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Prime Flix web series

PrimeFlix is one of the new OTT platforms that adds the new genre of acting on a different entertainment level. There are many other platforms where web series show authentic content, but the prime flix web series brings the pinch of masala that everyone wanted for entertainment. We have concluded some of the outstanding prime flix web series lists.

List of Best Prime Flix web series: Binge Watch in 2023

PrimeFlix never disappoints the viewers with its originality and fun-filled series. Let’s have a look at the best web series on prime flix that you can binge-watch easily and that can easily take care of your entertainment.

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Desi Romeo

Desi Romeo prime flix web series

Desi Romeo tracks Sweety’s erotic change as she looks to comprehend the intricacies of affection and how it is made. With the most extreme authenticity and transparency, it inspects our way of life of close connections. It’s bold, straightforward, and direct, and gets right to your arousing nerves while being loads of fun. It is one of the erotic web series on prime flix.

The Last Night

A spouse’s secretive history drives his cheerful family to a damnation home, the spirit’s retaliation field. A heart that has been messed up for the sake of affection has weaved the family’s present with its set of experiences. The Last Night is the tale of a willing spouse to battle a person or thing to save her family, and she is set in opposition to this soul. It remains clear if the spouse or the soul could win. Watch one of the best prime flix web series for Free.


Bhadkhau prime flix web series

Santya is anticipating his vacation after his wedding. He gets an envelope containing a 500 cash note with the words BHADKHAU composed as a wedding present. This episode causes Santya’s wedding trip to be deferred. Santya becomes dubious and starts searching for the culprit. It is often a primeflix original series that audiences are waiting for.

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Beer Boys and Vodka Girls

Primeflix web series Beer Boys and vodka Girls mainly attempts to breaks the line between boys and girls. In the series, both genders talk about anything. They don’t need to hide their feelings and their hormonal changes. Not that bold, but it is enough to enhance your interest in this series.


Kamasutra prime flix adult web series Prime Flix web series best web series in prime, prime flix original, prime flix web series, prime flix web series list, Top 10 Web Series on Prime Flix

Kamasutra Series Star Cast

  • Karan Sharma
  • Mokshita Raghav

The story Kamya Sutra is an adult and secretive story about a married couple Kamya and Karan. They are happily married, and Kamya is a hot and seductive woman who knows how to please her husband. While everything is happening and they both enjoying their life, they went on Honeymoon.

Soon after they returned from a trip, Karan is terrified about the whole incident when one of his friends tells him about his wife.

He knows something about his wife’s past life and intimate experience. The prime flix web series Kamasutra is all about seduction and romance, and it is already released on June 18.


Pimp prime flix web series

Pimp Series Star Cast

  • Gaurav Bajaj
  • Kiara
  • Kuldeep
  • Praveen
  • Ravi Kothari
  • Shalini Sahay
  • Tapasya Agnihotri
  • Yogesh Mathur

Pimp is the story of Rajiv, who came to the city of dreams. He wants that everyone should know him and want to become a businessman.

He decided to be a pimp and manages prostitutes for having the right clients. He did not want to be in this business, but he earns well, so he neglects the point of right and wrong.

As he belongs to a small town, he understands emotions, but he crossed all the limits after being at a particular end of success. It is exciting to see what will happen with him, and the Pimp series is released on May 10.

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Simran {The Lost Soul}

Simran The Lost Soul Best Prime Flix web series

Simran {The Lost Soul} Series Star Cast

  • Arun Shekhar
  • Gopi Bhalla
  • Karan Sharma
  • Keval Dasani
  • Kriti Verma
  • Mukesh Tiwari
  • Nibedita Pal
  • Rohin Robert
  • Sufi Sayyed

The Simran {The Lost Soul} web series is kind of a horror-thriller that revolves around the story of five friends. Something happened to that group of friends when they traveled to Rudrapur for a short vacation.

The vacation turns into a horror trip when they put their foot in Rudrapur fort, and one of the friends opened the closed door.

It was said that there is some spirit of a lady who was locked in that room, and when that room opened, it possessed the girl. The series is quite a thriller for horror or supernatural elements. The Simran: The Lost Soul is a prime flix original series it was released on March 30.

