Best Indian Adult Web Series That You Shouldn’t Miss

As we know People nowadays spend more time on OTT platforms and binge-watching web series. There are different web series types of various genres, such as Horror, comedy, action thriller, Adult, and much more. People can binge-watch Indian Adult Web series on different OTT platforms like Netflix, Alt Balaji, Ullu, and much more. So, here is the list of hot Indian web series which you do not watch with your family.

List of Top Hot Indian Adult Web Series: Watch in Alone

Dev DD 2

Dev DD 2 is one of the best adult web series on MX Player, Zee5, and Alt Balaji Platform. The story of Dev DD starts with Devdas. Devdas gets more sweltering and bolder with more mentality, dramatization, and liquor than ever in this advanced symbol. Follow the experiences of Devika as she falls all through adoration, desire, and betrayal to experience the wild side. It is full of love and lust, and the story revolves around Devika. The way she handles her problem and relationship matters a lot.


The Apharan story starts when Rudra Shrivastava, a senior police officer, is caught fighting with a gangster. The plot begins with kidnapping and wanting money in return for the person. When the chain of occasions turns out badly, and everything falls out of place. He understands that something terrible is going on in his life.

Well, it is interesting to see if the protagonist gets out of these bets. The Indian adult web series title is as clear as the story. There is a kidnapping and some gangster stories that include flights, lust, and so much more.

Love Lust Confusion

Spinning around the existence of a bit of youngster Poroma Sarkar, Love Lust and Confusion is the ideal portrayal of the period of hesitation, time of actual investigation, and time of disarray. The show additionally investigates the component of polyamory and portrays the viewpoint of adolescents towards it. The story unfolds the protagonist’s love and sexual desires.


In the Bengali adult web series, Hello. Life changes for Nandita when she gets a progression of MMS. That specific MMS is filled with heartfelt messages that uncover her significant other Ananya’s extra-conjugal issue with Nina. As the secret thickens, Nandita understands that the MMS can be focused on her. The series Hello includes Raima Sen, and she projects some sensuous roles.

Virgin Bhanupriya

Indian adult web series 6 Indian Adult Web Series
  • Name : Virgin Bhanupriya
  • Director: Ajay Lohan
  • Genre: Erotic/Comedy/Drama
  • Released: 2020
  • Available: ZEE5
  • Seasons: One

Star Cast

  • Urvashi Rautela
  • Gautam Gulati
  • Rumana Molla

About Virgin Bhanupriya Web Series

Virgin Bhanupriya is a hot Hindi web series. The story begins with a conventional girl Bhanupriya who tries to lose her virginity, but she can’t lose her. And she is also in tension because of her bad luck. A wise man tells her that she cannot forget her virginity and it cannot happen to her. Will she lose her virginity or not? This Indian adult web series is directed and narrated by Ajay Lohan.

Ratri Ke Yatri

Hindi adult web series 8 Indian Adult Web Series
  • Name: Ratri Ke Yatri
  • Director: Anil V Kumar
  • Genre: Erotic/Drama
  • Released: 2020
  • Available: Hungama Play & MX Player
  • Seasons: One
  • Episodes: Fifteen

Star Cast

  • Barkha Sen Gupta
  • Avinash Mukherjee
  • Akashdeep Arora

About Ratri Ke Yatri Web Series

Ratri Ke Yatri is an 18+ web series that was released on 21 July 2020. It is also an Anthology series. That narrates five unique thoughts that are set in the red light area. The characters in this series are played by some best TV actors like Sudhir Pande, Iqbal Khan, Parag Tyagi, and many more. The story begins with a boy Ashmeet who is a tailor. He has many problems with his sexual desire.

He wants his virginity before he gives sexual pleasure in his life. Will he be able to lose his virginity? This series has a total of 15 episodes, and the great thing is that every event has a different kind of story. This series is directed by Anil V Kumar and is available on Hungama Play.

I Love Us

Hindi adult web series 3 Indian Adult Web Series
  • Name: I Love Us
  • Director: Harsha Chopra, Ali Merchant
  • Genre: Erotic/Romantic
  • Released: 2016
  • Available: YouTube
  • Seasons: One
  • Episodes: 12

Star Cast

  • Harsha Chopda
  • Ashmita Jaggi
  • Ali Merchant

About I Love Us Web Series

I Love Us is an Indian romantic and action-packed web series that is India’s topmost romantic web series and was released on 2 December 2016. It is a romantic journey of Sahid and Sayna. Both are studying at the same college. They meet each other first in college.

Then they attract each other. After some years, they loved each other, and their parents are ready for this relationship. But some mafia men killed Sayna. And Sahid decided to take revenge on them. Harsha Chopra and Ali Merchant direct this series. I Love Us is the best adult Indian web series is available on YouTube.

