Netflix India Plans: Subscription Prices, Free Trail Details

Netflix India Plans 2021

What is Netflix?

what is netflix Netflix India Plans

Netflix is one of the most famous OTT Platforms that reach out to almost 130 million subscribers worldwide. Its main aim is to provide fresh content for entertainment. It also has regional series and movies such as you can enjoy Tamil, Telugu series on Netflix. Some of the popular Netflix web series Sacred Games, Friends, Delhi Crime as much more.

Netflix India Plans and Prices

Netflix India Plans and Prices Netflix India Plans

Netflix India plans to differ for every one of the devices. In case you are opting for a single device basic plan for rs.499, then only a single person would be able to view the series on Netflix. The list of Netflix Price plans is given below:

Does Netflix India Offer Free Trial?

Netflix India Offer Free Trial Netflix India Plans

Yes, Netflix India offers a free trial for 30 days to new users, and after that, users need to opt for any subscription for entertainment. Netflix has great content in terms of action, romance, and talking about subscription, then Netflix is not that costly. Recently Netflix India organized a screamfest in which any user can enjoy the Netflix shows for free of cost.

What Content Makes Netflix India Offer?

Netflix is the hue platform for movies, web series, and documentaries. It offers various production houses to launch their respective projects on the platform. It also involves Netflix original shows such as Lucifer and so much more that are loved by the audience worldwide. It also involves the production of Hindi language such as Sacred Games.

1. Netflix Movies

Netflix Movies Netflix India Plans

Netflix is a massive platform for movies and series. It involves English language movies and consists of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and much more. The audience applauds the different movies of movies as we know that people love romantic, action thriller, etc. Netflix is the best platform for total enjoyment.

2. Netflix TV Shows

Netflix TV Shows Netflix India Plans

Netflix is the platform where there is a collage of series and television shows applauded by the audience. Not just comedy and romance, people can enjoy the supernatural, sci-fi series that the audience loves the pinch of a thriller. You can also look at some of the vintage series like Friends, Two and a Half Men, and much more.

Not just the English series, the Indian series also breaking records as the audience love the concept of romance in Zindagi Gulzar Hai. So user can have the whole library of Tv shows that are loved by the audience and

3. Netflix Originals

Netflix Originals Netflix India Plans

After opting from other production houses’ content, it is time for Netflix originals. Netflix has a vast genre of series and movies that is acknowledged by the audience. So this time, Netflix came up with the original shows that show the different sides of cinema.

What are the Pros and Cons Of Netflix?

Every platform has some specifications and drawbacks that are acknowledged by the audience. Below are some of the good and bad things related to the Netflix application.


  • The audience applauds excellent content of different genres with different languages.
  • Easy to understand preface lets the audience use the Netflix application.
  • Downloading features in the application leads you to download the preferred series or movies, and you can watch them later.


  • As compared to other OTT platforms, Netflix is considered to be costly. For a single screen basic plan, the charges are rs. 499, monthly which is considered expensive by the user.

Which Devices Support Netflix?

Devices Support Netflix India Plans

You can have the Netflix application on the following devices:

  • Computer – Visit the Netflix website and enter the username and password for login in PC.
  • Android and iOS – You can also enjoy the entertaining dose of cinema on Android and iOS.
  • Set-top Box – People can also connect the streaming devices such as Chromecast to enjoy Netflix series and movies.
  • Smart TV and Streaming Media Players – Smart TV is also the better option to view your favorite series on Netflix.

How to create an account on Netflix

  • To create an account for Netflix, the foremost step is to download and install the Netflix application from the play store. You can install it on Android and iOS as well.
  • After installing Netflix, I got through the interface and signed up for the new user.
  • In case you are an existing user, click on Login, and if you are a new user, sign up for the new account.
  • Fill in the particulars such as name, gender, date of birth, and much more.
  • Link your bank account with the Netflix application, and you can enjoy the Netflix subscription.

How to share a Netflix account with a friend

  • To share your Netflix account, you need to log in to your Netflix account with the username and password.
  • After LoginLogin, you need to go to the manager profile options.
  • In that section, you need to create a new profile for the ones you want to share your Netflix account with.
  • After entering the person’s name, you need to share the Username and password with the respective person to enjoy the entertainment on the Netflix application.

How to deactivate an account on Netflix

  • Go to Netflix and login to your Username and password.
  • Click on the Manage Button, which is on the top of the interface.
  • Now you need to choose the option of Cancel Membership.
  • Enter the email address, and you get the message of canceling the membership for Netflix.

How do I permanently delete my Netflix account?

  1. Go to Netflix and login to your Netflix account by using your Username and password.
  2. Click on the Manage Button, which is on the top of the interface, and you can see the manage option.
  3. Now you need to choose the option of Cancel Membership.
  4. Enter the email address, and you get the message of canceling the membership for Netflix.
  5. Hence your Netflix account is deleted.

How do I remove my credit card info from Netflix?

  • After you deactivate the Netflix account, it will take ten months to delete the account entirely.
  • Once you deactivate the account, Netflix ultimately removes the card details.
  • Netflix will not charge any amount for the subscription.

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