Escape Hatch Identification
Episode 19The Collaboration Fluctuation
Episode 20The Recollection Dissipation
Episode 21The Separation Agitation
Episode 22The Cognition Regeneration
Episode 23The Gyroscopic Collapse
Episode 24The Long Distance Dissonance

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: The pack gets ready for Leonard and Penny’s second wedding service. Sheldon and Leonard dread that Mary laid down with Alfred the previous night; however, they don’t swear anything.

As Penny covers for Amy over her falsehood, Sheldon and Leonard defy them for misleading them. Sheldon pardons Amy and needs to continue living with her.

However, he is torn about where he truly has a place, incredibly after Leonard and Penny’s horrible dream of transforming his old room into a sex prison.

Then, Howard and Raj make a way in the child’s space to the lodging without making the wood planks squeak, accordingly upsetting infant Halley with an excessively muddled arrangement. Penny and Raj bond over girly things, causing Leonard to get a handle on the left.

Howard and Bernadette propose that he converse with them. However, Raj and Penny talk over Leonard about his emotions. Sheldon doesn’t trust Ramona is impractically intrigued by him yet, when he gets some information about it, she kisses him.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 11


Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episodes

Episode 1The Proposal Proposal
Episode 2The Retraction Reaction
Episode 3The Relaxation Integration
Episode 4The Explosion Implosion
Episode 5The Collaboration Contamination
Episode 6The Proton Regeneration
Episode 7The Geology Methodology
Episode 8The Tesla Recoil
Episode 9The Bitcoin Entanglement
Episode 10The Confidence Erosion
Episode 11The Celebration Reverberation
Episode 12The Matrimonial Metric
Episode 13The Solo Oscillation
Episode 14The Separation Triangulation
Episode 15The Novelization Correlation
Episode 16The Neonatal Nomenclature
Episode 17The Athenaeum Allocation
Episode 18The Gates Excitation
Episode 19The Tenant Disassociation
Episode 20The Reclusive Potential
Episode 21The Comet Polarization”
Episode 22The Monetary Insufficiency
Episode 23The Sibling Realignment
Episode 24The Bow Tie Asymmetry

Recap: Amy energetically acknowledges Sheldon’s proposition to be engaged. Notwithstanding, when eating with Amy’s associates soon after that, Sheldon is insulted that they are more intrigued by Amy’s work than his own.

Leonard is discouraged after getting his fruitful sibling’s Christmas card and endeavors to make a rundown of what he and Penny achieved for the current year, not concocting a lot.

This prompts them to consider their future arrangements, so they choose to go on excursions and accomplish more out of coexistence before beginning a family.

When Sheldon sees confirmation, the men twice send him to some unacceptable lodging as simple tricks. Penny says Leonard can undoubtedly meet Gates, so he fakes being debilitated to keep away from him. Amy and Sheldon express their pledges.


George consents to go to the wedding. In the interim, Howard and Bernadette’s youngsters contract pinkeye, tainting everybody aside from Penny, causing Amy a deep sense of anger.

Amy discusses many sincere pledges, leaving Sheldon at first speechless before responding to her caring discourse. They are articulated as a couple while Barry Kripke sings out of sight.

Index of The Big Bang Theory Season 12


Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episodes

Episode 1The Conjugal Configuration
Episode 2The Wedding Gift Wormhole
Episode 3The Procreation Calculation
Episode 4The Tam Turbulence
Episode 5The Planetarium Collision
Episode 6The Imitation Perturbation
Episode 7The Grant Allocation Derivation
Episode 8The Consummation Deviation
Episode 9The Citation Negation
Episode 10The VCR Illumination
Episode 11The Paintball Scattering
Episode 12The Propagation Proposition
Episode 13The Confirmation Polarization
Episode 14The Meteorite Manifestation
Episode 15The Donation Oscillation
Episode 16The D&D Vortex
Episode 17The Conference Valuation
Episode 18The Laureate Accumulation
Episode 19The Inspiration Deprivation
Episode 20The Decision Reverberation
Episode 21The Plagiarism Schism
Episode 22The Maternal Conclusion
Episode 23The Change Constant
Episode 24The Stockholm Syndrome

Index of The Big Bang Theory Recap: Sheldon’s emphasis on booking their conjugal relations stresses Amy. Leonard gets to develop the virus’s feeling, and he dreams of opening a shooting star with his laser.

Later on, he said sorry for whatever he has done to Raj and Bert and said that he dreamt too much and desires so many things all at the same point. Then, Anu finds a new line of work offer in London.

Raj plans to fly out and propose to her, prepared to follow her on the off chance that she acknowledges. Stuart and Denise are troubled by her frightening flatmate Mitch.


Final Words

As the title suggests, in The Big Bang theory, the story is all about the geeks and scientists that explore the other side of themselves. The viewers have applauded the series, and it is evident that the show has been a phenomenon hit for its extraordinary scientists and geeks.

After season 12, it is confirmed by the makers that there will not be any further seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

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