Best Tamil Adult Web Series Watch Online (18+ It’s Hot)

For many years Tamil movies and web series have remained the great and best source of entertainment. Their Tamil adult web series earnings are more than a Tamil movie because of their cast, direction, and scenario. If you want to see the best Tamil hot web series of 2021 – 2022, this list is for you because we will discuss the top 20+ popular adult web series in Tamil. These are only available in the Tamil language. You can easily watch these web series on OTT Platforms.

Best Tamil Adult Web Series

Here Is The Hot Tamil Adult Web Series List You Need To Watch!

So, guys presenting the hot Tamil web series list for you.

Mr. Feminist

The plot revolves around Dharshan and Durga. It is one of the Tamil Adult web series. The story explores the desires of Dura as she requests something from her boyfriend. Let’s see how Darsan fulfills Durga’s desires and wishes to become the no.1 boyfriend.

Virgin Days 2

The hot Tamil series Virgin Days 2 revolves around the protagonist Bharath. He has to live his life with women for over 90 days. He was a calm and genuine guy, but he got separated from that girl in the last. After separating, Bharath got tired and chose to turn into a playboy. Accordingly, the story goes with a lot more fun, intimacy, etc. The story is one of the popular Tamil adult web series.

The anniversary surprise

The plot rotates around the existence of a money manager and spouse. An exceptional festival is set on the event of the wedding commemoration. A curved relationship loosens up and lets completely go. As the spouse goes into the room, he will see unforeseen things. The series is available on Ullu and is considered a hot Tamil web series in 2021.

Auto Shankar

auto shankar tamil web series download
  • Series – Auto Shankar
  • Genre – Action, Crime, Biography, Erotic
  • Directed by – Ranga
  • Season – One
  • Episodes Ten
  • Available on Zee5

The Auto Shankar web series is based on the true story of Shankar, which takes place in the 1980s. The series starts with an Auto driver Shankar who is the most wanted don. A team of five police inspectors has been created to catch Shankar. But because of his mind, he killed all five inspectors.

In this adult web series, you can see the rise and down of Shankar’s era. Shankar has something unusual about women. First, Shankar kills those women; then he rapes their dead bodies. The character Shankar played was very impressive. This 18+ web series has many bold scenes; that’s why the people of Chennai like this series.


kallachirippu tamil web series download
  • Series: Kallachirippu
  • Genre: Thriller, Erotic
  • Directed by: Rohit Nandakumar
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Eight
  • Available on: Zee5

Kallachirippu web series goes around a girl 24 years old women Tanya. She doesn’t want to get married right now, but somehow she gets married because of her parents. She cheated on her husband, and she ran away from his house.

But later some gangsters kidnapped her, and they sold it to a woman who used women as a prostitute, and Tanya also became a prostitute. Will Tanya be able to live as a prostitute? Watch Kallachirippu Tamil hot web series on ZEE5


livintamilwebseries Tamil Adult Web Series
  • Series: Livin
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Erotic
  • Directed by: Prabhuram Vyas
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Threeten (13)
  • Available on: YouTube

Livin is a Tamil adult drama web series that revolves around Samar, and Shahida both living in a loving relationship. This series is the crazy but cute and romantic love the story of Samar and Shahida.

This adult Tamil web series has many bold scenes like when Samar and Shahida both go to a hotel to spend time with each other. Livin web series explores the advantages and disadvantages of a living relationship after watching you feel very light-hearted.

As I’M Suffering From Kadhal

tamilwebserieslist Tamil Adult Web Series
  • Series: As I’M Suffering From Kadhal
  • Genre: Romantic, comedy, Erotic
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Ten
  • Available on: HotStar

As I’M Suffering From Kadhal’s story focuses on the modern-day love story. This is the story of a self-dependent girl Swati who recently came to Mumbai. She has joined a marketing agency, and there she meets Tanuj. Tanuj looks very innocent and sweet, but he is not a sweet and innocent guy.

Swati falls in love with Tanuj. A few years later both got married. But after the marriage, Swati heard that Four rapped cases are going on in Tanuj. Now, what will Swati do? will Swati live with Tanuj after this? You can watch this Tamil sexiest web series on Hotstar.

Virgin Pasanga

tamiladultwebseries 1 Tamil Adult Web Series
  • Series: Virgin Pasanga
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Erotic
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Seven
  • Available on: YouTube

Virgin Pasanga web series is the story of four bachelors who live in the same apartment and work in the same company. They feel bored with their life; That’s why they are trying to make their life enjoyable.

When they know that a young, hot girl will come to their opposite apartment to live, they try to impress her. Virgin Pasanga is an excellent series to watch because this series shows the struggle of four virgin boys.

Most Popular

The Half Boil

adultwebseriestamil Tamil Adult Web Series
  • Series: Half Boil
  • Genre: Comedy-Drama, Erotic
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Seventeen (17)
  • Available on: YouTube

The Half Boil web series revolves around three bachelor men Imran, Saurav, and Rocky. They are finding a job, to survive their life. One day they meet a girl, Seema, and she says that she can put them on a job. She gives them juice, and they don’t know that a drug has been added to that juice. Then, Seema made their sex video and started blackmailing them. Will Saurav, Imran, and Rocky be able to get out of this problem?

