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The 100 series, the 100 series cast, the 100 watch online, index of the 100. If you are one who loves technology and wanted to be a science geek, then this series is for you. The 100 series show how life drastically changes on planet Earth after the nuclear apocalypse.

The 100 web series shows how people kill each other to survive, while science shows its nature at a very different point. The 100 shows how technology affects humanity, and they cannot survive with each other as both are equally important for growth.

So to see The 100 series, then you can easily binge-watch the series only on Netflix. Let us check out the short overview of the series The 100: 

About The 100 Series

SeriesThe 100
DirectorBob Morley, Henry lan Cusick, Bharat Nalluri
Season 7

The 100 Series Cast and Crew List

Here is the list of The 100 Tv Series Cast and Crew List:-

  • Eliza Taylor As Clarke Griffin
  • Paige Turco As Abigail “Abby” Griffin
  • Richard Harmon As John Murphy
  • Zach McGowan As Roan
  • Tasya Teles As Echo
  • Shannon Kook as Jordan Green
  • Devon Bostick As Jasper Jordan
  • Isaiah Washington As Thelonious Jaha
  • Henry Ian Cusick As Marcus
  • Eli Goree As Wells Jaha
  • Marie Avgeropoulos As Octavia Blake
  • Bob Morley As Bellamy Blake
  • Kelly Hu As Callie
  • Lindsey Morgan As Raven Reyes
  • Ricky Whittle As Lincoln
  • Thomas McDonell As Finn Collins
  • Christopher Larkin as Monty Green

The 100 Series Check All Seasons Recap

Index of The 100 Season 1

Index of The 100 Season 1

Overview: The story sets in the future of 97 years after an atomic end, the world has nothing, and the nuclear apocalypse wholly destroys it. All realized people are now fully settled outside the Earth, which is often known as The Ark.

100 youngsters were sent away to test their accessibility to the upcoming wars or that they are well prepared for that or not. The gathering is trapped by grounders, bringing about three passes before a foghorn cancels them. 

Then, Clarke and Raven travel to Finn’s shelter to find a radio transmitter to contact The Ark, and Raven finds Finn’s association with Clarke. Finn finds that the grounder was the person who canceled the assault minutes before being wounded, leaving Finn in genuine condition. 


Clarke escapes by executing her watchman and runs. Bellamy, Raven, Octavia, and Monty look for the missing party and discover Myles, hurt in the forested areas.

Monty bafflingly vanishes in the wake of hearing an unusual sign on their hand radios. Kane stirs on a crushed Ark. The 100 series mount their guard. Octavia is harmed and leaves with Lincoln. 

The majority of the 100 web series retreats into the outsource; Anya jumps in after them and is repressed. As recently arranged, Jasper figures out how to initiate the outsource’s rockets;

The gigantic fireball slaughters every one of the 300 of the grounders, Finn and Bellamy. At the point when the 100 rises out of the outsource, gas explosives drop at their feet, and they all drop.

Index of The 100 Season 2

Index of The 100 Season 2

Overview: While a dubious Clarke defies Dante, Octavia is mended by Nyko, a companion of Lincoln’s. Abby does a medical procedure on Raven to eliminate the slug from her spine without sedation. Jasper takes extraordinary measures to save Maya from radiation introduction by permitting a blood bonding directed by Dr. Tsing.

When Abby fixes Lincoln, Lexa awards Clarke the ceasefire yet requests Finn’s execution for the slaughter before it can start. Dr. Tsing finds out that people in the mountains had to survive in unconditional ways to stay on their terms.

Lexa orders her kin to remain down – she has arranged with Emerson, her kin will be liberated if the grounder armed force withdraws, leaving the Sky People left for dead.

It is later discovered that this was Dante’s proposal. Everybody re-visitations of Camp Jaha, yet Clarke, wracked with blame over several individuals’ passings, leaves. Jaha and Murphy show up at an island where they discrete. 

Index of The 100 Season 3

Index of The 100 Season 3

Overview: Lexa uncovers to Clarke that she plans to start the Sky People into her Coalition. Then, Bellamy, his sweetheart Gina, Octavia, and Raven show up at Mount Weather with provisions for the Farm Station displaced people.

The town set a fatal snare for the approaching Sky People, which Octavia figures out how to caution Bellamy about without a moment to spare. 

A.L.I.E. enrolls Raven’s assistance to scan The Ark for her subsequent emphasis, A.L.I.E. Titus slaughters himself to guarantee Ontario can’t utilize him against Clarke, and Ontario swears Roan and Murphy to the mystery about the missing Flame. At the oil rig, Clarke plans to embed the Flame into Luna without wanting to. However, it is ineffective.

A portion of Luna’s kin get back from the territory taken over by A.L.I.E. and catch Jasper and Luna. In the wake of breaking free and slaughtering her captors, Luna, realizing Clarke will remain determined to get her to acknowledge the Flame, drugs Clarke and her friends, and has them get back to the terrain.

Supported by the soul of Lexa, brought from the Flame by Clarke’s brain, and hacking direction from Raven, Clarke arrives at the off button within a reenactment of Polaris where the First Commander Becca and A.L.I.E welcome her. 


Index of The 100 Season 4

Index of The 100 Season 4

Overview: Octavia later kills him, causing it to appear as though Raphael passed on of common causes. Robots fire on them, bringing about Nyko’s demise and driving Luna to her limit. 

Reverberation chases down Octavia, and after a blade battle, Octavia is wounded and tumbles off a bluff. However, it endures.

Additionally, Monty and Jasper find and uncover Clarke’s rundown of 100 names driving Jaha to determine the contention. Clarke alters her perspective and infuses herself with Luna’s bone marrow, turning into a Nightblood. 