Naked Naga Nagnam

Hindi adult web series 6 Indian Adult Web Series
  • Name: Naked Naga Nagnam
  • Director: Ram Gopal Varma
  • Genre: Erotic/Romance/Drama
  • Released: 2020
  • Available: IMBD

About Naked Naga Nagnam Web Series

Naked Naga Nagnam is one of the best erotic web series which is directed by Ram Gopal Verma. Naked Naga Nagnam is a story of a newly married couple, and that have tensions. Every day they fight with each other. Once they decided to break up.

When she left his house, he took three boys to her house to do the servant. After some days, she became miserable. One of the three servants said that she has to start the work of call girl.

It Happened In Calcutta

Indian adult web series 8 Indian Adult Web Series
  • Name: It Happened In Calcutta
  • Genre: Erotic/ Romance
  • Released: 2020
  • Available: ZEE5
  • Seasons: One
  • Episodes: Ten

About It Happened In Calcutta Web Series

It Happened In Calcutta story can leave a mark on a Time of War and Political Unrest. The story of this series is based on the 80s 90s era. Ranbir and Kusum lived in Calcutta, and they loved each other. They live in the same flat, and they share their rooms. But their parents are not fair to this love. Will they be successful or not? Ivan Rodrigues directs this series.

Wanna Have Good Time

Adult web series 2 Indian Adult Web Series
  • Name: Wanna Have Good Time
  • Director: Deepak Pandey
  • Genre: Erotic/Drama/Suspense
  • Released: 2020
  • Available: ULLU/MX Player
  • Seasons: Two
  • Episodes: Four

Star Cast

  • Roshmi Banik
  • Arav Chowdharry
  • Esha Vengurlekar
  • Raj Bedi

About Wanna Have Good Time Web Series

Wanna Have Good Time story begins with a young businessman Roshan who is attracted to a girl called Bret Rena. After some days they meet at a coffee shop, and Roshan asks her to come with him for a date at night. And that date became memorable. What happened that made a period famous?

Black Coffee

Hot Indian web series
  • Name: Black Coffee
  • Genre: Erotic/Drama/Comedy
  • Released: 2017
  • Available: MX Player
  • Seasons: One
  • Episodes: Seven

Star Cast


About Black Coffee Web Series

Black Coffee’s story is about Dhruv Narang, and he is also known as The King of Romance. He is desperate to find an exam for his new novel. This leads him to meet Hema Shah, an anti-romance girl. Life takes a twist, and they are forced by the filmmakers to work together. Will Hema become him to examine or not, or he will end his career?

Ishq Kills

Best Indian Adult Web series
  • Name: Ishq Kills
  • Director: Shadab Khan
  • Genre: Erotic/Drama/Suspense
  • Released: 2020
  • Available: ULLU
  • Seasons: One
  • Episodes: Four

Star Cast

  • Tarun Khanna
  • Usha Bachani
  • Akhilesh Verma
  • Aashma Syed
  • Saharsh Kumar Shukla

About Ishq Kills Web Series

Ishq Kills is an Indian adult web series that was published on 22 May 2020. This series is based on a true event. It is the story of a sarpanch Vikram Thakur. One day the daughter of Vikram Simran went to his servant and his name is Makkhan’s house where she meets Sonu, and they begin to do a romantic because they love each other and Makhhan made their MMS. But a few days later Simran got the news that Makhan and Sonu were both dead.


adult hindi web series
  • Name: Woodpecker
  • Director: Rajesh A. Patel
  • Genre: Erotic/Drama/Suspense
  • Released: 2020
  • Available: ULLU & MX Player
  • Seasons: One
  • Episodes: Four

Star Cast

  • Parag Tyagi
  • Lira Soni
  • Nehal Vadoliya
  • Surabhi Tiwari
  • Manvi Chug
  • Anupama Prakash
  • Anil Dhawan
  • Vijay Patkar

About Woodpecker Web Series

Woodpecker is hot Indian thriller web series that will be published on 14 August 2020. Woodpecker is a story of a rich person, and who loved a girl, and he tried to get her with his influence, money, and power. Parag Tyagi will be starring in this series. you can watch this fantastic 18+ web series on ULLU App.

Lal Bazar

Adult Web Series
  • Name: Lal Bazar
  • Director: Sayantan Ghosal
  • Genre: Erotic/Drama/Thriller/Action
  • Released: 2020
  • Available: ZEE5
  • Seasons: One
  • Episodes: Ten
  • Language: Bengali

Star Cast

  • Subrata Datta
  • Sauraseni Maitra
  • Kaushik Sen
  • Sabyasachi Chakraborty

About Lal Bazar Web Series

Lal Bazar is an Indian adult crime thriller web series. The story begins with Suranjan, who is an assistant commissioner, and his team is investigating a sex worker murder case. The case became more complicated when the body was missing from the center of the police.

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