Fuck Buddies

adultwebseriestamil 1 Tamil Adult Web Series
  • Series: Fuck Buddies
  • Genre: Drama, Erotic
  • Directed by: Jaytesh, Jikki
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Eight
  • Available on: MX Player, YouTube

Fuck Buddies revolves around two couples Dev, Ridhima, Abhinav, and Rubina, and today is their fourth anniversary, but both couple doesn’t have a child. That’s why they went to the best child specialist Dr. SK Gupta.

He suggests that both males have to give their sperm so that they can make a child. But they mix up, and Abhinav’s sperms go inside Ridhima, and Dev’s sperms go into Rubina. This Tamil hot romantic web series will definitely bring your mood.

Nila Nila Odi Vaa

tamil web series in hotstar
  • Series: Nila Nila Odi Vaa
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror, Erotic
  • Directed by: Nandhini JS
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Thirteen
  • Available on: VIU

If you want to see horror comedies and adult web series in Tamil, then it is the best option for you. Talking about the plot, its plot revolves around a vampire, and who takes the form of a beautiful prostitute. The story starts with a young boy Gautam, who is a chartered accountant. One day Gautam meets Kavya, who is a vampire, and Gautam falls in love with her.

Nila Nila Odi Vaa web series is the love story between a young boy and a vampire. This Tamil famous adult web series has lots of suspense and bold scenes.


top tamil web series
  • Series: Memories
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller, Romance
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Threeten
  • Available on: VIU, Netflix

Memories is also an interesting and fantastic web series. The Tamil web series starts with a pregnant woman giving birth to a twin daughter. But a gangster comes into that room, picks up one child, and runs away from that hospital.

When they all grew up, one of her become a prostitute, and the second become a sex therapist. Both are working in the same country. Will they both be able to meet up again? The storyline of this series is fantastic.

Vela Raja

populartamilwebseries Tamil Adult Web Series
  • Series: Vela Raja
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Erotic
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Ten
  • Available on: YouTube, Amazon Prime

Vela Raja is a series about the mafia, and is full of bold and sexual scenes. The story starts with a boy Raja who is from Mumbai. He is a very famous boy in his area. But when Raja’s enemies killed his mom.

Then he decides to take revenge on those murderers. Will raja be able to take his mom’s murder revenge? Why do gangsters kill Raja’s mom? To know about this, see this must-watch Indian adult web series in the Tamil language.

America Mappillai

  • Series: America Mappillai
  • Genre: Comedy, Erotic
  • Directed by: Praveen Padmanabhan
  • Available on: Zee5

The story of the American Mappilai web series revolves around a young boy Ganesh. His parents force him to marry. Ganesh doesn’t want to get married right now because he wants to live his life freely. One day he tells this situation to his best friend Nitesh, and Nitesh understands that if Ganesh wants to get out of this situation, he has told his parents that he is gay.

After some days, Ganesh tells his father that he is gay. Now how will his life go after this? Will his parents believe this or not? American Mappilai is a fantastic web series because of its direction, storyline, and bold scenes.

IRU Dhuruvam

tamil web series list
  • Series: IRU Dhuruvam
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller, Erotic
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Nine
  • Available on: Sony Liv

IRU Dhuruvam web series is based on serial killings in Chennai. The story begins with two brothers Kalla, and Vira. Kalla and Vira both are serial killers, and They love to do sex with women’s dead bodies.

They had recently killed the chief minister’s wife of UP. This case has been given to Shankar, who is an honest and very decorated police officer. Will Shankar be able to catch these criminals?


webseriestamilhot Tamil Adult Web Series
  • Series: Ganga
  • Genre: Soap opera, Supernatural
  • Directed by: Sadhasivam Perumaa
  • Season: Two
  • Episodes: Four Hundred Sixty-Four (444)
  • Available on: Sun TV

The Ganga web series begins with a young and beautiful girl Bhumika who is a bar dancer. One day a very rich and very famous business Rishabh Malhotra arrives at Bhumika’s club, and Risabh falls in love with Bhumika. Rishabh sent Bhumika a marriage proposal.

But Bhumika puts three demands to get laid on her. But in the morning Rishabh finds in very big trouble. He hears that Bhumika is dead, and the last time Rishabh is with her. Will Rishabh be able to prove himself not guilty?


Mitta series poster 1 Tamil Adult Web Series
  • Series: Mitta
  • Genre: Comedy, Erotic
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Eight
  • Available on: Zee5

Mitta web series is the story of a neutral ‘Heer’. Her life is going very simple, and she doesn’t think that she is neutral because she is very beautiful. One day Heer meets Harman, who is the son of Sarpanch, and he falls in love with her. Harman decides to get married to Heer.

But Heer’s mother tells ‘Harman’ about Heer’s reality that she is neutral. Will Harman still marry ‘Heer’ or will he change his mind? This Tamil adult web series has bold scenes of Harman because he is a very shy boy.

Door no. 403

hotwebseriesintamil Tamil Adult Web Series
  • Series: Door no. 403
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Erotic
  • Season: One
  • Episodes: Thirteen
  • Available on: VIU

Door No. 403 is a horror Tamil adult web series that is Tamil’s first horror web series. The story revolves around the room no. 403, is haunted by a spirit, and he loves to get laid on every woman who comes to live there. Door No. 403 starts with Devika, who is a divorced woman, who comes to live in that room, and unusual things start happening to her.

Then she heard that a few years ago a rapist died there. Will Devika be able to survive in that room? Door no. 403 is the most-watched horror 18+ Tamil web series. This web series is full of bold and erotic horror scenes.

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