A gathering of grounders assaults them. However, Echo saves them. The passing wave demolishes the Earth, burning the vast majority of the planet uncovered. Six years and after seven days, Clarke is discovered to have endured the demise wave because of her Nightblood alongside a youthful Nightblood young lady, Madi.

While Clarke attempts to connect with the Ark, a shuttle arrives on Earth in the lone rich valley left. The sign on the boat distinguishes it as a jail transport, disturbing Clarke.

Index of The 100 Season 5

Index of The 100 Season 5

Overview: With Jaha, Indra, and Gaia’s assistance, Octavia settles the issue of opening the homestead territory entryway and demonstrates herself to be a fit chief. Miles opens the docking inlet ways to Eligius 4 trying to murder Raven and Murphy, yet they counter by awakening the frozen detainees. 

They utilize the worms to execute Cooper and endeavor to make her demise resemble a mishap. Raven gets some answers concerning Abby’s dependence on pills and feels sold out when Abby fools her into making a gadget that can fix the lung sickness of the Eligius detainees.

Clarke and Madi discover Diyoza’s men murdering deserters in the forested areas and persuade one to disclose to them where Abby is, the place where they locate her oblivious. 

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They betray her, so she copies the Hydrofarm down, leaving everyone with one decision, remain behind and bite the dust or walk with her and live. Reviewing Lexa’s recollections from the Flame, Madi influences Clarke to her side.

Clarke executes McCreary’s watchmen and remains to forestall the vehicle transport’s dispatch while Madi and Echo re-visitation of Wonkru. Back at the canyon, Octavia chooses to draw McCreary’s men’s discharge so Bellamy and Indra can escape with Gaia.  

Everybody chooses to enter cryogenic rest for a very long time to give Earth time to recover. Clarke and Bellamy stir first and are welcomed by Jordan, the child of the now-expired Monty and Harper, who had chosen not to go through cryostasis.

Index of The 100 Season 6

Index of The 100 Season 6

Overview: Suddenly, Emori wounds Murphy and attempts to slaughter him, having been affected by the airborne poisons. Then in space, Abby does a medical procedure on Kane to save him.

She educates Niylah to get blood from all dozing Skaikru. In Sanctum, it’s Delilah’s Naming Day, and some portion of the function includes presenting appropriate reparations.

 Clarke grasps it, yet Raven will not acknowledge her conciliatory sentiment. After the custom, Delilah returns as Priya VII and doesn’t perceive Jordan. Cillian ends up being a government operative for the Children of Gabriel. Octavia’s hand starts to age quickly, and it spreads up her arm.

Xavier says if it contacts her cerebrum, she’ll kick the bucket. Reverberation goes on a pointless pursuit to look for Bellamy, who is secured.

Murphy does whatever it takes not to seek retribution on Sanctum for Clarke’s passing. In the wake of enlivening Indra, Raven and Kane choose to stop the pattern of brutality and revolutionism against Simone. 

Simultaneously, Clarke and the others are caught by the Children of Gabriel and work to think of an arrangement to overcome the Primes for the last time. They think of an approach to reenact a Red Sun overshadowing to cause a clearing of Sanctum.

 After Jade shows up with Murphy, Clarke acts like Josephine to penetrate Sanctum and bring down the radiation shield. Encouraged by Clarke, Madi recaptures control and kidnaps Russell.

With Madi’s life in danger, Raven erases the Flame. However, he finds that the Dark Commander could transfer himself to an obscure area. 

Index of The 100 Season 7

Index of The 100 Season 7

Overview: In the present, Hope, Gabriel, and Echo show up on Skyring hundreds of years after Hope left, with Hope’s memory reestablished. Abandoned, the gathering finds that the Disciples moved it toward a jail planet for the feeble and will return in five years.

The Disciple detainee Orlando trains them, permitting them to trap the Disciples five years after the fact effectively. Yet, Echo won’t confide in Orlando further and surrenders him on Skyring, and Orlando, therefore, ends it all.

On Sanctum, Raven, frequented by the passings that she caused, examines the reinforcement of a Disciple that Echo had executed, discovering that the Anomaly is a wormhole. Despite confronting perils within the animal, the gathering figures out how to arrive at the Anomaly Stone and advance toward Bardo. 

Even though the Echo is talked down, Hope murders Anders and endeavors to deliver it herself; Diyoza penances herself to stop the endeavored destruction and save her little girl and companions.

On Sanctum, Sheidheda attempts to set his position, uncovering his revival to Wonkru and crushing Indra in the battle for the group’s initiative, however Madi figures out how to dazzle the Dark Commander in one eye.

Gabriel starts utilizing Eligiu’s innovation to fix the Flame. However, he alters his perspective and annihilates it everlastingly.  However, Sheidheda coordinates Bellamy to Madi’s sketchbook containing evidence that she has the Commanders’ recollections.

How to Watch The 100 Series all Episodes Online or Download

1. To witness epic science fiction, you need to install the Netflix application from your respective play store. 

2. After downloading, try to fill up the particulars in which you need to enter the correct username and password for the correct details. 

3. When you reach the Netflix homepage, please search for The 100 tv-series and binge-watch it. 

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Final Words

The 100 series is a blend of science and technology. Fans can witness the love and war that exaggerate the human expression of showing to their loved ones. The show is all about how to endure those who are still with us and who left us. The 100 tv series means that the audience has enjoyed 100 episodes in terms of life and emotions. 

After watching the whole season of The 100 web series, we can say that there is no more season of this epic series. So let us enjoy the science-fiction drama that could relive the emotional ride too. 

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