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Khujate Raho

Khujate Raho prime flix web series free

Khujate Raho Series Star Cast

  • Manoj Joshi
  • Nipaa Aacharya
  • Payal Garg
  • Rajgopal Ayyar
  • Sanjay Bhatiya
  • Sunil Jetlag

The Khujate Raho series is an adult comedy that revolves around five aged men who want to explore their sexual life’s excitement. So they arrange a hooker to whom they can fulfill their desires and other things.

Later on, they find it challenging to handle all those things as they don’t have the stamina to fulfill their desires. It is exciting to see what they will be going to do to impress the hooker. The series is very funny, and it is released on Primeflix on March 29.

92 Hours

92 Hours Best Prime Flix web series

92 Hours Series Star Cast

  • Arjun Manhas
  • Indraneel Bhattacharya
  • Shrutika Gaokar
  • Tariq Imtiaz

The 92 Hours series revolves around a RAW agent, Zakir, and he is all set to celebrate his anniversary and waiting for his wife, Sania. Later on, he realized that she is kidnapped, and he was traumatized by this incident. He did everything and asked everyone whom she can reach, but no one knows about her.

When the kidnappers called him and want him to do certain things as he is a Government associate and can get internal affairs, he needs to focus on her wife. The series unfolds the whole incident and the way he saves her wife. The 92 Hours is a suspense thriller prime flix web series, and it is released on Primefilx on February 18.

I deal Friendship

I deal Friendship prime flix web series download free

I deal Friendship Series Star Cast

  • Agni Pawar
  • Ansh Gupta
  • Devraj
  • Dheeraj Nagar
  • Mahesh Rajput
  • Nazia Mirza

The mystery series revolves around the murder scene of Ankush Desai, and his best friend Kush is accused of killing him. The police interrogate shim and get to know that he is a prime suspect in this case. They even find out that Kush is a drug addict, and he is the addicted for a long time now.

The I deal Friendship series brings suspense when Kush tells the police that the ghosts killed Ankush. Now the series evolves when Kush tries to prove himself innocent and confirms his story of ghosts. The series is already released on Primeflix on January 18.

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Come Inside

 Come Inside prime flix adult web series

Come Inside Series Star Cast

  • Aditya Mohan Dubey
  • Jitendra Best
  • Kunal Singh Rajput
  • Payal Diyara
  • Prity Maurya
  • Shivanya Mehrara
  • Yogi Patel

The series’s title is a satire as the story unfolds the innocent rich girl who is introverted and did not involve her colleagues. The story moves forward when a police officer falls in love with the innocent girl but little did he knows about her past.

There are some reasons for her that she never confronts it in front of others. When the police officer knows about her, he still wants to protect her from any mishappenings. The crime and suspense prime flix web series is already released on Primeflix on December 26.

Ghost Leela

Ghost Leela prime flix web series list

Ghost Leela Series Star Cast

  • Ankush Bhat
  • Arjun Manhas
  • Ashwini Khairnar
  • Mohit
  • Mushtaq Ali Abul Hasan Shah
  • Rohan Bhandari
  • Vinod Dixit

Ghost Leela is a horror and romantic story of a girl Suzzane entirely in love with Leon. As the series moves further, viewers know that Leon is a dead person and only wants Suzzane to resurrect himself.

In between Suzanne’s best friend Arjun loves her but can not confess to her feelings, whereas Margaret, another woman who wanted to kill Suzzane as Leon can control her.

To maintain the balance of nature, Margaret tried to kill her, but it is exciting to see if Arjun can save Suzzane or not. This epic tale of romance and horror is on the prime flix web series as it is released on October 29.

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Ishqholics prime flix web series

Ishqholics Series Star Cast

  • Fezzan Khan
  • Pari Choudhary
  • Rakhi Sawant
  • Shoaib Nikash
  • Shruti Gaonkar
  • Tariq Imtiaz

Ishqholics is the story of three different love stories that have different perspectives on love and lust. The first one is about a boy who is in love with an older woman, and he wanted to be with her and desires her.

The second story is of two best friends who are bisexual, and as they both start to spend their time, they find out that they are in love with each other.

The third story is about a couple; who thought that relationships are boring. So they started to agree that after being in a relationship, they still can do anything with anyone. The Ishqholics series of love and lust is on PrimeFlix, and it is released on October 29.


We have concluded a list of outstanding prime flix web series that help you have a good time binge-watching. Some of the series are exceptionally suspenseful, and some are the exception of romance. PrimeFlix is the newest web platform that adds to the new genre of acting and believes that every story depicts society’s inevitable reality.


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